The summer season is unfairly short. As soon as the chilling breath of autumn is felt outside the window, there is a need to heat your home. One of the convenient, quick and low-cost options is the purchase of a compact efficient heating device. Before making a choice, it is worthwhile to figure out what are the wall-mounted energy-saving heaters for the home, find out their functions and capabilities, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Wall mounted energy saving home heaters: secrets of a warm atmosphere

Wall mounted energy saving heater

Wall-mounted energy-saving home heaters: advantages and types of appliances

Despite the fact that many have long abandoned the services of centralized heating in favor of autonomous heating, mobile heaters for a house or apartment are still in demand. Indeed, it is often necessary to fill the house with heat on days when the cold suddenly returns, and it is simply irrational to start the entire heating system. It is then that compact electric heaters can be used to compensate for the lack of heat.

The lower the convector is located, the more efficient its work

The lower the convector is located, the more efficient its work

Electric wall heaters: advantages and types of devices

Modern household electric heaters are characterized by efficient energy consumption, converting it into heat by more than 90%. That is why such devices are energy efficient. HVAC equipment manufacturers, improving their models, improve not only their technical and operational characteristics. The massive outdoor air heaters were replaced by wall-mounted counterparts, which are distinguished by their practicality, compactness and aesthetically attractive appearance.

Wall mounted home heaters use a variety of heating methods for regulation, control and safe use. Considering a number of criteria, heaters are divided into types.

Depending on the heating method:

  • convection - the room is heated by moving the air flow passing through the heating element;
  • infrared - heating occurs due to thermal radiation.
Wall heaters are easy to use and safe

Wall heaters are easy to use and safe

According to the configuration of the heating element:

  • tubular heating lamps;
  • panel;
  • film.

Given the ability to control the temperature of the device:

  • with a thermostat;
  • without regulation function.

There are dozens of models of electric heaters from different manufacturers on sale. After reviewing and weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of energy-saving heaters, you can opt for specific equipment. What unites wall heating devices is that they do not take up much space, and some of them can also act as an original decor.

Electronic thermostat for heater

Electronic thermostat for heater

Specificity of wall-mounted electric heaters with a thermostat

When choosing wall heaters, you should pay attention to the presence of a thermostat in their design. This device controls the operation of the appliance, saving energy. By equipping the thermostat with a temperature sensor, it automatically turns on and off the heating depending on the set value. Some devices have a sensitivity threshold that reaches a tenth of a degree.

Some models of heaters are equipped with an on / off timer that allows you to program the heater to start or stop operation. It is possible to configure the equipment to turn on when you arrive from work or set a lower power at night with a subsequent increase in it in the morning. The difference in the cost of devices identical in power with and without a timer is up to $ 30.

Energy saving wall heater in the living room

Energy saving wall heater in the living room

There are two types of thermostats: mechanical and electronic thermostats. If there are frequent voltage drops in the house, it is recommended to use the mechanical option. If the voltage is stable, you can buy a wall heater with an electronic thermostat. Such heaters will work in automatic mode, without causing trouble for residents.

There are models of heaters not only with thermostats, but also with overheating protection systems, a light indicator and a mode switch within several positions. Such equipment will be quite convenient when there is a need to select the power of the heater: for example, in severe frosts, you can select the operating mode at full power, or, conversely, when the temperature outside the window is not too low, select a lower degree of intensity.

Wall mounted energy saving heater

Wall mounted energy saving heater

Features of Quartz Wall Mounted Energy Saving Home Heaters

Design quartz heaters presented in the form of a thin rectangular panel made of a composition based on quartz sand. Due to the fact that the heating element is located inside the panel, such a device is fireproof, it does not dry the air in the room and does not burn dust. The panel heating temperature does not exceed 95 ° C.

Monolithic panels prevent air from entering the heating device, which prevents oxidation and contributes to long-term operation. When heated, the monolith of the device accumulates heat and gradually gives it to the room. From the moment the device is turned on until it reaches the operating temperature, it takes about 20 minutes, and the accumulated heat remains for about 1.5 hours.

Quartz wall heater in the bedroom

Quartz wall heater in the bedroom

The main advantages of such heaters are:

  • low panel temperature, which allows it to be used in rooms where children are;
  • high heat capacity;
  • no effect on indoor humidity;
  • efficiency of equipment - one panel is capable of heating an area up to 14-15 sq. m, while using about 0.5 kW of electrical energy.
Connection diagram of several panels of quartz heaters simultaneously

Connection diagram of several panels of quartz heaters simultaneously

Quartz monolithic panels can be used to heat all types of rooms, including wet bathrooms and bathrooms. They are very easy to assemble and can remain in place throughout the year without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the premises. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a decent weight - 10-12 kg, and the limited power of the devices.

Helpful advice! If it is necessary to heat a large area, use several parallel-connected panels.

The ability of quartz energy-saving panels to continuously maintain an optimal temperature can be used as a source of heat in a room for permanent residence. However, this does not exclude the possibility of using them for additional heating of the room.

Quartz Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

Quartz Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

Modern electric heaters: wall convector

The convector device is a structure of a finned heating element, a heat exchanger and a convection chamber with openings for cold air intake and warm flows. Such devices have a neat appearance and can be an alternative heating radiators, the heating of which is provided by the coolant.

The room is heated by convection of air, which rises at the same time. Thus, due to circulation, after a certain time, the air temperature is equalized. It should be noted that the heating temperature of the convector body is higher than 60 ° C, which makes them completely safe and suitable for placement in children's playrooms.

Wall convector

Wall convector

Wall-mounted convectors are very easy to attach to the wall, but they also come with legs, so they can be installed on the floor if desired. To achieve an economic effect, thermostats, which carry out the necessary temperature control, allow. Thermoregulators are mechanical or electronic, the latter maintain a given heat level more accurately.

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By design, convector heaters are divided into devices with a closed and open spiral and monoblock. It should be noted that the cost of heaters with an open filament is much cheaper, however, they dry the air in the room. Devices where heating elements are used almost do not change the humidity of the room, but they can burn the dust accumulated on the heating element. It is recommended to clean them from dust from time to time.

Wall convector structure

Wall convector structure

For rooms where the constant use of convectors is planned, monoblock devices are the most suitable. The heating element in them is reliably protected by a special filler, which creates a safe heating. Such devices are distinguished by long-term operation.

Helpful advice! For safe heating, choose models of electric convectors equipped with ionizers and air purifiers.

How the wall convector works

How the wall convector works

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic wall heaters are similar in principle to convection heaters, since heating is carried out by convection: warm air rises, and cold air descends for further heating. However, infrared radiation is added to the action of such devices, which forms the ceramic plate. Their main advantages include:

  • efficiency of equipment;
  • safety of use;
  • compactness and easy installation;
  • silent work;
  • equipment management;
  • varied design.
Ceramic heaters in the interior

Ceramic heaters in the interior

The natural material of ceramic plates has unique properties that are excellent for heat storage. Ceramics are resistant to temperature changes and will not degrade as a result of such an impact. Having a low coefficient of expansion, good thermal conductivity and strength to mechanical stress, this material is the best suited for use in electric heaters.

Ceramic wall heaters have an excellent stylish design and are available in a variety of colors. Unlike convectors, ceramic plates warm up rooms with high ceilings well. The operation of such heaters is not accompanied by noise and high heating of the plates, they do not dry the air and create comfortable soft heat. The disadvantages include only a decent weight of the heaters.

Glossy Ceramic Heater Panel

Glossy Ceramic Heater Panel

All models are equipped with a built-in electronic thermostat. Appliances made in the form of thin glossy panels can decorate any interior. Ceramic infrared heaters are installed directly under the ceiling. For the convenience of monitoring the functioning of such panels, they are supplied with remote controls.

Which wall heater to buy: ceramic or convector?

When choosing a wall-mounted heater for your home, you should take into account a number of factors, including technical characteristics, the efficiency of the device, the availability of additional options, the manufacturer and the cost of the equipment. Comparing convection and ceramic heaters, it is worth noting that convectors are ineffective for rooms with high ceilings.

Ceramic wall heater

Ceramic wall heater

If you plan to use electric heaters on an ongoing basis, then you should choose more powerful models equipped with heat sensors, timers and other functions. This will increase the efficiency of the entire heating system and ensure rational energy consumption. When choosing the latest ceramic plates, it is worth considering that the cost of a panel for heating 12 square meters can be about 5000 rubles, and maybe even higher, depending on the manufacturer.

If the function of the electric heater will include short-term additional heating, convector models with an open spiral can be purchased. They are cheap and can be used for local heating. In terms of safety, the leading monoblock convector heaters, which can be operated, including in rooms where children are. The body of the device does not heat up to high temperatures.

Convector wall heater

Convector wall heater

In addition to the characteristics and advantages presented by manufacturers and distributors of wall heaters, it is worth asking for customer reviews. A large number of positive ratings for models of a particular company can serve as a sure guideline when choosing a heating device.

Models of wall mounted infrared heaters for home

The principle of operation of a wall-mounted infrared heater for a home is identical to solar radiation, when heat rays are absorbed by objects and surfaces, and then transfer heat to the surrounding air. Due to this, on the one hand, certain zones are quickly heated when the device is turned on, and on the other hand, the heat flow is immediately stopped if it is turned off.

Infrared home heater

Infrared home heater

Due to the fact that radiation is not absorbed by the air, all the energy of the device is converted into heat practically without loss. It should be noted that at the same time, the level of humidity in the room does not change, and the air does not become dry; also, the advantages include the absolutely noiseless operation of the device. By design, infrared heaters can be case, panel, film or lamp.

Flexible wall heaters

One of the thinnest infrared heaters is the flexible wall heater. It is made of two layers of polyester film and a heating element made of thin (about 1.5 mm) carbon fiber. The thickness of such a heating device allows it to be rolled into a roll when transporting or storing.

How an infrared wall heater works

How an infrared wall heater works

The main advantages of such models are:

  • light weight - they usually weigh no more than 1 kg and can be attached to absolutely any surface;
  • versatility - the device can be used, including for small bathrooms with a high degree of humidity;
  • low energy consumption - the cost of local heating in the range of 3 m is 0.08 rubles. in one hour of work;
  • maintaining the natural climatic properties of the room - you do not have to experience discomfort from lack of oxygen;
  • therapeutic effect - the soft heat of the heater has healing properties;
  • compactness - takes up almost no space during installation and transportation.
Flexible electric wall heater

Flexible electric wall heater

Technical parameters of flexible electric wall heaters: class II electrical protection (DSTU 3135.0-95), operating power - 220V, power consumption - 400 W, and the heating temperature of the working surface - 75ºС.

Helpful advice! Do not cover the film heater with bed linen or other things, this can provoke its deformation and failure.

A special place in the "family" of electric film wall heaters is occupied by models made in the form of paintings or panels. This design technique makes it possible to purchase a device that will logically fit into the interior of any style. The difficulty will be caused only by the difficulty of choosing among a huge assortment of thematic options.

Wall-mounted flexible heaters are usually presented in the form of pictures and have convenient fixings

Wall-mounted flexible heaters are usually presented in the form of pictures and have convenient fixings

Where to buy film heaters "wall panel"

Heating panels, in addition to the heating function, have a decorative component. A variety of subjects allows you to choose a "warm" decor for rooms for different purposes. For a children's room, panels with the image of your favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons are suitable, for a bedroom - romantic landscapes, a magnificent waterfall will look great in the living room, and for the kitchen the place is for still life.

The most convenient way to buy a flexible wall heater is through an online store. Firstly, it is possible to carefully familiarize yourself with the technical parameters, and secondly, you can slowly choose the plot of the panel you like, and thirdly, you can compare the price level for heaters depending on the manufacturer. In addition, by visiting online retailers, you will always be aware of ongoing promotions and sales.

Main technical characteristics and approximate prices of wall-mounted electric heaters in the form of panels from different manufacturers.

Panel heater name Manufacturer Power, W Surface temperature, ºС Thermo-regulator Warranty, month price, rub.
Hong Kong LLC "Warm World"  400  60  —  12  1240
Horses Gas engineering +  500  60  —  12  1540
Home comfort LLC "Your order"  500  65  —  6  950
Art-Mosaic Ultralotos  400  65 there is  12  1255
Kitten The Velvet season  500  60  —  12  1090
River Summer time  480  85  —  12  2040


It should be noted that some manufacturers, presenting their products, do not exclude the possibility of using film heaters for drying vegetables and fruits, which will greatly help housewives in the kitchen when preparing food. Considering the convenience of transportation, many take panel heaters with them to their dacha in early spring or cool autumn.

How to order and buy a wall mounted electric heater in the form of a picture

Using energy-saving wall heaters in the form of a picture in the interior, in addition to economic benefits, you can achieve an excellent aesthetic effect.By placing it next to a cozy sofa or soft armchair, you can simultaneously warm up on a cold evening and enjoy the beautiful landscape. After turning off the device, objects heated by infrared radiation will give off heat for some time.

Structure of infrared wall heater

Structure of infrared wall heater

Having bought a wall-mounted film heater-picture, you can solve the issue of "beautiful" heating of a balcony or loggia, veranda or summer kitchen, garage or summer cottage during the off-season. Light weight, easy portability and quick set of working heating (within 30 seconds) will allow you to feel comfortable warmth immediately after connecting the device to the network.

Like most household appliances, you can choose, order and buy wall-mounted picture heaters on the manufacturers' websites or in online stores. Product catalogs contain the necessary information on the technical parameters of each product and are accompanied by photos of electric wall heaters. A thorough preliminary review of the options will greatly simplify the selection.

Fireplace wall heater

Fireplace wall heater

Before you call the manager of the online store and place an order for the model you like, you need to make a comparative analysis of the prices of wall film heaters. Feedback from consumers at the stage of choosing heating equipment will help to understand its characteristics and avoid purchasing low-quality goods.

Helpful advice! Give preference to well-known brands: even if you have to overpay for a brand, a guarantee of the durability and quality of the device will be provided.

The approximate cost of heaters in the form of paintings produced by different companies:

Name of the picture - heater Manufacturer Power, W Surface temperature, ºС Thermo-regulator Warranty, month price, rub.
Fireplace Company "Technologies 21"  400  75  —  12  1245
Fall Farmer 72  500  90 mechanical  24  4900
Snow leopards TC "Siberia 54"  500  75  —  24  2400
Bridge Warm good  400  65  —  12  1300
Lake LLC "Severny kristall"  400  75  —  12  1490
Sakura G.P. Es  400  70  —  12  1510


Wall mounted electric heaters: consumer reviews

When visiting online stores selling wall heaters, before ordering, you should familiarize yourself with customer reviews, because this can protect you from buying a device that does not match your room in terms of power or does not have adequate protection against overheating and can harm a child.

Here are some of them:

“The windows of our apartment face the north side. In severe frosts, district heating is not enough for a comfortable temperature. We decided to purchase a model of an NVA ceramic electric heater. The compact size device turned out to be quite good in power. Perfectly complements the heating of a small bedroom of 15 sq.m. In the future, we want to buy a heater of this type for the bathroom, so that we can quickly dry the laundry. "

Natalia, Tomsk

“We have long wanted to buy a wall heater for a children's room. I liked the Polaris models with remote control. The stylishly designed heater runs quietly. The room began to warm up quickly. In addition, there is a built-in timer, thanks to which you can set various operating modes. We were very satisfied. "

Svetlana Trofimova, Tambov

Wall heater in the children's room

Wall heater in the children's room

“We have a very cozy office, but it's very cold at work in winter. Either the radiators are clogged, or the heating is weak. The whole team looked after a wall-mounted infrared heater in the form of a beautiful picture "Velvet Season". The workplace heats up quickly within a 4m radius, and the beautiful mountain landscape is soothing and stress-relieving. Everyone is happy. He doesn’t spend a lot of electricity ”.

Galina, Voronezh

“I want to share my experience. I would not recommend purchasing ceramic heaters manufactured by TD Nikoten. Due to the fact that the panel is made with marble chips, they are not suitable for main heating.I also doubt the use of them as an additional source of heat. Ceramic heater panels often crack and break. And repairing is very expensive and unprofitable. "

Vadim, Penza

Having familiarized yourself with the properties and characteristics of modern wall heaters, as well as carefully studying consumer reviews, you can make the right choice of a device that is suitable specifically for your home.