The design of the bedroom should have a relaxing effect on a person. It is in this room that there should be an opportunity to pleasantly relax and calmly prepare for a new day. Many people want to convey their mood and show creative imagination when decorating a bedroom. Wall murals in the bedroom are considered one of the effective techniques that create a unique design. Modern technologies give the canvases such a realistic look that the room comes to life before our eyes.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom: the best way to personalize your room

Wallpaper on the walls of the bedroom will help to give the room individuality

Features of using photo wallpaper in the bedroom: photo in the interior

Interiors with photo wallpaper look beautiful in any room, because thanks to the creative image, the room will sparkle with completely different colors. A large selection of various prints and colors makes it possible to realize even the most daring fantasies and turn the process of renovating or renovating a room into a real flight of creative ideas.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom will become one of the spectacular techniques that creates a unique interior

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom will become one of the effective techniques that creates a unique interior

Important! Even the most beautiful wallpaper for walls will not look attractive if the joints are not made correctly. Therefore, when using wallpaper, you need to monitor the correct alignment of the canvases. To do this, you must first prepare the walls: align, clean and dry. It will also be useful to apply a special antifungal mixture.

Decorating the walls with printed wallpaper gives you the opportunity to show your personality and create a one-of-a-kind design in your bedroom, especially if you are using custom wallpaper. The practical advantages of using photo wallpaper include the fact that the surface of the wallpaper, due to the features of the image application, is not exposed to direct sunlight, as a result of which the pictures retain their original appearance for a long period. Other advantages of using photo wallpaper on the bedroom wall:

Thanks to the wallpaper, the bedroom will sparkle with completely different colors.

Thanks to the wallpaper, the bedroom will sparkle with completely different colors.

  1. Since the image is large, it is not difficult to glue such wallpapers on your own, which will significantly reduce the cost of repairs.
  2. A bedroom with photo wallpaper looks beautiful.If you choose the right canvases and stick them with high quality, the walls will remain attractive for a long time.
  3. Basically, a natural paper base is used for photo wallpaper, which allows you to paste over the walls with canvases even in a children's bedroom.
  4. The images are so realistic that the bedroom will be filled not only with brightness, but also with an unusual living story.
  5. A correctly chosen print on the wall will visually expand the volume of a small area. If you use a drawing with perspective in a small bedroom on the far wall, then the room visually increases.
  6. When combining wallpaper with a large pattern and monochromatic options, you can perform competent zoning in the room and separate zones of different functionality.
  7. Stylized images will help to maximize the belonging of the room to a certain direction.
  8. A wide selection of images allows the use of products in a room of any size and configuration.
The walls will look attractive if the canvases are chosen correctly and glued with high quality

The walls will look attractive if the canvases are chosen correctly and glued with high quality

Despite the large number of advantages, there are also such disadvantages in the design of a bedroom with photo wallpaper:

  1. A very bright and voluminous pattern can become familiar and bored over time. To change it, you have to re-glue the wallpaper throughout the room.
  2. If you use canvases without a special protective film, the products will be subject to mechanical damage, quickly get dirty and deteriorate under the influence of moisture, especially if they are pasted over on an external wall without insulation.
  3. Choosing the wrong image can disrupt the room configuration.

The main types of wallpaper in the bedroom: which material to choose

Decorating a room with wallpaper is considered a good idea to change and decorate the look of your bedroom. Basically, wallpapers differ in the material used as a base and in the method of applying the image, where either a special printer or offset printing is used.

Wall murals differ in materials and method of applying the image

Wall murals differ in materials and method of applying the image

Useful advice! If in the design of a room a drawing is used to decorate the wall above the bed, it makes no sense to choose too dense wallpaper, because in this place the risk of damage is minimal. The only exception is the gluing of photo wallpaper over the child's bed, in this case it is better to buy washable options. Thicker canvases should also be chosen for an apartment in which there are clawed pets.

Depending on the type of base used, where the image is applied, photo wallpapers are divided into several types.

Paper. The main advantages are low cost, color saturation, environmental safety. The disadvantages of using paper-based photowall-paper include quick wear (in comparison with other types).

Non-woven. The main advantage is the high quality of the coating, due to which the wallpaper is durable and durable. When performing modern wallpaper design, special fire-prevention treatment is also used, which increases the safety of products.

Paper wallpapers are inexpensive and the most sustainable

Paper wallpapers are inexpensive and the most sustainable

Tissue. This is one of the most beautiful wallpapers on the wall, in the manufacture of which natural linen or silk threads are used, which allows the products to unusually shine and sparkle. There is a large selection of textures and colors, and the use of natural materials makes them "breathable". The main disadvantage is the high cost of finished products.

Vinyl. They are distinguished by good performance indicators, retain an attractive appearance for a long time. Many designers advise against using vinyl wallpaper for the bedroom, especially for the nursery, as the canvas impedes normal air circulation in the room, which disrupts the microclimate.

Combined.Often in retail outlets there are vinyl wallpapers, for the manufacture of which they use a non-woven base. Such wallpapers are durable, breathe better and are less exposed to mechanical damage.

Non-woven products are durable and durable

Non-woven products are durable and durable

The unusual options include photowall-paper on glass, which is most importantly used in designer bedrooms. The basis of photowall-paper is made of tempered glass, the edges of which have undergone special processing, therefore this option is considered safe. Looking at the photos of bedrooms with photo wallpaper, you can see that decorative lighting is often used on the glass, installed in the background, which makes the image look unusual and bright.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom: the choice of products depending on the printing method and the selection of the format

If we consider the classification by the type of drawing, then in this case the wallpaper is divided based on the quality of the paint used.

Polymer ink applied using UV radiation. This technique allows you to make wallpaper for the walls bright, and the drawings look the most juicy. Another advantage is resistance to sun fading. For the production of wallpaper, special ink is used, which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, is converted into a solid polymer that is not absorbed into the depth of the base. This feature provides attractive shades.

Cloths with latex ink are the safest

Cloths with latex ink are the safest

Eco-solvent printing ink. Indoor wallpapers with this type of image will be cheaper. In this case, not a polymer is used, but a pigment mixed with a solvent. The main disadvantage is the smell of paint, which will come from the wallpaper for a long time.

Latex ink. They are considered the safest and easiest to use. Due to the natural composition, wallpaper can also be used to decorate a children's bedroom, because they have no smell, and the base of the paint is an organic polymer - latex. Products withstand mechanical damage well and are easy to clean, which allows them to be used for the longest time.

To determine the desired format, the selection of wallpapers should be carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the placement. In this case, wallpapers are divided into the following types:

Polymer ink murals look the brightest

Polymer ink murals look the brightest

  1. Background. Visually increase the volume of the room and create the effect of presence. Used to set the tone for a room.
  2. Panoramic. Pasted on one accent wall. Usually they depict sea or mountain landscapes, bridges, megacities. Monochrome walls are made around the panoramic wallpaper so as not to distract attention from the main idea.
  3. Subject. This usually includes wallpaper with flowers or animals on the wall, which looks very realistic.
  4. Imitations. Here canvases are used that imitate brick, stone, wooden walls or Venetian plaster. At the same time, it is possible to distinguish the images from the original only after touching, because from a distance the wallpaper can be mistaken for a natural finish.

Features of the choice of wallpaper texture for a small bedroom and for a large area

In the photo of bedroom designs, the wallpapers are very different: they differ in many textures and various types. One of the most common options is wallpaper with a sandy texture. This choice is considered universal, because the texture makes any pattern look attractive. The relief image is created by imitating grains of sand of different sizes. A base of fine sand usually lies on the surface of the vinyl, and larger grains of sand are obtained as a result of the use of foam vinyl, which provides a voluminous texture.

Photo wallpaper with sandy texture is the most popular option

Photo wallpaper with sandy texture is the most popular option

By applying such a texture, it will be possible to hide small irregularities and roughness of surfaces, and it will also be possible to slightly smooth out the differences and correct the curvature of the walls. The disadvantages include the fact that wallpaper with a sandy texture is difficult to clean and is prone to the accumulation of dust particles. There are also other textures that are used to create beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom.

Painting. The structure of the canvas resembles the strokes that artists perform when creating paintings using brushes or a palette knife. Wallpaper is characterized by a shallower relief depth, so it is a little easier to care for them, and it is also easier to rid the surfaces of dust. In this case, it is important that the walls are perfectly flat, otherwise the integrity and appearance of the picture will be violated.

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Canvas. In texture, the wallpaper resembles a fabric canvas with an applied image. Thanks to this texture, the effect of the presence of a real picture is created. Here, too, it is important to pay special attention to careful preparation of the base, because the smooth base of the wallpaper will not only not hide the irregularities, but also highlight them on the surface. Advantages - they do not accumulate dust and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Plaster. A bedroom with murals for plaster looks the most impressive and expensive. With the help of canvases, you can create an imitation of a fresco, correctly place accents in the room. Wallpaper design is especially good for use in a room that wants to add the effect of antiquity or royalty. A bedroom with such wallpaper will always look graceful.

Features of choosing the color of photo wallpaper in the bedroom above the bed and on other walls

When creating a room design with wallpaper with large images, bright toxic shades should be avoided. The main purpose of the bedroom is rest and restful sleep, therefore it is recommended to choose a calm color palette, pastel colors. Using natural colors is considered a good option.

For bedrooms, it is not recommended to choose photomurals of too bright and toxic shades.

For bedrooms, it is not recommended to choose photomurals of too bright and toxic shades.

Pictures for wallpaper are usually distinguished by a variety of applied shades, around which there is a basic neutral color. In modern bedrooms, a neutral gray or silver color is increasingly used, which can be diluted with a landscape photo wallpaper in green or olive. It is appropriate to complement the beige, sandy and white walls with a seascape or use wallpaper with flamingos standing against the backdrop of a blue lake. As a result, the room will become more airy and fresh.

You can also often see in the photo black and white wallpapers for walls, which stand out favorably against the background of a monochrome interior. In this case, special attention should be paid to surface finishing and furniture selection. Black and white wallpaper looks especially relevant in the interior of the minimalism style.

It is interesting! When choosing colors, shades and images on photo wallpapers, it is additionally advised to focus on the type of temperament of the person for whom the room is being performed. If a person has a calm character, you can choose bright colors and large images; for a choleric person, neutral tones and discreet images are suitable.

Photo wallpaper with the use of yellow and orange colors will bring notes of comfort, warmth and sunlight to the bedroom. Large yellow flowers in a large focus with dewdrops on a shaded background look especially beautiful. A field of yellow dandelions against a background of green grass with a chamomile highlighted in the center will be an appropriate accent detail. Such wallpapers will not get bored quickly and will positively influence the mood.

How to combine and choose colors depending on the characteristics of the bedroom

The interior of the bedroom with photo wallpaper made in shades of purple (in lilac or lilac tones) is well combined with monochrome gray, black or gold walls. The main thing is to choose the right color saturation and not darken the room too much. If the main image on the wallpaper is made in a dark purple tone, you should use light pale purple colors around it, refreshing the room.

It is important to choose the right color saturation and not darken the bedroom too much.

It is important to choose the right color saturation and not darken the bedroom too much.

Wallpaper of a neutral color with large decor cannot quickly get bored, the main thing is not to supplement such walls with small details. Dandelions with the effect of flying seeds look unusually beautiful on white wallpaper in the bedroom. Other rules for choosing colors:

  1. You should not use a combination of black and bright red in the bedroom, in most cases this color scheme stimulates the nervous system, which will interfere with relaxation.
  2. It is advised to choose wallpaper samples with no more than three bright spots on the canvas.
  3. Excessive natural lighting in a bedroom can be balanced by using dark tones. Bright greens, pinks, orange and yellow are best left for a dark bedroom.
  4. If you need to visually expand the room, you should choose wallpaper in cold tones or canvas with monochrome images on a white background in a small bedroom. In a small room, wallpapers with illustrations on a blue or turquoise background also look good.

The bedroom will turn out to be harmonious if you strike a balance between the use of rich and neutral calm tones. You can find a photo of beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom walls with the image of a garden, which pleases with an abundance of green. Such canvases are successfully combined with light finishing of the remaining walls and pieces of furniture with light facades. The option of using wallpaper with a seascape against the background of walls in sand color is considered universal.

It is interesting! Everyone perceives colors differently, and not all color combinations look appropriate in the interior of a particular bedroom. Therefore, you should not copy bedrooms from magazines in your room - it is better to create an interior, focusing on the features of your room and personal preferences.

According to feng shui, walls are believed to be capable of accumulating emotional energy, both positive and negative. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the color based on the person's temperament. In order for the atmosphere to improve the mood and not get tired, in the bedroom it is advised to use paintings associated with the main elements, such as air, earth and water. Basic Feng Shui tips for choosing a bedroom color:

Blue and green shades look good in both large and small spaces

Blue and green shades look good in both large and small spaces

  1. Blue colour. Relaxes and calms. An additional advantage is the fact that blue visually increases the volume of the room.
  2. Green. Establishes balance in the family, relieves negative emotions associated with anger or resentment.
  3. Yellow. The color of the sun that fills the room with love and positive emotions.
  4. Purple. Forces to prudence and a philosophical outlook on life.

Basic ideas for design: wallpapers of cities, flowers, paintings and other popular options

Any beautiful wallpaper in the interior can be ruined if placed incorrectly. In order for the wallpaper to look in its place and nothing prevents to convey the meaning of the picture, you need to completely free up the space in front of the wall. An exception is the situation when, for example, a floor floor lamp used as a complement to the wallpaper image, as well as other similar occasions. If applicable in the interior photo wallpaper cities or canvases depicting nature, single animals or flowers, then the wall must be completely free of unnecessary objects.

Traditionally, it is customary to mount photo wallpaper with a pattern above the head of the bed, but this rule is not decisive, so you can often see photo wallpaper on other walls, on the ceiling or even on the door. If you choose the right image, you can free the room from unnecessary decor and adjust the situation.

If you are wondering which wallpaper to choose for a small bedroom, then you need to focus on options that create the effect of the absence of a wall. So, on the surface, you can simulate a window or even depict a balcony with a landscape. This technique will allow you to visually move one of the walls and visually fill the room with volume. Using wallpaper with different pictures, you can create the effect of the presence of niches, openings or alcoves that will help correct the geometry of the bedroom. Additional space in a small bedroom can be created using a painting that depicts a field stretching into the distance, or a panorama of a distant mountain landscape.

Wall murals with images of cities look impressive and visually expand the space

Wall murals with images of cities look impressive and visually expand the space

Also, in a small bedroom, you can often find wall murals on the wall with a window, depicting luxurious curtains made of expensive fabrics, and the windows themselves in this situation are closed with the help of Roman curtains similar in color. In this case, luxury is added to the interior without using extra centimeters of free space, the budget for buying real expensive curtains is saved.

To create the effect of convex, concave or non-uniform walls with unusual curves, you can use 3D photo wallpaper in the bedroom. Such effects will be especially relevant in youth rooms. In an adult's room, murals with a painting or a bas-relief with an antique plot are often used on the wall. In this case, it is important to adjust the entire style of the room to the selected image.

Other popular options for bedroom wallpaper: photos of attractive interiors

Wall murals with nature in the interior of the bedroom have not lost their relevance for a long time, because such pictures act as relaxing as possible and look very comfortable. At the same time, natural prints are appropriate for use in both adult and children's bedrooms. The ideal option is to buy wallpaper with natural prints applied to a base made in gentle pastel colors.

Useful advice! Modern technology allows you to create wallpaper with a glow effect that will help decorate your bedroom design with images of a bright starry sky or a spectacular glowing moon.

Wallpaper imitation of brick or masonry is ideal for a teenager's bedroom. It is especially good when the effects of dropped elements, holes, abrasions or protruding reinforcement are created on surfaces. Thus, it will turn out to create a stylish yet safe modern bedroom. If you use a combination of various photo wallpapers, then the teenage bedroom will also be successfully zoned. In this case, the masonry is used in the work area, and an image is applied on the wall above the bed, which corresponds to the mood and interests of the child. Other tips for choosing the trendiest wallpapers:

Nature murals are suitable for adult and children's bedrooms

Nature murals are suitable for adult and children's bedrooms

  1. Using patterns, various monograms, curls and weaves on the wallpaper, you can turn the bedroom into a real theater hall. If the wallpaper is supplemented with the help of burgundy, blue colors, gold decorative elements are added, then the bedroom will look like a palace one.
  2. If you choose wallpaper with landscapes of city streets or nature, it is better to give preference to 3D images. On such a wall, you can additionally emphasize by installing a wooden frame around the picture.
  3. By pasting wall murals depicting a balcony, terrace or ship deck on the sides of the window, you can create the effect of endless space and give the bedroom exclusivity.

Wall murals depicting the seasons have always belonged to the classic options. Most often you can find white wallpapers in the photo in the interior, illustrating snow-covered fields or mountain peaks, spring flowering trees and flowers, as well as canvases depicting a riot of summer colors in the garden and colorful autumn with a mixture of red, crimson, yellow, orange and green colors.

Animal lovers prefer to decorate the walls with images of graceful wildlife. Some people paste over the accent wall with a photo wallpaper depicting an animal in which a person was born (according to the Chinese calendar), especially if his behavior and character are similar to those of a person. Large images of such animals look very realistic:

  • horses;
  • tiger;
  • lion;
  • leopard;
  • lynx and other representatives of the feline family;
  • dogs;
  • wolf.

Flowers on the photo wallpaper in the bedroom above the bed: photos of attractive designs

Floral motifs on photo wallpapers are most common, because they fill the room with romantic mood and tenderness. The advantage of using colors on the walls is the fact that they are skillfully used in any style and interior design - from classic to minimalism. Flowers are suitable for both a child's or an adult's bedroom, and for a youth. More often in rooms, images of flowers are used, made using macro photography, when dew drops, features of the pattern and veins on the leaves stand out.

Images of flowers on the walls fill the bedroom with romance and tranquility

Images of flowers on the walls fill the bedroom with romance and tranquility

Bedroom wallpaper catalogs showcase products with a variety of rose designs. These are not always red roses; pale pink shades, rich white or yellow colors are popular. The interior with the image of roses looks attractive and will please the eye for a long time.

The next most popular after roses are peonies, whose voluminous flowers are associated with soft clouds. The bedroom, where such illustrations are present behind the headboard, is filled with cheerfulness and tranquility. In this environment, it will always be easy to relax and tune in to a positive day. Other flowers, images of which are often found in the interior of the bedroom:

  • orchids;
  • chamomile;
  • lilies;
  • lavender;
  • violets;
  • calla lilies.

Flowers on the wallpaper can be either in the form of a photograph or painted; here it is already worth focusing on your own preferences and the style of the bedroom.

Basic tips for choosing wallpaper in the bedroom: photos of beautiful children's rooms

In a children's bedroom, you should not overload the space, therefore, to use photo wallpaper, you should select only one wall. Another advantage of this type of pasting is savings, because it will be quite costly to decorate all the walls with photo wallpaper. The most suitable places for wallpapering:

  1. Behind the bed. It is considered an acceptable option, therefore, as a wallpaper, it will not be constantly in sight of the child and cannot quickly get bored. In this case, it is better not to glue a bright canvas.
  2. In the play area. Here it is appropriate to choose both calm and variegated canvases that will suit the mood of the entertainment area.
Most often, wall murals in the nursery are placed behind the bed or in the play area.

Most often, wall murals in the nursery are placed behind the bed or in the play area.

Important! Wall murals in the nursery must be combined with plain wall decoration, or you can use ordinary wallpaper with stripes, polka dots, rhombus, or with other simple geometric shapes. It is good to paste over ordinary wallpaper on adjacent walls, which coincide with the background color of the photo wallpaper. It is permissible to decorate two adjacent walls with photo wallpaper, but in this case, you should carefully approach the choice of the image.

The universal color for the walls of the nursery is white, cream or shades of beige. Basic rules for choosing images for rooms of different parameters:

  1. For low ceilings, it is better to choose a picture with a vertical image.It can be beautiful wallpaper with flowers stretching upward, as well as canvases with trees or houses from fairy tales with high peaks.
  2. A room with narrow walls can be visually expanded by pasting wallpaper with horizontal lines. A beach with a view of the sea will look good.
  3. The lack of sunlight can be made up with bright wallpaper, and if the room is in the shade, you can choose canvases depicting the sun.
  4. In a spacious room, it is appropriate to use large drawings and rich colors.

What else you need to consider when choosing a photo wallpaper for a nursery

When buying photomurals for a children's bedroom, you should choose safe options. Wallpaper with images printed with latex ink should be used here, eco-solvent and water-based paints are inappropriate in this case. It is recommended to give preference to wallpaper on a paper or non-woven backing without the use of vinyl.

In the conditions of a children's room, you need to choose a coating that is resistant to mechanical damage and calmly tolerates wet cleaning. Therefore, the best solution is the purchase of sheets with a laminated or anti-vandal coating. Such wallpapers can be not only washed, but also rubbed with a brush.

In a spacious nursery, you can use bright photo wallpaper with a large pattern

In a spacious nursery, you can use bright photo wallpaper with a large pattern

You should not choose the plot of the wallpaper yourself, it is better to involve the child in this process, especially if he is older than 3-4 years. A modern children's bedroom can be decorated using wallpaper with landscapes, frames from your favorite cartoons, fabulous stories. Wallpaper with the image of shelves with books looks very well in the work area. In this case, real shelves can be placed near the wall, which will continue the idea of ​​the picture. Selection features photo wallpaper for children bedrooms depending on the age of the child:

  1. Up to three years old. Designers recommend choosing photo wallpapers of gentle pastel colors in the bedroom interior, which will not interfere with restful sleep and irritate the baby's eyes.
  2. 3-5 years old. Classic images with illustrations from your favorite books, fairy tales, princesses and forest fairies, cute animals and angels will do.
  3. 6-12 years old. At this age, the child can already fully participate in creating the interior of the room. Usually they choose their favorite cartoon or comic book characters. Girls tend to prefer images of castles and princesses, while boys tend to prefer cars, trains, ships or dinosaurs. Landscapes are also appropriate in this case.

Universal options for photo wallpaper are images of geographical maps or educational pictures, for example, the alphabet, multiplication tables, pictures of riddles. If you order custom-made wallpaper, you can make a collage wall, which consists of black and white photographs of a child of different ages.

Useful advice! In order to prevent the development of an aggressive or mentally unstable character, psychologists do not recommend using dark colors in the children's bedroom. In this case, it is not necessary to apply the generally accepted pink shades in the interior of the girl's room or blue colors in the boy's room.

Useful tips from designers: good pictures of room interiors

The main rule that is advised to adhere to when creating a unique bedroom design is to select a pattern on the photo wallpaper so that it is in harmony with the color of the main wallpaper and emphasizes the style of the bedroom. Only then will it be possible to create a harmonious image.

Photo wallpaper should complement and emphasize the interior of the bedroom

Photo wallpaper should complement and emphasize the interior of the bedroom

The size of the photo wallpaper also matters and should be selected according to the dimensions of the bedroom and the number of installed items:

  1. In a small room, where furniture is densely placed, the best solution is to use photo wallpaper on the wall depicting panoramas, three-dimensional paintings with recesses or distant objects.In this way, it will turn out to divert attention from the small area and add the missing volume to the room.
  2. In a large bedroom, where, in addition to the bed, there are no dimensional objects, you can show more imagination and glue murals with images made using macro photography. It is not recommended to use small pictures in a large open room that will get lost in space.

How to choose wall murals depending on the style of the bedroom

The next point to which you should pay attention is the theme of the photo wallpaper. Drawings with dynamic abstractions in the bedroom are useless, because over time they can irritate and disturb the emotional state. A large canvas is most often placed over the wall area and takes up all the free space. Smaller counterparts allow you to focus on a certain part of the room, create the effect of an additional window or balcony. Most often, with the help of this technique, small rooms are visually expanded or bedrooms of disproportionate sizes are corrected.

Nature wall murals look good with different styles

Nature wall murals look good with different styles

For low ceilings, vertical patterns with forests and waterfalls should be used. Another way to "raise" the ceiling is to transfer the idea from the top of the wallpaper to the ceiling. The most popular is to use paintings illustrating the sky with clouds that smoothly transition to the ceiling. Depending on the chosen style, it is recommended to select the following prints:

  1. Urban. Images of cities will look good: crowded cafes, beautiful streets, bridges. The interior is complemented by modern minimalist furniture.
  2. Pop Art. An excellent addition to a youth bedroom is black and white wallpaper with photos of popular personalities, with images of beach discos or clubs.
  3. Classic. It is appropriate to decorate the walls with photowall-paper illustrating paintings by popular artists or containing palace motifs with monograms.
  4. Provence. The main decoration of the interior is wallpaper depicting lavender fields or wildflowers. Seascapes with bright sun and blue sea are also appropriate.
  5. Country. Here, wall murals with horses, parks, mountainous or rural landscapes are more common on the walls.
  6. Minimalism. A laconic direction, where abstractions with various weaves or simple geometric patterns are assumed on the walls.

A bedroom is a separate and private area, the atmosphere in which should first of all give comfort and warmth. If you choose the right photo wallpaper for the bedroom, you can neatly hide the flaws in the room and even turn them into advantages. Well-chosen wallpaper will help to correct even the most unfortunate shape of the bedroom, and a small room will be filled with volume and freshness.

The interior will only then be individual and unique, if you are not afraid to transfer fantasy ideas to the walls. With the help of photowall-paper, without leaving your bedroom, you can visit a distant country, become a visitor to the sea coast and a conqueror of mountain peaks, and also constantly enjoy the flowering of beautiful plants.