Stretch ceilings have long been used for repairs. In the last 2 decades, their cost has become more affordable for the majority of the population. You should know that the canvases differ not only in color, but also in texture, type of material. The satin stretch ceiling, due to its texture, imitates fabric with a beautiful pearl sheen and is the golden mean between glossy and matte fabrics. The main thing is that satin has no mirror shine or graininess.

Satin stretch ceiling: a spectacular surface transformation

Stretch ceiling canvases differ in color, texture and type of material

The main features and distinctive features of satin stretch ceiling

For the first time, satin was made in China from various materials such as silk, cotton, wool. The production technology was a dense weave of threads. It is due to the tight twisting of the fibers that the material shines. One of the unique features of satin canvases is the ability to change color depending on the type of lighting in the room. For example, a colored satin stretch ceiling in daylight is brighter, more saturated, and in artificial light, the shades are much softer.

A unique feature of satin fabric is the ability to change color depending on the type of lighting

A unique feature of satin fabric is the ability to change color depending on the type of lighting

Useful advice! It should be borne in mind that the intensity of the selected lighting will affect how the color of the stretch satin ceiling will look from different angles.

An important feature is the fact that you can apply drawings on a stretch ceiling made of satin and use photo printing technology, which allows you to get any drawing or image. This will give the interior a unique individual look. The satin ceiling will be the perfect option for decorating rooms in a classic style, but it will harmoniously fit into a modern interior, as it goes well with the latest materials.

Many people think that satin refers to fabric ceilings. In fact, the canvas is made of PVC film and is something between a matte and glossy surface. Many people think that it is still better to buy - a matte or satin stretch ceiling. An important difference is the lack of grain in satin.The canvas is distinguished from the glossy coating by the absence of a mirror effect, and satin is able to play with colors under certain lighting, but at the same time does not reflect objects in the room.

Another characteristic feature is a special structure reminiscent of the weaving of satin fabric. The satin ceiling received a large number of positive reviews due to the unusual and attractive pearlescent sheen, which is a distinctive feature of only this type of ceiling. In contrast to matte satin ceilings, they do not look like an ordinary leveled painted surface, because they look more elegant.

The main difference between satin and glossy fabrics is the absence of mirror shine.

The main difference between satin and glossy fabrics is the absence of mirror shine.

What are the pros and cons of satin stretch ceilings

Photos of satin ceilings are not always able to convey that unusual pearlescent shade, which differs only in this type of canvas. Many people prefer satin, because the surface does not create unnecessary glare from lighting fixtures located both inside and outside the room.

Rooms with satin surfaces look elite and more expensive than other coating options. After reviewing a large number of photos of white satin stretch ceilings, we can conclude that this color is considered the most common, although other design options can often be found. It will not be difficult to create an extraordinary design using satin, because the palette consists of 120 shades. Do not forget about the possibility of applying photographs or extraordinary drawings, which allows you to fill the room with individuality.

Of course, you won't be able to look at the pros and cons of stretch satin ceilings in the photo, so it's better to refer to the reviews of buyers who installed the canvases some time ago. Among the main positive points are:

Many people prefer the satin ceiling because of its unusual pearlescent shade.

Many people prefer the satin ceiling because of its unusual pearlescent shade.

  1. The ability to easily hide irregularities and minor defects on the main surface.
  2. The ability of PVC film to take any shape, which allows you to create complex multi-level ceiling structures.
  3. Good vapor barrier properties that prevent moisture from passing through the web.
  4. Strength. If the neighbors living above flooded the apartment, satin will reliably retain liquid, which is ensured due to its ability to withstand a load of 100 kg /... In this case, the material stretches, and after getting rid of water, the coating takes on its original appearance.
  5. Lack of electrification. Due to the antistatic treatment, the coating is not subject to dust accumulation and condensation. This makes the surface ideal for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  6. Environmental cleanliness of stretch ceilings. Satin ceilings (consumer reviews indicate that the coating does not cause allergic reactions) are widely used in children's rooms and preschool institutions without harm to health.
  7. Easy maintenance. So that the ceilings do not lose their attractive appearance over time, it is recommended to use only ordinary soap solution for cleaning. Although sometimes ammonia solution is used to get rid of stains.
  8. High fire safety characteristics. The ceiling can withstand high temperatures; in case of fire, the canvas does not burn, but melts without the release of harmful substances.
  9. Affordable satin stretch ceiling. Previously, such ceilings were considered a luxury, but now most buyers can afford the installation.
  10. Long-term operation. Reliable manufacturers give a guarantee for their goods for about 10-15 years. Therefore, before buying, you should check the availability of quality certificates.
Rooms with satin ceilings look luxurious and expensive

Rooms with satin ceilings look luxurious and expensive

Other advantages and disadvantages of satin stretch ceilings: photos, reviews

According to reviews, the positive aspects of using such a ceiling include the possibility of quick installation and the fact that when installing the canvas, you can not take all the pieces of furniture out of the room. If you are wondering when to stretch the ceiling - before the wallpaper or after pasting it (especially when carrying out a full-fledged repair), then each builder will advise you to mount the canvases at the very end of the repair, after all dusty work has been completed. Other advantages of the canvas:

  • makes it possible to hide all the necessary communications in the inter-ceiling space;
  • neatly hides all the irregularities of the main ceiling;
  • does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and is not exposed to fungi and mold;
  • has good soundproofing properties, which is especially important for owners of panel apartment buildings.
  • versatility, allowing you to choose the right option for any interior design.
If you want to make the room unusual, festive and attractive, then it is better to choose a satin canvas

If you want to make the room unusual, festive and attractive, then it is better to choose a satin canvas

Useful advice! Due to the fact that satin ceilings are easy to dismantle and install on your own, this will allow, if necessary, to replace cables with your own hands without the involvement of specialists.

Quick installation of the canvas is also considered a significant plus. While it takes at least a week to install a plasterboard ceiling, most companies install a stretch canvas throughout the day. As in the case of any other material, it is possible to highlight both the pros and cons of satin stretch ceilings (consumer reviews confirm this fact).

Among the main negative points, special operating conditions are noted. Due to the technical characteristics of the materials used to create the canvases, they cannot be installed in unheated rooms. The temperature range at which it is recommended to use the canvas varies from +5 to +60 ° С. With significant deviations, the material becomes brittle, which becomes the cause of deformations, because flexibility is also lost.

The downside of satin stretch ceilings is the impossibility to install them in unheated rooms

The downside of satin stretch ceilings is the impossibility to install them in unheated rooms

The disadvantages also include the complexity of the choice of lighting devices. This is due to the fact that lamps, which are incandescent in working condition, can lead to a violation of the surface density and even cause the formation of holes. It is easy to break through the canvas even if it comes into contact with sharp objects, so you should be careful when leaving, and also explain to children about the dangers of throwing objects to the ceiling. Due to the small size of the rolls, when installing the canvas in a large room, it will be necessary to make a seam between two sheets, and the joint surface does not always remain unnoticed.

Some owners also give off the presence of a strange chemical odor after installation. It is important to note that only low-quality Chinese canvases have a foreign smell. Good canvases of European and even domestic production are usually devoid of extraneous aromas.

How to determine the color of a stretch satin fabric: photos of popular options

Manufacturers offer a large selection of satin stretch ceiling colors, and you can also purchase options with photo printing or applied drawings. The choice of shade depends entirely on the preferences of the home owner. However, experts do not recommend using dark colors in small rooms, because in this case the room visually decreases, and the coating itself creates a feeling of space compression. It is important that the color of the ceiling matches the overall style of the room.

Manufacturers offer over 120 different shades of satin fabric

Manufacturers offer over 120 different shades of satin fabric

A universal option is a white satin stretch ceiling, which is suitable when it is difficult to determine the color of the surface and it is scary to move away from the classic design. White has its advantages:

  1. A light top, especially if it is lighter than the floor material, allows you to visually "stretch" the room.
  2. The white satin ceiling makes the room look brighter, lighter and lighter.
  3. If with colored walls it is impossible to decide on the color of the ceiling, it is better to choose white, which will slightly balance the color setting.

If the height of the ceiling allows, it is quite acceptable to experiment a little and mount a black satin stretch ceiling. In this case, horizontal walls cannot be made too dark, so as not to turn even a spacious room into a closed box. Rules for choosing a shade for a stretch fabric:

Light brown tones are versatile, they will be a great addition to any interior

Light brown tones are versatile, they will be a great addition to any interior

  1. Pastel cream, beige or light brown tones are also universal, they will be a great addition to the classic interior. They are more often installed than white ones, because it is much easier to wash cream-colored stretch ceilings at home.
  2. It is undesirable to use bright and contrasting satin fabrics in bedrooms or children's rooms, which can cause a feeling of anxiety and a feeling of nervousness. This includes purple, black, red, dark blue or green tones.
  3. A turquoise stretch ceiling will be a great addition to a bathroom and a children's room. Stretch ceilings in the kitchen have their pros and cons, because this color looks attractive, but at the same time, like white, it will get dirty.
  4. Popular photo printing depicting a starry sky looks unusual in both an adult and a children's bedroom.
  5. In general, a satin stretch ceiling with an applied image will fill any room with individual features.
  6. If there is a lack of lighting in the room, stretch structures of warm sunny and natural tones are used.
Satin stretch ceiling with a picture will make any room special

Satin stretch ceiling with a picture will make any room special

Which is better: matte or satin stretch ceilings, reviews of glossy surfaces

Everyone who carries out repairs in housing wants to know how the satin stretch ceiling differs from the matte one and which option to choose for the repair. In appearance, both types of coating are very similar, but still satin has a more attractive pearlescent shade, which remains regardless of the chosen color for the canvas.

Satin fabric is also characterized by an attractive, fine-grained structure that looks great both in the case of art painting or photo printing, as well as in monochrome. An inconspicuous shine, in contrast to a glossy ceiling, will attract attention in any room, therefore it is appropriate to install satin canvases in both bedrooms and children's rooms.

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Stretch ceilings: photos that will help you choose the best option for each room

How to choose a color and design depending on the purpose of the room. What to look for when buying. Price range.

In appearance, the satin ceiling resembles natural silk fabric, but it is much cheaper than its silk “sister”. An important difference between satin ceilings and matte ceilings is the presence of an unusual gloss. When buying the first option, it is very important to choose the right lighting, because the surface looks different in different light. It is very easy to use lighting not only to emphasize the features of the ceiling favorably, but also to make it less attractive.

Glossy ceiling helps to cope with lack of natural light

Glossy ceiling helps to cope with lack of natural light

Useful advice! If you choose a white satin or matte stretch ceiling for decoration, it will be difficult to notice the difference, but the satin construction will cost 10-15% more.

It is rather difficult to give a specific answer to the question of which texture is better to choose, because how one should rely on a large number of factors. In a situation where a person categorically cannot stand the shine of any etiology, matte PVC films or fabric ceilings should be installed, which have the same advantages, but are cheaper.

If you want to make a room unusual, festive and attractive, but you do not need to visually increase the area of ​​the room, it is better to choose a satin canvas. In a small room with low ceilings, most designers will recommend installing a glossy canvas, which will visually change the geometry of the room.

The difference between white satin and matte stretch ceiling is small, but satin canvas will cost more

The difference between white satin and matte stretch ceiling is small, but satin canvas will cost more

Reviews which ceiling is better: matte, satin or glossy

Which ceiling is better - satin, matte or glossy? The choice of coverage type in a given situation will depend on a large number of factors, including:

  • the height of the ceilings;
  • room size;
  • configuration features;
  • the main purpose of using the premises;
  • personal preferences of the owners.

Thus, the mirror shine is able to expand the volume of the room, so for a small room the choice of a glossy ceiling is optimal. Smooth canvases are actively used in the design of interiors in a modern high-tech style, which is characterized by the placement of mirror and glossy surfaces.

If you need an imitation of standard plaster, then matte ceilings are the best solution for this.

If you need an imitation of standard plaster, then matte ceilings are the best solution for this.

At the same time, the ceiling will be in harmony with glossy doors, glass and mirror inserts on furniture facades. In general, designers recommend more often to mount glossy canvases in kitchens, living rooms, corridors, hallways. Some shades can also be used in a bathroom, because due to the smooth structure of particles, dirt does not accumulate on the surface.

Glossy shine will help to cope with the lack of natural light. In small rooms, it will be enough to correctly set the minimum number of lighting fixtures, which, thanks to the mirror surface, will double the amount of light in the room. The light from the lamp reflects off the material and spreads across the room.

Matt ceilings artfully imitate standard plaster. Many are interested in how a matte stretch ceiling differs from a satin one. As already noted, the main difference is the presence of overflow on the satin canvas. This makes it the perfect finish for a classic style, which is foreign to mirrored, shiny or iridescent surfaces.

This type of stretch ceiling is harmoniously combined in one room with luxurious and antique furniture, stucco moldings, statues and other decorative elements. If we talk about what is better - a matte stretch ceiling or satin in a kitchen, then many are inclined towards the option of a matte canvas.

Externally, the satin ceiling resembles natural fabric

Externally, the satin ceiling resembles natural fabric

This happens, firstly, due to the simpler maintenance, and secondly, due to the absence of the likelihood of highlighting spots when changing the nature of the lighting, as it can happen when using satin. The size of the sheet is selected based on the dimensions of the room; the minimum width of the matte sheet roll is 2.6 meters.

Satin surfaces will look great in children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, work areas, for example, in the office. It is in these rooms that it is imperative to create a comfortable and secluded environment, because the right choice will contribute to fruitful work or good rest.Some designers see no barriers to using an expensive satin canvas in a bathroom, hallway or other small room.

Brief comparative characteristics of all types of PVC films

For convenience, the table provides a brief comparative characteristic of materials in order to quickly understand which ceiling is better - satin, matte or glossy:

Options Ceiling type
Matt Satin Gloss
Surface structure Complete lack of gloss Pearlescent shine without mirror reflection Glitter and reflection
Possibilities of using photo printing, art, drawings Any image can be applied Great for printing photographs and drawings The canvas in most cases is just plain
In which rooms is installation recommended Spacious rooms with high walls and bright surfaces Spacious rooms with high light walls All rooms, but most impressive in small rooms, even those with poor lighting
What design is it combined with Classics and other traditional interiors, almost any design Austere classic style, as well as minimalism More suitable for modern interiors, but in practice it is used to create any design


To make it easier to make a choice, you should pay attention to the advice of designers:

  1. For small rooms, gloss is suitable, as it visually expands the room.
  2. For bedrooms, the best choice would be a satin canvas, because it will not distract and focus attention on itself. Satin is used in living rooms where ceilings should not attract attention.
  3. It is recommended to cover the hallway, bathroom and kitchen with a matte or glossy canvas, firstly, because of the small squaring, and secondly, because these materials are better washed than satin.
Satin canvases will look great in living rooms, bedrooms and even in the office

Satin canvases will look great in living rooms, bedrooms and even in the office

Useful advice! The difference between satin and matte stretch ceilings from glossy canvases is that the latter are categorically not recommended to be installed in bedrooms or children's bedrooms. In addition to the fact that they will bounce off the light from the devices located in the apartment, at night they become a source of unnecessary lighting coming from the street.

Satin stretch ceiling: how to care for the surface

The price of satin stretch ceilings varies depending on a large number of factors, where the fabric manufacturer is considered one of the main ones. So, unknown Chinese manufacturers offer canvases for 150-200 rubles for 1 , but at the same time there is no guarantee that the material was not made in a handicraft way without observing technology and without the use of professional equipment. This will affect many characteristics and the absence of the main number of advantages that are inherent in stretch ceilings.

Satin stretch ceilings made in Germany are popular among professional builders, the price of which varies from 350 to 700 rubles per square. The main German companies that manufacture these products:

You can use regular soapy water to remove stains on satin fabric.

You can use regular soapy water to remove stains on satin fabric.

  1. Pongs. They make PVC canvases of excellent quality, have more than 130 colors in their arsenal. Thanks to their good quality, the surfaces retain their color and attractive appearance for a long time. A good combination of price (from 380 rubles / sq. M) and product quality made the company a leader.
  2. Descor. The company produces fairly wide rolls of material - 5.1 meters, which allows covering a large area of ​​the ceiling with one sheet. The canvases are of high quality and democratic price - from 450 rubles.

Helpful information! If you want to order a canvas with photo printing, you need to take into account that a square meter of the ceiling with installation will cost at least 1800-2000 rubles.

Caring for a satin stretch ceiling is not difficult.In order for the canvas to retain its attractive appearance longer, it is necessary to wipe the surface from time to time (no more than once a year) with a dry cloth. If stains are present, you can use regular soapy water or ammonia solution. To avoid damage to the integrity, do not wipe it with hard sponges or brushes.

Satin stretch ceilings are considered the best option, because the attractive appearance of the film without excessive shine becomes an ideal complement to the interior of any room. Slight reflectivity will not spoil the appearance of the room and will not attract undue attention to itself. The popularity of this type of coating is also due to the fact that such ceilings have a large number of positive reviews. Product quality can be verified after installation.