The quality of tap water has long ceased to be considered sufficient to be consumed without additional purification. The specific taste and smell of untreated water can spoil the prepared dish, and drinking it is completely unpleasant. For this reason, many people install a water filter under the sink in the kitchen of their house or apartment, which is better and what characteristics are important when choosing - we will consider in this article.

Water filter for sink, which is better: rating of the most popular models

Water filter under the sink - a must-have device in every kitchen


How to choose a water filter for washing: device features

The name speaks for itself about the specifics of using these devices. Filters of this type are installed directly under the sink on the water pipes using special connectors. After cleaning, the water is removed through a separate tap installed on the sink.

The filter can be equipped with a separate tap for clean water

The filter can be equipped with a separate tap for clean water

Another option for placing such filters (in cases where there is not enough free space under the sink) is to mount to the wall. A special flexible connection allows you to effectively connect the elements and supply purified water through the same additional tap on the sink.

An inexperienced user can easily get lost in the abundance of offers that are on the market today.After all, not only are there a lot of manufacturers, but also each filter has its own peculiarity. Therefore, in order to facilitate the choice, consider in detail the three main selection criteria:

  • the type of filter to be installed;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • selection of the device model.
Filter Barrier installed under the sink

Filter Barrier installed under the sink

Water filter under the sink, which is better: types of devices

In order to make the right choice, you need to navigate the offers that are on the market today. It is best to familiarize yourself with each type of device in advance so that you can then purchase the one that suits you best.

All filters for drinking water for washing are divided into two large groups according to the principle of their operation: flow and reverse osmosis water filters. It is better to buy the one that will be appropriate in your situation. Let's consider both options.

Flow-type water filters

Modern models of flow filters purify passing water in several stages. Typically, the process consists of going through three or four modules, each of which affects the quality of the water produced. The main argument in favor of buying a flow-through water filter for washing is the ability to independently change the set of cartridges and thus regulate the degree and quality of cleaning. Among the most popular modules can be found not only mechanical filters, but also those that purify water using small particles of silver or a special sorbent.

In-line filter for drinking water purification

In-line filter for drinking water purification

Such filtration allows not only cleaning from mechanical impurities, but also eliminating chlorine particles along with the corresponding odor, and eliminating unsafe microorganisms that can harm human health. Also, multi-level purification allows you to rid water of pesticides, heavy metal salts and even oil refined products, if any, that enter it. All this can be adjusted independently by installing cartridges of various types.

Replacement water filter cartridges are of the following types:

  • cartridges for water purification only from mechanical impurities;
  • universal, which are suitable for ordinary water supplied through the mains. They cleanse quite well of all the most common impurities;
  • cartridges for cleaning very hard water;
  • providing water purification, which is characterized by an excessive amount of metallic impurities;
  • antibacterial, allowing to destroy microorganisms that can live in water, including various viruses, bacteria and cysts.
Three-stage flow-through water purification system

Three-stage flow-through water purification system

Given the variety of options that are on sale, it will not be difficult to select and install suitable cartridges. And although in the future they will require regular replacement, which will entail additional costs, you will be able to protect yourself and provide yourself with clean and high-quality water.

Note! Only an examination can identify which threats can be in the water. To do this, it is necessary to take the sample for analysis, then wait for the results, and only then begin to select the appropriate cartridges.

Household water filters for washing with a reverse osmosis system

The second type of systems uses the principle of reverse osmosis. Outwardly, such filters resemble conventional sorption devices, but they have a significant difference: several additional units that provide better cleaning. There can be several such modules: from one to four, and in some premium models even five.

By themselves, they are a plastic container inside which a cartridge is located, but together they constitute a complex cleaning system. A mandatory component is a module equipped with a reverse osmotic membrane, which provides ultrafine water purification.

Household water filter with reverse osmosis system

Household water filter with reverse osmosis system

The advantages of reverse osmosis filters for water purification under the sink include:

  • high level of cleaning from various mechanical impurities;
  • high-quality purification from various organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chlorine and heavy metal salts due to the presence of a coal sorbent;
  • the ability to purify water from iron impurities.

A module equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane is always installed last in the chain, and water is supplied to it only after preliminary cleaning from mechanical impurities. A special membrane is designed in such a way that only water molecules can pass through its pores, while larger particles remain on the outside.

However, it should be borne in mind that for water to pass through such a membrane, it is required that the pressure in the system is at least 3-3.5 bar. For this purpose, a special pump is often purchased in addition to the filter, which builds up pressure to the required level.

The reverse osmosis system can have from 1 to 5 cleaning stages

The reverse osmosis system can have from 1 to 5 cleaning stages

Helpful advice! Some models of such devices can be equipped with special ultraviolet lamps, which can destroy microorganisms that can be harmful to health and completely disinfect water.

Such filters for water purification by reverse osmosis ultimately produce water, the composition of which can only be compared with distilled water. And its use, as you know, cannot at all have a positive effect on human health. Therefore, the lack of minerals must be artificially replenished using a special mineralizer.

This happens in the following way: water passes through the membrane at a low speed, which makes it possible to use a special reservoir for this purpose. As a rule, its volume does not exceed 10 liters. In it, the water is enriched with essential trace elements in the amount that is really needed. In addition, such a container greatly facilitates the task if you suddenly need a large amount of water, and there is no time to wait until it clears.

Considering all of the above, we can conclude that reverse osmosis purification systems are the most advanced today. The level of purification they are able to offer can be compared to that of bottled drinking water sold in a store.

In-line filter with installed reverse osmosis membrane

In-line filter with installed reverse osmosis membrane

Which water filter to choose: characteristics of water and cartridges

After you have got an idea of ​​each type of filter that can be installed under the sink, you need to decide which option to choose. And, oddly enough, it is necessary to focus on the quality of water rather than on the technology of a particular filter itself.

In order to really represent the complete picture of the quality of tap water, you need to contact a special laboratory that accepts samples for analysis. It is important to understand that water is an individual matter, and its composition largely depends not only on where it is taken and how well it is purified, but also on the path that it goes after. So, rusty water pipes are one of the main sources of mechanical impurities, as well as a favorable habitat for many dangerous infections and bacteria.

In order to get a high-quality analysis of water, you can contact the sanitary and epidemiological station, providing them with a clean plastic bottle filled with tap water. But in this case, the results will have to wait for a certain time. Another option is to take the same sample to a test center. In this case, the service will cost more, but they will do everything very quickly.

Brita filter cartridge

Brita filter cartridge

Checking water is carried out on thirty points, which allows you to get the most detailed picture of its quality. The greatest threat is considered to be the presence of radiation in the water.They also check the level of lime, iron, salts and various organic elements, which include pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Additionally, an analysis is carried out to determine the PH level of water, the degree of its transparency, as well as the compliance of smell and taste with standards. You get the results in writing, after which you can start choosing the appropriate filter and cartridges.

How to choose the right cartridge

There are several basic rules for making the right choice and choosing the most suitable model.

If an excess of substances such as chlorine, iron or other chemical compounds was detected in the water, but the level of hardness corresponds to the norm, then the following set of cartridges will be sufficient:

  • for cleaning from mechanical impurities;
  • sorption, which contains activated carbon;
  • for cleaning from iron impurities.
Set of cartridges for water purification and mineralization Geyser

Set of cartridges for water purification and mineralization Geyser

If the analysis showed that the level of water hardness exceeds the established standards, then it is also necessary to take care of the presence of a softening cartridge. However, in this case, it is not considered more effective flow filtersand systems equipped with a reverse osmosis function. In this case, a reverse osmosis membrane plays the role of a softener.

The removal of various microorganisms from water should also be given special attention. They can have a negative impact on human health. And here, again, a reverse osmosis system equipped with an ultraviolet filter can help, which is designed to destroy even the smallest microorganisms that can penetrate the pores of the membrane.

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Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

What is it for. The principle of operation of various models. Which flow-through water filter is better. A table with the characteristics of the most popular models.

Which water filter for washing to buy: the best domestic manufacturers

There is a lot of controversy about whether to give preference to domestic manufacturers, or is it better to purchase a foreign model of a famous brand? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, but it is important to understand that most of our companies operate in accordance with international standards and are in no way inferior in the quality of their products to other manufacturers.

Installation kit - filter with tap for sink Barrier

Installation kit - filter with tap for sink Barrier

Water Filter Barrier

Barrier is one of the most popular brands found on the market today. Together with Aquaphor, he occupies a leading position. It appeared in 1993 and belongs to the domestic company "METTEM Technologies". Being a rather large-scale enterprise, Barrier owns four factories, fully equipped with high-quality German equipment. In addition, they have their own research center.

Both reverse osmosis and standard flow filters leave their conveyors, most of which have three degrees of purification. A feature of their models can be called the presence of a special one-piece cover, which allows ensuring the absence of leaks. The filter capacity is up to 2 liters of water per minute. Replacing cartridges in water filters for washing the Barrier is made elementary, within a few seconds.

Household filters for purifying drinking water Aquaphor

The main competitor of the Barrier filters and no less popular manufacturer of water filters is Aquaphor. For the first time the company declared itself on the market in 1992 and today it has two large factories, one of which is located in St. Petersburg.

Four-stage filter for drinking water Aquaphor

Four-stage filter for drinking water Aquaphor

Among the brand's products, you can find both trunk and reverse osmosis systems. But the most popular are filter jugs for water purification. You can buy them for several hundred rubles, and nevertheless the level of cleaning they offer is more than high.

In addition, the company's specialists presented their own development: the Aqualen sorbent. Its thin carbon fibers are capable of providing an extremely high level of purification of the water passing through it.

Water filters New water

Buying new water filters is also very easy. Despite the fact that the company is a little younger than the two previous ones and was founded in 1996, already in 2006 it received membership in the global Water Quality Association, which specializes in water quality. The assortment of the company includes both reverse osmosis and flow-through devices for cleaning, as well as a variety of types of replaceable cartridges.

Set of cartridges for Geyser BIO series filters

Set of cartridges for Geyser BIO series filters

Geyser water filters for washing

Geyser is one of the oldest and therefore respected companies on the water filter market. Having existed since 1986, it has managed to offer its customers a huge variety of scientific developments, which are now used in its own filters. During this period, the company was officially granted more than 20 patents.

Among the developments of this company, which were recognized all over the world, one can single out a microporous ion-exchange polymer. It was he who provided the company with worldwide popularity and allowed it to take a position in the world market. However, users are often much more interested in the fact that the cartridges are easily replaced by aquaphor, which greatly simplifies the procedure for replacing them.

Atoll reverse osmosis water filters

Buying an Atoll water filter means getting American quality at a very reasonable price. The thing is that the components are manufactured in the United States, while the assembly is done in Russia. All products are certified according to the international NSF standard, and therefore recognized as one of the best.

Atoll reverse osmosis drinking water filter

Atoll reverse osmosis drinking water filter

Depending on the application, four different filter models are available to solve a particular problem. All devices have three stages of cleaning.

Rating of water filters for a flow-through type sink: 5 best models

In order for you to find the most suitable model, consider the five most popular options that were recognized by users as the best. The table will allow you to compare the characteristics, and a detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages will allow you to form your own opinion about each model:

CRYSTAL N (Aquaphor) EXPERT M410
(New water)
Number of cleaning stages 3 3 3 5 5
Filtration of mechanical impurities + + + + +
Charcoal filtration + + + +
Ion exchange + + + +
Mechanical filter porosity (μm) 5 5 0,8 5 0,1
Iron removal function + +
Water softening + +
Chlorine removal + + + +
Service life of one filtration module (l) 10000 10000 6000 n / a n / a


EXPERT Ferrum (Barrier): the best filter for high iron water purification

The advantages of this model include the following indicators:

  • the filter provides high-quality water purification from impurities such as iron, chlorine, etc.;
  • the cost of the device is more than moderate;
  • filter installation is extremely simple;
  • the filter does not affect the total water pressure in the pipes;
  • it is very simple to buy a cartridge for the EXPERT Ferrum water filter, as well as to replace it yourself;
  • the filter has a small size and a nice design.
Filter for water purification from iron Barrier Expert Ferrum

Filter for water purification from iron Barrier Expert Ferrum

But according to reviews, the EXPERT Ferrum Barrier water filter has the following disadvantages:

  • copes rather poorly with increased hardness, practically does not soften water;
  • replaceable cartridges have a high cost, which, with constant use of the filter, significantly affects the budget;
  • long-term use of the filter leads to the appearance of a specific taste characteristic of coal.

Helpful advice! If any foreign taste or odor appears in the water, drain at least 5 liters of water first. If the situation has not improved, then the problem is in the filter itself and must be replaced.

From the information above, we can conclude that this model is an excellent choice if your goal is to purify water from iron impurities, which often cause rust stains in the sink and bathroom. Moreover, drinking such water is not only unhealthy, but also tasteless, since the taste of iron is pronounced. Here's what the reviews say:

“The analysis of our water showed that the iron level is very high, but the hardness is okay. Therefore, such a filter was perfect for us. Moreover, it is quite inexpensive, and the cartridges are very easy to change ”.

Evgeny Astakhov, Yekaterinburg

Filter Barrier Expert Ferrum provides three-stage water purification

Filter Barrier Expert Ferrum provides three-stage water purification

The filter is simply not designed to reduce water hardness, however, at its low price, the EXPERT Ferrum Barrier water filter fully performs its main function of deferrization. The system is placed under the sink, and replaceable cartridges are changed in one motion.

EXPERT Hard (Barrier): membrane filter for water purification

The positive aspects of using this filter can be summarized in a few simple points:

  • thanks to such cleaning, the water becomes much tastier, cleaner and more transparent, the smell characteristic of chlorine impurities completely disappears, and scale in the kettle does not appear even after a long time;
  • the design of the filter is designed in such a way that thin flasks can easily fit even in a very limited space under the sink and at the same time look very aesthetically pleasing;
  • the filter copes well with the water softening function;
  • the operating life of the cartridges for these filters is at least six months, and the replacement is done in one motion;
  • the filter is capable of handling more than one liter of liquid per minute;
  • such a device is not too expensive, but it is very easy to install.
Membrane filter for water purification Barrier Expert Hard

Membrane filter for water purification Barrier Expert Hard

But EXPERT Hard also has disadvantages, which are best known in advance:

  • the device is quite heavy and therefore it is best to place it on the floor or the bottom of the kitchen cabinet;
  • The basic configuration of the filter provides for a special ball valve, which, according to users, is not very convenient to use. First of all, this is due to the fact that there is no nut for it that would allow it to be unscrewed if necessary;
  • another difficulty that often arises during the installation process is the inconsistency of the adapter in relation to some mixers;
  • immediately after installing the filter, the water from the tap will flow out muddy, so the first at least 10 liters must be simply drained into the sewer;
  • the softening cartridge is not very effective over a long period of time if the tap water is very hard.

Summing up, we can say that this flow-through filter is able to inexpensively solve the main problems associated with water purification from free chlorine and softening. It is not intended for too harsh operating conditions, but as a simple household option it copes with its tasks perfectly.

Three stages of water purification filter Barrier Expert Hard: mechanics, softening, post-carbon

Three stages of water purification filter Barrier Expert Hard: mechanics, softening, post-carbon

Water filters for washing Aquaphor Crystal N

This filter from Aquaphor is especially popular among users, and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • it has a very convenient design, and all materials used for its manufacture are of increased strength;
  • the manufacturer indicates that it is necessary to change the cartridges every one and a half years, which is a considerable operational period for elements of this type;
  • copes well with the function of softening tap water;
  • has a positive effect on water characteristics such as smell and taste.

Cons of using the Aquaphor Crystal N filter:

  • the cartridge responsible for softening the water does not have too much resource. On average, it is enough to process 200-250 liters of water, although this largely depends on the degree of its initial hardness;
  • the softening module can be restored by washing it regularly. However, performing this procedure every 2 months is quite tedious, and changing the cartridge to a new one is expensive.
Water filter Aquaphor Trio with a three-stage cleaning system

Water filter Aquaphor Trio with a three-stage cleaning system

Helpful advice! If you are intimidated by the prospect of constantly worrying about the need to maintain replaceable modules, it may be worth paying attention to water filters without cartridges.

Perhaps the only drawback of this filter is the need to regenerate the softening module. Otherwise, the device does an excellent job with all the functions, providing clean and tasty water, purified from all unnecessary. The device itself looks beautiful and is inexpensive.

Expert M410 (New water): a good choice of a water filter for washing

This device has a number of unique advantages that make it indispensable in some operating conditions:

  • the filter width does not exceed 10 cm, which makes it possible to use it even in very limited space under the sink. But even if there is enough free space, this option saves space to use it to accommodate other necessary items;
  • high-quality plastic is used for the manufacture, and the manufacturer pays special attention to the reliability of the connections;
  • The included drinking water filter faucet looks very nice. It will become a worthy decoration for any kitchen;
Four-stage filter New water Expert M410

Four-stage filter New water Expert M410

  • for a very reasonable price, you get a complete set of parts necessary for the installation and operation of the filter;
  • the filter does an excellent job of eliminating free chlorine, which makes water much tastier and clearer;
  • as many as five degrees of purification are used, one of which is ultrafiltration;
  • the water filtration rate is quite sufficient for household use, and the replacement of cartridges is very quick and easy.

This model has no serious drawbacks, however, users noted that replacement cartridges for this model cannot boast of a low price, and an element for water softening often requires maintenance after a month of regular use.

Such a compact and beautiful model includes as many as five degrees of purification, including ultrafiltration. This undoubtedly makes the filter one of the best purchase contenders. Of course, too hard water can become an obstacle to comfortable use of the device, but otherwise it copes well with the tasks.

Filter cleaning stages New Expert M410 water: A - non-woven polypropylene 5 microns, B and D - granular activated carbon from coconut shells with the addition of silver, C - food ion exchange Na-cation exchange resin, E - microglass fiber membrane with a pore size of 0.1 microns

Filter cleaning stages New Expert M410 water: A - non-woven polypropylene 5 microns, B and D - granular activated carbon from coconut shells with the addition of silver, C - food ion exchange Na-cation resin, E - microglass-fiber membrane with a pore size of 0.1 microns

Crystal Quadro (Aquaphor): the best filter for a sink for water with the ability to select modules

There are several advantages of this filter:

  • you can select modules for your filter individually, which allows you to independently determine the most suitable configurations that can solve urgent problems associated with the presence of impurities in the water;
  • cartridges are replaced directly with the flask body, which greatly facilitates the replacement procedure;
  • the device has a compact size.

The disadvantages of this device include a number of the following characteristics:

  • the presence of the fourth stage of cleaning significantly increases the price of the device, while it is far from always necessary and justified;
  • due to the design features, it is necessary to replace not only the cartridge, but also the flask, which also increases the cost of replaceable elements;
  • Like most flow filters, scale appears on this model after two months of operation.
Drinking water filter Aquaphor Kristall Kvadro

Drinking water filter Aquaphor Kristall Kvadro

Generally speaking, it is a compact filter that allows you to select the modules yourself, thus ensuring the most efficient cleaning. However, this model can hardly be called economical, which should be taken into account before purchasing it.

Reverse osmosis systems: which filter for water purification is better

Another popular water treatment method is osmosis. Filters for this purpose have a special design and differ significantly from flow filters. Consider several popular models from various manufacturers: their main characteristics in the form of a comparative table, as well as advantages and disadvantages:

(New water)
PROFI Osmo 100
Reverse osmosis function + + + +
Number of cleaning stages 2 5 3 5
Mechanical filtration + + + +
Ion exchange + +
Charcoal filtration _ + + +
Availability of storage capacity + (8 L) + (3.25 L) + (8 L)
Maximum capacity (l / m) 0,3 n / a 0,13 from 0.2
Filter module included + + + +
Standard module resource (l) 3500 n / a n / a 5000
Minimum permissible water temperature at the filter inlet, ° С 4 5 5 5
Maximum permissible water temperature at the filter inlet, ° С 40 40 35 35
The minimum required pressure for full filter operation (atm) 1,5 2,8 2 3
Maximum allowable inlet pressure (atm) 8 6 8 7
Pore ​​size (μm) 0,0001 n / a 5 1
Additional mineralization
Iron removal + + + +
Oxygen enrichment +
Water softening + + + +
Chlorine removal + + + +
A pump that allows you to increase the pressure in the system +

Filter Prestige 2 (Geyser): ideal value for money

When deciding which is the best water filter for your home to choose, you definitely need to pay attention to this model. After all, it gained its popularity for a reason, but thanks to a number of advantages:

  • among models of this type, the Prestige 2 boasts a very high water filtration rate;
  • removes unpleasant odors and tastes, making water suitable for drinking and cooking;
  • the model has moderate dimensions;
  • the cost of replacement elements is low, and replacement is made elementary;
  • the resource of cartridges is so great that some users note their correct operation for 2-3 years;
  • it is more than simple to install such a filter yourself.
Water filter for washing Geyser Prestige

Water filter for washing Geyser Prestige

Disadvantages of Prestige 2:

  • most likely, you will have to buy a tap for a drinking water filter separately, since the one that comes in the basic configuration cannot boast of an exquisite design or beauty;
  • the purchase of replacement cartridges is often difficult, since they are far from always available;
  • the joint with the ball valve must be additionally sealed with tow, adhesive tape, etc. to avoid leakage.

Helpful advice! Keep in mind that such models consume water for drainage, which can lead to serious financial costs if you have a water meter installed in your apartment or house.

The main difficulty that arises with this filter model is installation and maintenance. The rest of the filter is very popular due to its long service life, as well as high-quality water purification for quite modest means. Here are some reviews you can find on the Internet:

“Before making a purchase, I spent almost a month studying which filter for hard water is better. I read and looked, probably, all the information that could be found on this topic. I stopped at Prestige 2 because of the high quality of their cartridges and a fairly long service life. I've been using it for almost a year and so far I'm happy with everything. "

Vitaly Semenov, Nizhny Novgorod

The Geyser Bio filter purifies water from viruses and bacteria

The Geyser Bio filter purifies water from viruses and bacteria

Atoll A-550 STD: extra high performance filter

Advantages of the A-550 STD (Atoll) model:

  • the manufacturer took care of the ease of installation, making all the hoses in different colors.This greatly facilitates the task and allows you not to confuse which one should be connected to;
  • the use of components manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality standards allows us to guarantee the highest quality of water purification;
  • the plastic from which the filter is made is of very high quality;
  • despite its compactness, the filter has an extremely high performance;
  • The basic set of the filter includes not only a stylish and elegant faucet for clean water, but also a special silicone grease and FUM tape.

Disadvantages of using the Atoll A-550 STD filter:

  • despite the fact that it is quite simple to install the filter, the abundance of connections still does not have a very positive effect on the strength of the system;
  • there are no spare retaining rings included;
  • such a filter is not cheap and it is really possible to recoup it only if the daily consumption is more than 20 liters per day;
  • users also note that the key made of plastic, which is designed to unscrew the flasks, breaks very easily.
The Atoll A-550 STD water filter features high performance

The Atoll A-550 STD water filter features high performance

If you are not worried about the cost of the device or you are just ready to seriously spend money on high-quality water purification - this model can be called the ideal option. All components are imported and boast high quality. The filter itself is characterized by high performance, and therefore is suitable for an apartment or house where a large family lives.

Barrier PROFI Osmo 100, household filter for drinking water purification: reviews and characteristics

First of all, this simple model is famous for its low cost with as many as 5 stages of cleaning. But besides this, the following points are distinguished:

  • all flasks are disassembled, which in the future allows you to significantly save;
  • after cleaning, foreign odors and taste disappear;
  • cartridges have a long resource and do not require frequent replacement;
  • the model is equipped with a special tube through which filtered particles leave, which is very convenient;
  • installation of the system can be easily done by yourself.
Reverse Osmosis Filter Barrier Profi Osmo Boot

Reverse Osmosis Filter Barrier Profi Osmo Boot

Among the shortcomings most discussed by users on forums and thematic portals are:

  • the quality of the details is poor. This applies to both the plastic itself and such trifles as the absence of a special latch, which should ensure a reliable connection of the elements;
  • the four-way valve emits a specific hum when the storage tank is empty;
  • it is necessary to constantly monitor the pressure level so that the filtration system works properly;
  • water consumption during filtration is very high;
  • this model can hardly be called compact. Most likely it will take up all the free space under the sink.

In short, it is practically the cheapest version of the five-stage water filter you can find. In this regard, one has to face a number of difficulties, such as increased water consumption and the need to control pressure. However, such a model is quite inexpensive. Here's what those who purchased this filter have to say on the forums:

“The main thing that attracted me to this water filter for washing was the price. Initially, I did not plan to spend a lot on it, and therefore such a cheap option suited me perfectly. In general, a very economical thing: I set it myself and everything is in order. Fortunately, I don't have a water meter ”.

Nikolay Tyumentsev, Ufa

Filter elements for filter Barrier Profi Osmo

Filter elements for filter Barrier Profi Osmo

“Everything is fine with the filter, apart from the fact that it is very sensitive to pressure. I had to spend time and solve this problem once, but now everything works fine and there are no problems. "

Konstantin Pritulny, Volgograd

Expert Osmos MO510 (New Water): compact and convenient water filter

Buying a membrane filter for water purification of this quality means paying due attention not only to the quality of the water itself, but also to the design of the device. Some of its benefits include:

  • the membranes used are made in Japan and meet all quality requirements;
  • both the filter and the faucet included in the kit boast an original design and ease of use;
  • the filter is easy to install on your own, but at the same time, you can always get qualified assistance using the support service on the official website of the company;
  • the membrane, like the cartridges themselves, is easy to maintain and replace.
Reverse osmosis filters of the Expert series of the manufacturer New water

Reverse osmosis filters of the Expert series of the manufacturer New water

Cons of using this filter:

  • rather high cost of both the model itself and individual components, in particular cartridges;
  • filtering particles tend to clog the membrane, which negatively affects the water supply pressure;
  • Unfortunately, for these water filters for washing, leak tests are not provided, which leads to the risk of encountering a leak immediately after installation.

This model is quite suitable for water purification, provided that the content of mechanical impurities is not too high. However, it is better to entrust the installation of this particular filter to a professional.

The structure of an ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane K857 from Novaya Voda

The structure of an ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane K857 from Novaya Voda

Devices without replaceable cartridges: main-type water filters

Water filters without replaceable cartridges occupy a special place in the modern water purification market. One of the brightest representatives of this category is the Titanof titanium water filter. Reviews about it unanimously indicate both ease of use and high quality of cleaning. The efficiency of using a titanium filter is several times higher than the installation of a coarse water filter, as well as most membrane models. Here's what users say about such a device:

“We've been using the Brita water filter for a long time. It seems that buying a cartridge is not too expensive, and not too difficult, but in reality it very soon gets boring to think about it and remember. Therefore, when choosing a filter for a sink, we chose a titanium filter primarily because it does not have replaceable cartridges. And the quality of water purification is at the highest level. "

Miroslav Velikhodov, Ryazan

The titanium filter provides high-quality water purification from free chlorine, iron, aluminum, metal salts, as well as nitrates and other unsafe chemical compounds. At the same time, the filter does not affect the mineral composition of the water.

Main titanium filter Titanof

Main titanium filter Titanof

Helpful advice! If you are just deciding where to buy a water filter, then it is best to place an order on the manufacturer's official website. This way, at least you can be sure that you have purchased the original product, and in case of a malfunction, contact the manufacturer directly.

Installing a water filter under the sink with your own hands

Having finally decided on a suitable model and purchasing it, you just have to install the filter in place and start using it. The easiest way is to invite a master for this, whose qualifications will allow him to do it as efficiently as possible. However, often the considerable price of household filters for purifying drinking water pushes people to save money on installation.

The installation of a filter for water purification can be done independently. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account both the basic rules for installing such devices, and the individual recommendations of the manufacturer.

Filter assembly diagram using the example of the Akfavor Crystal model: 1 - tap for clean water, 2 - water purifier, 3 - connection unit, 4 - seal, 5 - rubber gasket, 6 - rubber washer, 7 - plastic washer, 8 - metal washer, 9 - fixing nut, 10 - tube, 11 - metal sleeve, 12 - union nut, 13 - locking clips, 14 - tube, 15 - decorative stand

Filter assembly diagram using the example of the Akfavor Crystal model: 1 - tap for clean water, 2 - water purifier, 3 - connection unit, 4 - seal, 5 - rubber gasket, 6 - rubber washer, 7 - plastic washer, 8 - metal washer, 9 - fixing nut, 10 - tube, 11 - metal sleeve, 12 - union nut, 13 - locking clips, 14 - tube, 15 - decorative stand

Consider the general procedure for installing a filter for water purification under a sink:

  1. First of all, remove from under the sink anything that might get in the way or get wet during operation. Prepare a cloth, bowl, or bucket.
  2. Turn off the water and release the pressure in the system by opening any of the taps.
  3. Unscrew the hose in the water supply in the place where the transition from the common line to the mixer is located.
  4. Be sure to measure the current pressure on the lines and, if the indicator does not match, take the necessary measure: if the pressure is too high, a reducer is installed, and if it is too low, a special pump is installed.
  5. Secure all components according to the instructions supplied by the filter manufacturer. At the same time, do not forget about small, but important details, such as gaskets and elastic bands, since they are the ones that ensure the tightness of the system.
  6. Take care of the quality connection of the drinking water mixer with the filter. Inspect all joints in advance and make sure they are strong.
  7. Before checking, place a bowl under the sink and place a rag around in case a leak is found. Allow the water to drain down the drain for at least 10 minutes. If during this time everything is in order, you can return everything you removed earlier under the sink.
Flow filter installation diagram

Flow filter installation diagram

Helpful advice! In order to increase the service life of the rubber parts of the filter and prevent them from drying out, first lubricate them with petroleum jelly or silicone.

When deciding to take care of the quality of the water you use for drinking and cooking, you are clearly faced with a difficult choice. But after carefully reading the reviews about water filters for washing, the operating features, as well as the main characteristics, you will probably understand which one you need to buy a filter for cleaning water for washing.