A writing desk is one of the must have items for every apartment or house. This piece of furniture is useful to all family members for spending time at the computer or reading. When choosing a design, you should be aware of how important a truly high-quality desk top is for a desk. After all, it is she who determines the degree of convenience, resistance to wear and the overall appearance of the product.

Table top for a desk: how to choose a comfortable and functional product

The choice of tabletop for the table must be approached with great responsibility.

Tabletop for the table: what material to give preference to

The apartment is the place where the closest people gather. That is why it is so important that it is beautiful and comfortable in it. When choosing the material from which the tabletop for the desk will be made to order, you should evaluate the lifestyle of each family member. In addition, when buying a product, it is better not to save money, since a cheap table will wear out very quickly.

Wooden countertops never lose their popularity

Wooden countertops never lose their popularity

If the house has little fidgets, the most practical solution would be a table with a plastic top. The presented option is the embodiment of the ideal combination of cost and quality. It is he who holds the first place in the rating of materials for such a design. In the case of not too intensive use, a product made of plastic laminate will last quite a long time. And thanks to manufacturers who supply a wide range of plastic products, it will not be difficult to choose a tabletop of any color to suit the interior.

Note! Plastic tabletops do not tolerate contact with hot and sharp objects. For example, a stationery knife can cause irreparable damage to the product. Hot cups can discolor or warp the countertop.

When deciding to purchase a wooden countertop, it is important to take care to protect it from excess moisture. Color is best chosen based on the type of wood. The cost can vary significantly - it all depends on which type of wood was preferred.

Plastic products are of affordable cost and acceptable quality

Plastic products are of affordable cost and acceptable quality

The material that will serve for many years is metal.Often, such a design is used in interiors characterized by minimalism. As for the appearance of such a product, it is characterized by specificity and not everyone will like it. Moreover, its cost cannot be called economical, especially when it comes to wrought iron tables.

The title of the most beautiful product is rightfully earned by the glass table top. This material is durable and at the same time fragile. The glass construction looks especially elegant and stylish in modern interiors.

Writing desk: custom materials for countertops

Today countertops made of artificial stone are fashionable. Such material is characterized by fragility - it will not be difficult to leave scratches on it. However, if desired, you can polish it. The advantages of the material are that it is offered in the widest range of shades and is a fairly affordable option.

Metal countertops look non-trivial, while they can serve for many years

Metal countertops look non-trivial, while they can serve for many years

One of the most non-trivial decisions is the purchase of a table top made of tiles. The material requires a very careful attitude to itself, since in case of contact with foreign objects, it is prone to cracks and chips. Moreover, both the tile itself and its coating can be damaged, but with proper care it will last for many years.

The leader in terms of durability is a table with a stone top. The cost of natural stone is quite high, but the luxurious look will fully satisfy the needs of true connoisseurs of beauty. Tables with marble top look the most chic, and granite is also popular.

Quartz stone is often used for the production of countertops. Due to the fact that this material has no porosity at all, you can not worry about the absorption of odors, exposure to moisture or microbial contamination. The presented products are characterized by ease of maintenance. And although their cost is quite high, it is quite justified, since such countertops will serve for more than a dozen years.

Glass countertops are suitable for different interiors, look stylish and weightless

Glass countertops are suitable for different interiors, look stylish and weightless

It is interesting! Quartz is renowned for its durability. In terms of reliability, a quartz countertop is several times superior to a granite product.

No less popular in modern interiors are custom-made tabletops made of acrylic resins. Due to their non-porous structure, such products are not inclined to pass moisture and prevent the growth of microbes. At the same time, a huge variety of textures and shades of such designs is offered to the attention of potential buyers. Whichever type you choose, acrylic countertops need extra care.

Before making a choice in favor of a particular product, certain factors should be considered. Cost, life expectancy of the countertop, lifestyle of the customer are key points that deserve special attention. Every day, store shelves and virtual shelves of online resources are replenished with new products. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity to choose from a huge number of variations.

Recently, acrylic products are especially popular.

Recently, acrylic products are especially popular.

Worktop worktop: a few words about shapes, sizes and shades

Indicators such as dimensions and shape often depend on what kind of load is expected for the table, for example, how much hardware is planned to be installed on it. Often the choice of a tabletop for a computer desk is dictated by the design of the room.

As for the form, most often desks are rectangular. Today you can find tables in other forms:

  • corner;
  • round;
  • curly;
  • composite;
  • oval.

Note! The thickness of the desk top may vary. The thinnest option is a 10 mm surface. If we are talking about a thick worktop, this means that this value is approximately 35 mm.

Custom wooden semicircle tabletop

Custom wooden semicircle tabletop

When buying, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of the desk, but also to the dimensions of such products. The best indicator is a width of 80 mm. The wide design is characterized by the parameters of 0.9x0.9 m. As for the length of the products, this value can exceed 2 m. Moreover, the large surface of the round tables means the diameter of 1.5 m.

The inclined surface, which can be present on any table, also deserves special attention. It is necessary in order to make the writing process as convenient as possible. Currently, the greatest demand is for a table-top for a student.

In addition to the variety of shapes, the models also differ in design features. The most common options are roll-out products. They are purchased when it is necessary to use an optional work surface. Such products will be the ideal solution for rooms with limited space.

Standard worktop thicknesses vary between 1-3.5 cm

Standard worktop thicknesses vary between 1-3.5 cm

Computer tables with a retractable table top are also popular. In this case, as a rule, it is used to install the keyboard. In addition to a table with a retractable tabletop, products with swivel lids on wheels can take a worthy place in the room.

Modern compact apartments are often equipped with folding tables. This design looks like a small wall cabinet, the door of which is lowered by 90 °. Moreover, such a table is absolutely not designed for significant loads.

The curbstones under the table top for the desk do not go out of fashion. This solution helps save space. Since it is not very convenient to write at such a table, such designs are often used to arrange various equipment on their surface, as well as household and decorative elements.

It is not recommended to purchase desktops less than 80 cm in length

It is not recommended to purchase desktops less than 80 cm in length

When choosing the color scheme of the design, one should take into account the stylistic design of the interior for which the table is intended. Often, preference is given to too light or dark woody tones.

It is interesting! White desk tops are neutral and blend in perfectly with any decor.

If we are talking about a room for a child, there is no place for such a concept as stateliness. The main thing is that the tabletop is comfortable and safe, and also its owner should like it. Therefore, for a room in which little fidgets live, the best solution will be bright colors, for example, light green or yellow.

Most often countertops are made of rectangular shape.

Most often countertops are made of rectangular shape.

Wooden table top for a table: the secrets of self-manufacturing

Today's fashionable "respectability" is a sign of excellent taste and good financial capabilities. This definition is suitable for people who want to diversify the interior of the premises with wooden products with chipboard tabletops.

Naturalness, natural splendor of wood cannot be replaced by plastic, metal or other artificial materials. If we take into account the environmental friendliness of wood, we can safely say that this material for a desk top is just an ideal option.

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Main characteristics of the material, application technology Variants of kitchen countertops, living room tables using resin.Products from slabs.

There is an easy way to make a table top for a table with your own hands. To do this, you need a special blank, which is called a joiner's board. Having made the final decision as to what to make a tabletop for a table, you should choose wood of the required quality. This process is not in a hurry, since the life of the product depends on the characteristics of the material.

Important! In order for the tabletop to last for many years, it is better to give preference to hardwood blanks such as oak, teak, cherry and cherry.

It is easiest to make a wooden tabletop with your own hands.

It is easiest to make a wooden tabletop with your own hands.

So, to design a tabletop from wooden boards, you will need the following tools:

  • jointer;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • cutter;
  • thickness gauge;
  • sandpaper;
  • marking devices;
  • antiseptic impregnation;
  • joiner's glue;
  • paint or varnish.

The main details will be dried boards, and screws and nails will serve as fasteners. In this case, it is better to give preference to elements that have the same dimensions. The processing of boards should take place in several stages - before and after assembly. As for the work plan, it looks like this:

  • leveling the surface with a planer;
  • sanding each surface element with sandpaper;
  • comprehensive antiseptic treatment;
  • collection of parts into a single canvas;
  • installation in place of the shield;
  • reprocessing through the use of impregnation;
  • coating with paint or varnish.
Wooden parts for the table top must be processed with a plane

Wooden parts for the table top must be processed with a plane

DIY wooden tabletop: assembling structural elements

In order to design a tabletop made of chipboard or other wood material with your own hands, a person must have some experience with a plane. As for the grinding technique, it also presents no difficulties. But the treatment with an antiseptic has its own characteristics.

The range of hardware stores is very wide, however, in the process of making tabletops for a desk with your own hands, it is better to use a solution intended for interior work. An excellent option would be a special protective oil. Natural compounds will reliably protect the structure from the effects of a humid environment and ultraviolet radiation, prevent the occurrence of mold, and also give expressiveness to the pattern characteristic of a tree.

If a tabletop is made for a corner table, then one of the following methods can be used for connection:

  • edge gluing;
  • groove-thorn technology;
  • groove-edge method.
When the wooden parts are fully prepared, you can proceed to assembly

When the wooden parts are fully prepared, you can proceed to assembly

The first method is simple in terms of execution, but it cannot be called reliable at all. If you need to glue several elements of small sizes, it is better to give preference to the second solution. However, when it comes to the most effective way, it is the third option. He is probably well known to all those who have once dealt with the assembly of the lining, which is initially endowed with cutouts along the edges intended for such a connection. In some cases, a coarser tongue and groove connection may be preferred. After the elements are fixed, the canvas should be coated with impregnation or universal varnish.

To disguise the ugly edges of a do-it-yourself corner tabletop for a desk, you have to design a cover. It is a protective thin edge made of wooden blocks.

Note! Since the cover must be harder than the base, blanks from other wood species can be used. For example, plastic pine is recommended to be edged with a stronger beech or birch.

The gaps that are visible between the elements can be rubbed with wood dust.The level of reliability of the lining can be increased by additionally strengthening the corners with self-tapping screws - one on each side. The self-tapping screws should be tightened at an angle, slightly drowned in the tree, and the resulting pits should be sealed with putty. In this case, the layer that performs the decorative function is applied last.

To connect parts, you can use the groove-edge or groove-tenon technology

To join parts, you can use the "groove-edge" or "groove-tenon" technology

Wooden desk top: how to create reliable protection

Exposed wood is very vulnerable to moisture, woodworms and tarnishing. To protect the coating, you will need to apply one of the special products to the pre-leveled surface. Various oils are able to penetrate the countertops in depth. In this case, absolutely any tool is suitable:

  • vegetable;
  • mineral;
  • synthetic.

When choosing a certain type of oil, it should be borne in mind that it can be both fast and slow drying, and can also harden under the influence of air. Thanks to deep penetration, a so-called neutral layer is created, which promotes the rejection of moisture, acids and fatty components. This protection is suitable for thin and thick desktops.

Important! The oil should be applied with a brush or a lint-free cloth.

Finally, apply a protective agent to the countertop

Finally, apply a protective agent to the countertop

The components that make up the various impregnating solutions are so firmly attached to the wood product that they must be removed exclusively by mechanical means, for example, when it is necessary to renew the coating.

This process involves removing the degrading film, cleaning dark spots, leveling dark spots with a putty, and leveling by using an emery material. It will take about a day for the first coat to dry, after which the next protective layer will have to be applied.

By waxing the countertop, you can maintain its original color. But wax, unlike other protective agents, is less durable and requires regular application. Since there are no chemically active components in the mixture, the treated structure remains breathable, acquires a light shine, and also acquires a pleasant unobtrusive aroma.

On the eve of waxing, the countertop should be greased with linseed oil, a mixture of oil and wax, or a product that includes rosin, turpentine and oil.

You can use oil, varnish or wax to protect wood countertops

You can use oil, varnish or wax to protect wood countertops

Note! Carnauba wax, which is characterized by greater resistance to temperature extremes, will become a worthy replacement for bees.

By using varnish or paint with colored pigments, the natural color of the wood can be corrected. The main requirement is the hydrophobicity of the composition, which must be applied in an amount of 6 to 10 layers. This operation takes a lot of time, but the result will be a beautiful and even surface. For greater attractiveness, the edges of the tabletop are decorated with painting or using decoupage technique.

Wooden countertops for tables: applications

Today, desktops have an honorable role in modern interiors. And it is not surprising, since they are endowed with many advantages:

  • noble structure;
  • the ability to use in any interior;
  • naturalness and environmental friendliness;
  • high strength;
  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • a variety of varieties and sizes.
A wooden table top will decorate any room

A wooden table top will decorate any room

Such products can be a decoration and an excellent addition to kitchens, living rooms, offices, as well as bathrooms.

The oak wood top of the writing desk is a wonderful solution.With minimal care, the product will delight you for many years. In addition to the fact that wooden furniture is a popular trend, such products create an indescribable feeling of comfort and warmth in the house. The process of working at such a tabletop will certainly evoke positive emotions.

In case of correct operation, a table made of oak wood worktops will easily withstand such tests as mechanical stress, temperature and humidity changes. Due to the wide possibilities of processing wood material, it is possible to design worktops of any size and shape. Due to the variety of colors and textures, methods of finishing and processing, the scope for original design solutions expands significantly. It is oak countertops that are the most sophisticated and reliable products among all the variety of similar designs.

The worktop made of oak will last for many years

The worktop made of oak will last for many years

Note! When choosing a wooden tabletop for a desk, you should pay special attention to the quality of the coating, which will affect the life of the product.

Wooden structures made of solid oak or ash are ideal. Thanks to the lacquer coating of the countertop, a special layer is created, which ensures an unlimited period of use of such a product. The noble wood structure is ideally combined with the light shades in the room, giving an aristocratic touch to the room.

Whatever room the desk top is installed in, it can look incredibly stylish and will be a great addition to the interior. In addition, modern desk designs are of the highest quality and reliability. Characterized by environmental friendliness, they can be installed in absolutely any room, including in the rooms of small children.