This article provides useful information detailing how to choose an apartment humidifier with optimal performance. Here you can find data and reviews about the most popular models of devices designed for humidifying the air in residential premises, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as recommendations for the repair maintenance of structures and making them yourself.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: tips and tricks

An air humidifier for an apartment will help make the indoor climate healthier and more comfortable

Air humidifier for an apartment: the feasibility of buying

Human health depends on the state of his body. It can be negatively affected by disturbed sleep patterns, improper lifestyle and the conditions in which a person lives and works. Before proceeding to consider the question of why air humidifiers are needed in an apartment, it is worth defining the concept of microclimate and its role in human life.

The device for humidifying the air in the apartment helps to maintain the required level of humidity

The device for humidifying the air in the apartment helps to maintain required humidity level

The microclimate of a dwelling consists of many indicators, but the most important of them is the state of the air, in particular, its humidity and temperature.With a lack of moisture in the air, not only the health of all households suffers, but also the condition of the parquet flooring, as well as plants that slow down in growth or dry out.

It will also be useful for children to have a humidifier in the house: air without a humidifier causes dry mucous membranes, for this reason, the likelihood of developing respiratory and viral diseases in babies increases. Damage resulting from drying out becomes a source of infection in the body. Due to the lack of moisture, the child's immune system weakens and is unable to resist illness.

Helpful advice! To understand whether an air humidifier is needed in an apartment, you should calculate the room humidity indicator. It is worth remembering that temperature also affects comfort.

Room humidity indicators:

Indoor humidity percentage Impact on a person
50% the air is very dry
57-70% the humidity is sufficient, but the air is dry
70-80% ideal moisture indicator
87-95% high humidity (uncomfortable microclimate)


What are air humidifiers for in an apartment or office?

Due to the fact that a person has to be in the same room for a long time, it is necessary to think over all the nuances that make the atmosphere of this room as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining health. And this applies not only to living quarters, the purchase of a desktop humidifier for the office will reduce workload and increase human productivity.

Europeans and residents of the United States carefully monitor the temperature and humidification of the air in the house, which cannot be said about the inhabitants of our latitudes, who pay attention to household appliances and interior design, and not to the microclimate. Both in summer and winter, when heating devices are working, people experience a lack of moisture. That's what home air humidifiers are for.

Most of the human body is composed of moisture, so it is not surprising that a lack of moisture leads to various disorders. This problem affects not only the skin, which needs water to maintain its youthfulness, elasticity and firmness. Reduced humidity is detrimental to the ENT organs, especially the respiratory system. Often, in combination with the treatment of diseases of the ears, throat and nose in apartments, ionizers-humidifiers for apartments, as well as purifiers, are used.

Helpful advice! With the help of a humidifier and an air purifier, you can speed up the treatment of ENT diseases, including nosebleeds, which often occur in children.

Lack of moisture in the air can lead to unpleasant consequences for human health.

Lack of moisture in the air can lead to unpleasant consequences for human health.

Why is it so important to buy air humidifiers for an apartment

Why do we need air humidifiers in an apartment:

  1. Dry oxygen affects a person's well-being - the effectiveness of the immune system decreases, weakness appears, the likelihood of getting the flu, acute respiratory infections, colds or catching an infection increases.
  2. The risk of developing serious diseases - due to dryness, the bronchi cannot clear themselves on their own, which entails infectious and respiratory diseases that a person does not notice for a long time.
  3. A serious threat to the health of infants - dry air negatively affects the child's sensitive mucous membrane, which is not fully formed, increasing the risks of catching an infection of the oral and nasal cavities. The minimum allowable humidity level in the children's room is 50%. This indicator must be maintained even during sleep. In stores, consumers can buy apartment humidifiers designed specifically for children.
  4. The need for moisture in human skin - the percentage of water in the skin is about 60-70%. In the process of metabolism, 0.5 liters of liquid is lost per day. However, in conditions of dry air, this indicator increases to 1 liter of water.Men suffer the most from this, as they rarely use moisturizers and lotions. These products compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin. But it will be most effective to completely get rid of the problem by figuring out which humidifiers are best for the apartment.
It is especially important to monitor the humidity level in the bedroom and children's room.

It is especially important to monitor the humidity level in the bedroom and children's room.

Accessories for a room humidifier

To determine the level of humidity in a room, you should get a special measuring device - a hygrometer. When looking for where to buy air humidifiers, you can also find these devices in the assortment of online stores. The minimum cost of the unit is about 150 rubles, the maximum cost may exceed 600 rubles.

To get a really useful and functional device, it is better to pay attention to combined type weather stations. These structures give measurements not only by air humidity, but also provide information about the temperature (inside the room and outside), due to the built-in barometer, they predict the weather forecast. Weather stations have additional features: calendar, alarm clock, clock, etc.

Helpful advice! Measurements must be taken over several days in a row. And it is best to do this in winter, when the heating systems are working.

Some models are equipped with a hygrostat to regulate the operation of the humidifier

Some models are equipped with a hygrostat to regulate the operation of the humidifier

District heating radiators in multi-storey buildings are not equipped with regulators that allow you to adjust the amount of heat generated. As a result, the air in the room is drained to the limit. This is especially true at night. In this case, experts recommend buying battery humidifiers.

Air conditioners don't solve the problem either. Split systems partially retain air humidity, but this type of equipment is expensive. In addition, the structures require careful maintenance, and in the event of a breakdown, repairs will entail significant financial costs, commensurate with the purchase of a new device.

What humidifiers to choose to maintain an optimal microclimate

Given the vast model line, the question of which humidifiers to buy for an apartment turns into a real problem. Devices differ from each other not only in design and size, but also in operational characteristics. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a unit, it is worth paying attention to functional capabilities, because they are the key to practicality and comfort.

The market offers many different models of humidifiers for every need

The market offers many different models of humidifiers for every need

All humidifiers for domestic use are divided into several categories:

  • standard designs (traditional);
  • climatic complexes;
  • steam type appliances;
  • "Air washing";
  • ultrasonic humidifiers;
  • decorative ceramic designs.

Helpful advice! To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself in detail with the types of existing structures and popular brands.

Steam humidifiers, in turn, are:

  • hot;
  • cold.

Each type of construction has its own technical characteristics and is used in certain conditions.

Features of Hot Action Steam Air Humidifier for Apartment

Hot steam appliances work like an electric kettle. The humidity in the air increases due to the evaporation of the boiling water inside. The evaporation process occurs due to electricity flowing through two electrodes placed in a container with water.

Steam humidifiers are easy to operate and highly efficient

Steam humidifiers are easy to operate and highly efficient

The advantages of the devices:

  • simple operation system;
  • high efficiency (100%);
  • it makes no difference what kind of water to fill in the humidifiers;
  • steam is completely sterile.

There are many disadvantages of such devices, and most of them are due to shortcomings in the structural structure.

Cons of devices with hot steam:

  • high energy consumption;
  • increase in the temperature index in the room;
  • noisy work;
  • Potential risk of scalding from hot steam.

Some models of hot steam appliances have a built-in hydrostat or hygrometer.

Humidification of the room air with cold steam

Cold-acting steam appliances naturally increase the humidity in the room. For this, cold water is poured into the tank. From there, it goes to the cartridges, through which a fan built into the structure drives the air flow. As a result of this process, the air is saturated with moisture and transfers it to the room.

Cold steam humidifiers are more energy efficient than conventional humidifiers

Cold steam humidifiers are more energy efficient than conventional humidifiers

Advantages of cold steam humidifiers:

  • low level of electricity consumption;
  • affordable cost;
  • function of setting humidification modes;
  • complete safety, which makes it possible to operate the device in the children's room.

Such models also have disadvantages, which are not so many:

  • in the process of humidification, the air temperature in the room drops;
  • low efficiency rates.

Note! Despite the advantages, steam modifications are not in high demand among consumers who prefer more modern appliance options.

Characteristics of traditional humidifiers

Individual preferences are of great importance in choosing a humidifier. Traditional models meet the needs of most buyers. In such designs, there is an internal mesh that is wetted by water inside the container. The operation of the device is based on the principle of natural evaporation. A built-in fan blowing air through the mesh accelerates this process by enriching the air with moisture particles.

Some humidifiers perform the function of aromatizing the air

Some humidifiers perform the function of aromatizing the air

Advantages of traditional modifications:

  • the device regulates the humidity independently without user intervention;
  • use in children's rooms is allowed;
  • affordable cost;
  • built-in fragrance capsule to create a pleasant scent;
  • low level of electricity consumption.

The disadvantages of traditional humidifiers are just as few as in cold-acting steam models:

  • low efficiency rate;
  • lowering the temperature level in the room.

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During operation, the mesh wears out, however, it is not difficult to buy a membrane for a humidifier and replace it yourself. The main thing is to choose the appropriate size.

Features of humidifiers for the apartment "air washing"

This type of device is suitable for people who do not know how to choose the right humidifier for an apartment with the possibility of additional air purification in the room. The humidifier "air washer" performs two functions at once: maintains a clean microclimate and increases the level of moisture.

Note! Special membranes are installed inside the device. When air flows through them, pathogenic microbes and dirt particles are retained, and already purified humidified air enters the room.

A new generation humidifier for washing the air not only humidifies, but also cleans the air in the room from harmful impurities

The new generation humidifier "air washing" not only humidifies, but also cleans the indoor air from harmful impurities

Advantages of humidifiers "air cleaning":

  • effective hydration;
  • extended functionality;
  • positively affects human health by purifying the air.

Disadvantages of designs:

  • high price;
  • large body dimensions;
  • periodic replacement of filters for the humidifier is required.

Given the required budget, this type of structure will be the optimal humidification device. Air washer accessories can be purchased at many stores.

Boneco air humidifier filters match:

Humidifier model Boneco Filter
2061/2071 Active carbon filter (carbon)
2041/2051/2071 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge) (2 pcs.)
2061/2071 HEPA filter (2 pcs.)
E2241 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge)
E2251 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge)
P2261 Carbon filter (carbon)
P2261 HEPA filter


How ultrasonic humidifiers work

Ultrasonic devices are the most popular on the market as they are considered the most efficient humidifiers. The principle of operation of these devices is high frequency oscillatory movements. Getting on the inner membrane, under the influence of these vibrations, water is scattered into small particles. This damp dust spreads throughout the room, improving the microclimate.

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The main criteria and rules for choosing the best devices, their classification, advantages and disadvantages, reviews of popular modifications.

The advantages of ultrasonic devices:

  • operational safety;
  • effective hydration;
  • the ability to maintain an optimal humidity level;
  • compact body dimensions;
  • lack of noise.

Many buyers are interested in what kind of water to fill in ultrasonic air humidifiers. A significant disadvantage of these structures is the formation of a white coating on furniture, so this issue is relevant. This effect occurs due to the high hardness of water, which is caused by the presence of salts in its composition. After the settling of water particles, a layer of white plaque forms on the surfaces, especially for furniture of dark colors.

Helpful advice! To eliminate traces of hard water settling, it is enough to wipe the surfaces with a sponge or damp cloth.

The likelihood of plaque settling can be reduced by purchasing a special filter designed to soften the water. This part needs regular replacement, so the need to purchase replacement parts can also be attributed to the disadvantages of ultrasonic designs.

Characteristics of climatic complexes for humidification

Climatic complexes are the most advanced devices for humidifying the air in city apartments.

These designs are combined and include several functions at once:

  • air cleaning;
  • ionization;
  • moisturizing;
  • aromatization.
Integrated air purifiers combine several functions: aromatization, purification, humidification, ionization

Complex air purifiers combine several functions: aromatization, cleaning, moisturizing, ionization

Climatic complexes are entire systems. These structures are equipped with discs made of plastic. They have a complex dynamic shape and operate in a container with water. Moreover, a humidifier of both mechanical type and ultrasonic can participate in this process. The choice depends on the buyer.

Advantages of the combined equipment:

  • wide range of functions;
  • easy and practical operating system;
  • multi-stage air purification system;
  • air disinfection;
  • high performance.

Significant disadvantages include the high cost and the need for regular filter changes. The price of ionizers-air humidifiers ranges from 4000-8000 rubles.

How to choose and buy good and inexpensive air humidifiers

Performance and power are the main criteria to look out for when choosing a humidifier. The performance indicator reflects the amount of liquid (ml) that the device converts into steam or wet dust for 1 hour. On the box, manufacturers most often indicate the area that the device can effectively humidify.

There are compact models of humidifiers for local use

There are compact models of humidifiers for local use

Helpful advice! When choosing a humidifier, it is worth considering the size of each room, since one device is capable of providing an optimal microclimate in only one room.Several appliances are required for the entire house.

If the area of ​​the room is 15 m², then it is impractical to buy an expensive device that is designed for an area of ​​50 m². The level of moisture reduction is also important. If the hygrometer readings indicate that the relative humidity level has only slightly deviated from the norm, then to maintain a comfortable microclimate, you will need to turn on the device for only a few hours. If the air is excessively dry, then the operation of the humidifier will be around the clock.

The more efficiently the device works, the higher the level of energy consumption will be. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve an optimal balance between efficiency and power. In this matter, steam humidifiers are significantly inferior. Having a consumption of about 0.5 kW, with 12 hours of operation, they will increase the cost of paying bills by 500 rubles. and more.

Steam humidifiers are efficient in operation, but consume more energy than other models

Steam humidifiers are efficient in operation, but consume more energy than other models

Ultrasonic models as well as steam versions with a cold cooling principle are less demanding. They consume energy in the range of 13-100 W. Therefore, their operation will cost about 15-100 rubles / month.

What humidifiers to choose for an apartment: design, noise level and functions

Excessive noise levels can be a serious irritant. You need to understand that there are other noises in the store, so at home the sound of a working device will be louder. This is especially true at night, when sounds from the street subside. Steam models are considered the noisiest humidifiers, and ultrasonic ones are the quietest, so it is better to buy them for the bedroom.

Note! Some models have two modes of operation: powerful for daytime and reduced for night. The maximum permissible noise level is 40 dB. However, it is recommended to pay attention to humidifiers that produce a noise level of 34 dB or less.

When choosing a humidifier, pay attention to such characteristics as noise level

When choosing a humidifier, pay attention to such characteristics as noise level

Many buyers seek to find the most compact device possible. It should be remembered that small devices hold little water, so you will have to constantly monitor the level of liquid in the container and replenish it. For full humidification throughout the night, you need a device with a volume of at least 5 liters.

In terms of design, the market offers customers a wide variety, allowing them to buy a standard white appliance or a device that can become an interesting element of the interior of the room. There are models with the design of the case in the form of animals and birds, rings, vases, decorated with patterns.

Additional functionality:

  1. Hydrostat - the device automatically turns off the humidifier when the indoor climate reaches the norm.
  2. Rotating Sprayer - Improves room irrigation efficiency.
  3. Timer - makes it possible to adjust the on and off times automatically.
  4. Filters designed for fine and coarse cleaning - additional air purification from fungal spores, microorganisms, pollen.
Both simple and multifunctional humidifiers are now available

Both simple and multifunctional humidifiers are now available

Note! Some models have an inhalation function. The constructions are equipped with a compartment for placing cotton wool soaked in essential oil.

What humidifiers to choose for an apartment: customer reviews

As another determining factor, you can use customer reviews who have already tried devices in operation:

“I was skeptical about the costs of household appliances, preferring only the most essential appliances in the house, for example, a TV, a food processor, a washing machine. But my wife persuaded me to use a humidifier. With the purchase of a Polaris PUH 3005 DI humidifier, the atmosphere in the house has improved significantly. It became easier to breathe.I didn't think such an acquisition could be so useful. "

Igor Eroshkin, Moscow

“When I decided to buy a moisturizer, I didn’t think there was such a huge selection in stores. To be honest, I was immediately confused and decided to think it over properly before buying. I looked on the net, I liked the reviews on Ballu UHB 205 humidifiers the most. I decided to take one for myself. I did not regret it at all, the device really justifies the costs and humidifies the air well ”.

Svetlana Strogina, Yekaterinburg

“I wondered for a long time how to choose the best humidifiers for an apartment. So many firms: Electrolux, Philips, Bork, Polaris. I decided to dwell on the latter. I was especially hooked on the Polaris PUH 5545 ultrasonic humidifier model. I wanted to buy a very quiet and efficient device. I could find such a combination only from this manufacturer. I was very pleased with the purchase, so I recommend it to everyone. "

Ekaterina Malyshko, St. Petersburg

“I was looking for a humidifier especially for the child. A friend recommended me to buy Home Element HE HF 1701. The device looks pretty, does a good job of humidifying the room and at the same time fits perfectly into the interior. I especially liked the fan speed control. And the duration of work without refueling is long - 12 hours. "

Daria Spichkina, Moscow

DIY air humidifiers: how to make a structure or repair

There are many ways to make a humidifier at home. The most common options are based on:

  • plastic bottle;
  • ceramic container;
  • plastic box;
  • antibacterial filter;
  • floor fan;
  • buckets with expanded clay.
Homemade humidifier from a plastic box

Homemade humidifier from a plastic box

Helpful advice! All these designs do not look aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, you can use a bowl of water covered with decorative stones by placing it next to the battery. You can put plastic algae, artificial fish, etc. inside.

DIY ultrasonic humidifier manufacturing technology

To create an ultrasonic humidifier design, the following components are required:

  • computer cooler;
  • transducer (ultrasonic);
  • plastic container with a lid (5-10 l);
  • a plastic cup;
  • detail from a toy children's pyramid (a plastic element in the shape of a donut);
  • flexible pipe (you can use a corrugated pipe);
  • aluminum corner;
  • stabilizer.

You will have to spend money, but creating a home-made device will cost much less than buying a factory-made Polaris PUH 5545 ultrasonic humidifier or any other.

Ultrasonic humidifier from the available tools

Ultrasonic humidifier from the available tools

Step-by-step manufacturing technology:

  1. Using a drill, it is necessary to make holes in the lid of the plastic container. The mounting part of the cooler, the steam generator wire and the outlet tube should be placed in them.
  2. Screw the fan to the container and install the corrugated tube.
  3. The steamer needs a floating platform. It can be made from a plastic donut (children's toy) and a cup. To do this, you need to place the glass in the indicated part and make it into the hole on its bottom. Using an elastic band, fasten a cloth to the bottom of the glass, which will act as a filter. A steam generator must be placed inside the glass.
  4. To operate the humidifier, 24 V is required, the fan needs 12 V. Therefore, the power supply must be carried out through the circuit: an ultrasonic humidifier with your own hands should be connected to the stabilizer microcircuit and equipped with a variable or constant resistor. This element, together with the speed adjustment knob, must be placed under the aluminum corner.
Necessary components for creating an ultrasonic humidifier at home

Necessary components for creating an ultrasonic humidifier at home

Helpful advice! It is recommended to use distilled water for refueling.

DIY technology for making a humidifier from a plastic bottle

If the manufacturing technology of an ultrasonic device seems complicated, you can limit yourself to creating a humidifier based on a plastic bottle. To do this, you need to take a large plastic bottle with a capacity of 10 liters, scotch tape and a computer cooler.

The order of assembly of the structure:

  1. The neck is cut off in the bottle. The height of the cut should be such that the cooler will pass through the hole.
  2. The cooler is fixed by means of adhesive tape and fasteners made of thick cardboard.

A similar humidifier can be made from a large plastic container with a tight lid. In this case, it becomes possible to increase the amount of liquid for humidification. For convenience, the structure can be installed on the legs.

Handmade plastic bottle humidifier

Handmade plastic bottle humidifier

Do-it-yourself battery humidifier technology

Manufacturing technology involves the use of the following materials:

  • wide scotch tape;
  • plastic bottle (1.5-2 l);
  • a piece of cloth;
  • gauze (1 m).

The creation of such a structure does not require any costs, except for water. This method is considered the most budgetary.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. A window measuring 7x12 cm is made in the side of the bottle.
  2. The bottle is suspended from the battery tube with the window facing up. You can use a rope or a long piece of cloth for this. To prevent the bottle from tipping over, the places where it comes into contact with the fabric should be glued with wide adhesive tape.
  3. A piece of gauze is folded until you get a strip 10 cm wide and less than 1 m long.
  4. One end of a rolled piece of gauze is placed in a bottle, the other is wrapped around a pipe. Several pieces of gauze can be used to enhance the moisturizing effect.
Hanging battery humidifier can be made by yourself or purchased from a store

Hanging battery humidifier can be made by yourself or purchased from a store

Helpful advice! In order not to spoil the interior of the room, you can buy ceramic air humidifiers for a battery in a store. These hinged structures are in the form of vases, into which water is poured.

Manufacturing technology of expanded clay humidifier

Expanded clay has excellent properties that allow this material to be used as an effective base for creating a moisturizer.

The list of required materials includes:

  • aquarium pump;
  • four plastic buckets for papers (2 of them should have a smaller diameter than the other 2);
  • bucket with a volume of 12 liters;
  • computer cooler with a diameter of 140 mm;
  • construction hair dryer with high temperature conditions;
  • plastic ties.

At the first stage, small buckets are glued together. To do this, you can use a hair dryer or plastic fasteners. Then they need to be placed in large buckets and also fasten the latter together. To fill the case with expanded clay, it is necessary to cut a hole in the upper container from large buckets or cut off the lid.

Expanded clay is a versatile material that perfectly retains moisture and can be used as a filler for a homemade humidifier

Expanded clay is a versatile material that perfectly retains moisture and can be used as a filler for a homemade humidifier

The expanded clay fractions must be large enough not to spill through the mesh of plastic buckets. Before these, they should be thoroughly rinsed with running water to remove dirt particles.

An aquarium pump should be placed in a regular 12 L bucket. The pipes coming from it should be brought to the top of the mesh buckets and the plastic ring with holes should be installed. A cooler is mounted on top of the resulting structure to force air flows inside.

How to repair air humidifiers with your own hands

In order to independently carry out the repair of climatic equipment, you must have at least basic knowledge of soldering, as well as have at hand the appropriate tool and the ability to use it.

The most common types of humidifier repairs are:

  • replacement of a broken part;
  • diagnostics and repair of the electronic component of the device;
  • adjustment of the device;
  • replacement of consumables.

Note! The verification and repair of the electronic component of the device should be entrusted to professionals, since it is impossible to perform such a procedure with high quality at home.

Common breakdowns and ways to eliminate them:

Signs Breaking Repairs
The appliance does not generate cold steam
There is no characteristic gurgling Piezoelectric element Replacement of a part that can be purchased at a service center, radio store or online store
There is a characteristic bubbling, but the steam does not escape. Fan Functional test using a multimeter (diagnostics of voltage on the turbine windings), replacing the fan in the presence of voltage
There is no voltage on the winding turbines Power board Repair can be carried out by the service center
There is a characteristic bubbling, the fan is running and no steam is generated Air intake filter Replace the dirty filter with a new one
An unpleasant odor is emitted from the appliance
Bad smell Contamination of the device Carry out cleaning and disinfection, pay more attention to proper care of the device


Components for the repair of humidifiers

In order to carry out the repair of Electrolux air humidifiers and other brands at home, you will need to purchase the necessary parts. Most of them are sold in stores that sell the devices themselves.

Component parts prices:

Name price, rub.
Filters for Philips humidifier
HEPA AC4158 / 00 (multifunctional) 7990
FY1114 / 10 (NANO filter) 2980
AC4141 / 02 (HEPA filter) 3749
HU4112 / 01 (antibacterial) 500
Nano Cloud FY5156 / 10 (NANO filter) 1690
AC4143 / 02 (coal) 3609
HU 4111/01 (antibacterial) 1078
AC4155 / 00 (antibacterial) 1070
HU 4112/01 (antibacterial) 602
AC4148 / 01 (antibacterial) 3980
HU4111 / 01 (antibacterial) 1180
Filters for humidifiers Bork
ECO-AIR Q701 1490
H701 NS 1590
A501 (coal) 3390
Water A701 2390
ECO-AIR 1690
ECO-AIR (preliminary) 1490
HEPA A800 3390
Filters for a humidifier Electrolux
Ag + Electrolux 7531 (filter cartridge for Electrolux humidifiers) 1030
Ag Ionic Silver 1000


Note! In addition to replacement filters and cartridges, you can buy ultrasonic membranes for air humidifiers in specialized stores. Their price varies between 480-600 rubles.

Correct use and care of the humidifier

Interaction with water leads to pollution of climate technology. This cannot be avoided, but it is possible to minimize the negative consequences arising during the operation of the humidifier by timely cleaning and replacing consumables.

In the design of the Polaris PUH 4545 Wave steam humidifier, when the water boils, the salts in its composition cannot evaporate along with the steam. As a result, a dense lime deposit is formed on the inner surfaces of the device. This problem especially affects the heating element. Due to plaque, the level of thermal conductivity of this part decreases, so the operation of the humidifier deteriorates and, as a result, it finally breaks down.

Using the Polaris PUH 5545 humidifier as an example, we can examine the processes taking place inside the ultrasonic equipment. The vibrations of the membrane break the water into a damp dust. Salt settling on furniture is not the only problem with ultrasonic equipment, the same plaque accumulates inside the device, causing it to break.

Modern models of humidifiers require regular cleaning and filter changes

Modern models of humidifiers require regular cleaning and filter changes

In traditional designs such as the Boneco Air-o-Swiss E 2441 A, the evaporation process is carried out mechanically by means of a humidified cartridge. It is this element that is most polluted. In addition, there is another problem: the water in the tank stagnates, turning into an optimal environment for the growth of bacteria.As a result, the humidifier begins to exude a putrid smell.

The Venta LW25 air washer humidifies the air using moistened plastic discs. Some of the salts are deposited on them, and the rest is washed off into the container, settling on its walls.

Note! Air washers require more care and cleaning than other types of humidifiers.

Humidifier operation: recommendations and contraindications

In order for the device to function effectively for a long time, it is enough to follow several rules:

  1. The container should only be filled with purified, soft or distilled water.
  2. Replace filters promptly. Many models are equipped with contamination sensors.
  3. In air humidifiers without replaceable filters - "air washers", it is necessary to promptly rinse the discs and inner surfaces.
  4. Perform preventive cleaning of the device.
  5. Change the water in the container frequently.
With proper care and use, the humidifier can last a very long time

With proper care and use, the humidifier can last a very long time

During the operation of the device, it is prohibited:

  1. Use the appliance at full power and then switch off immediately after the humidity reaches the required level. A sudden change in climate is detrimental to a device that is designed to maintain a comfortable microclimate.
  2. Clean limescale with sharp objects.
  3. Improper use of the device.

Some models of devices can be cleaned at home, since the cost of services of service centers in some cases reaches 30% of the price of the device itself.

How to humidify the air in a room without humidifiers

The air humidity in the room can be maintained with improvised means, without resorting to microclimatic technology.

A decorative waterfall or living plants is one of the best ways to naturally humidify indoor air.

A decorative waterfall or living plants is one of the best ways to naturally humidify indoor air.

How to humidify the air in an apartment without humidifiers:

  1. Place a wet towel on the battery.
  2. Place saucers filled with water on radiators and windowsill.
  3. Install a decorative fountain, aquarium with fish or other "water" objects for the interior.
  4. Dilute many flowers in the room and water and spray them regularly. Green plants will release not only oxygen into the air, but also moisture.
  5. Leave the bathroom door open.
  6. Dry laundry right in the room.

All of these actions will help increase the humidity level in the room. However, in order for the apartment to remain comfortable and attractive, it is better to give preference to humidifiers. Their cost is not so high, and their effectiveness is much higher than that of improvised means. The modern choice of microclimate technology allows you to choose a device that meets the needs and budgetary capabilities of any buyer.