A shoe rack in the hallway is an extremely necessary device in any home, because only this structure will help to get rid of the “shoe mess”. The modern market is filled with models of a wide variety of shapes, but such an important part of the interior can also be made with your own hands. This publication will acquaint readers with the types of shoe shelves, design features, as well as ways to create homemade models.

Shelf for shoes in the hallway: an important interior detail for a comfortable life

A shoe rack is a necessary element of the interior in the hallway to maintain order and comfort.

Shelf for shoes in the hallway: an integral part of the interior

Regardless of the time of year, the question of where to place shoes in the hallway remains relevant, because a lot of shoes are often gathered at the doorstep, especially in the evening when all family members gather at home. Currently, the range of shoe stands in the hallway allows you to implement any design idea.

Open shelves with two tiers are especially popular.

Open shelves with two tiers are especially popular.

This product is highly functional. A correctly selected model perfectly saves space in the hallway, since the space of the room is not cluttered with the shoe collection of households.

There are racks for shoes of open (shelves) and closed (shoe racks) types. The most common among them are one-, two-, multi-tiered, floor and suspended structures.

The advantage of open shelves for shoes is the large capacity of these devices. They can be of horizontal or vertical design. Open shelves consisting of two tiers, which are designed to store from ten to twenty pairs of shoes, are very popular among buyers. Usually the length of such models does not exceed one meter. To store more items, it is better to purchase a rack in the hallway. It can hold up to forty pairs.But this design has a drawback: dust quickly settles on the shoes.

One of the disadvantages of open shelves is the rapid settling of dust on shoes.

One of the disadvantages of open shelves is the rapid settling of dust on shoes.

Closed shoe racks allow you to keep products clean and dry. This fixture consists of shelves placed at an angle of 45 degrees, which can significantly save space.

Stand for shoes in the hallway: principles of product selection

Finding the perfect shoe rack, which will allow you to maintain the quality characteristics of products, is not difficult. Before buying a shoe rack, you should familiarize yourself with the factors that directly affect the design parameters:

  • the climate in the region of residence - in the southern regions it is warmer, so there is often no need for heavy shoes for winter;
  • the number of family members who will use the product;
  • comfortable location that protects from dust, dirt and mechanical stress;
First of all, the size of the shoe rack is selected based on the number of residents

First of all, the size of the shoe rack is selected based on the number of residents

  • hallway design: to make the interior look lighter, it is preferable to use light colors and open shelves;
  • the size of the shoe rack - the device should be as functional as possible in a small room.

The most important characteristic is the material from which the shelf is made, because the durability and aesthetic appearance of the product depend on this parameter. A plastic shoe rack is the cheapest option and is suitable for open and closed views.

A wooden shoe rack is a reliable structure that must be treated with a special substance that protects against moisture and sudden temperature changes when opening the front doors. The metal shoe rack looks original and harmonious in combination with wood and textile elements.

Wooden shoe racks are suitable for any interior, but for a longer service life they must be treated with a moisture protection agent

Wooden shoe racks are suitable for any interior, but for a longer service life they must be treated with a moisture-proof agent

Very often, in addition to individual devices for storing shoes in the hallway, there are models built into the closet, or modular designs with an already mounted shoe rack. Pull-out mesh shoe racks in the closet are a unique solution for convenient storage of shoes in a closet or dressing room. Such systems save space.

Helpful advice! For outdoor use, metal and plastic structures are suitable, but the first option will additionally have to be treated with special substances to protect the surface from the harmful effects of moisture. Outdoor products should not be too light, as strong winds can blow them away.

Stands for shoes: varieties and design features

Before you buy or make your own shoe storage structure, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of these devices. Devices for storing shoes differ from each other in size, the presence of additional elements and the type of storage. The most important qualities for a shelf for shoes are versatility and compactness, since usually the hallway or corridor is small in size.

A shoe rack with a seat is a simple and convenient design

A shoe rack with a seat is a simple and convenient design

The following types of shoe racks are very popular:

  • wall structures;
  • racks;
  • curbstones-slim;
  • coasters;
  • shoe shelves with seat.

A shoe rack with a seat in the hallway is a small fixture with a soft seat on top. This design can be with or without a back, it often looks like an ottoman or a small bench. Very often, the product does not have doors and drawers, and all shoes are stored in an open position. Such a device can be supplemented with a hanger, a small bedside table for storing small items or a phone stand. This model is very easy to use and looks stylish and beautiful in the hallway.

The choice of the type of shoe shelves depends on the style of the hallway and the needs of the residents

The choice of the type of shoe shelves depends on the style of the hallway and the needs of the residents.

The advantage of such designs is convenience during use, since, while putting on and taking off shoes, you can sit comfortably, and the shoes themselves are well ventilated and dry.

A wall shelf for shoes in the hallway is the best option for a small hallway or corridor, since these products are light and shallow, but such models are not suitable for large shoes. It's very easy to make a shelf with your own hands. To do this, you need only a few boards and metal fasteners. Skillful hands will be able to turn ordinary metal pipes into a highlight of the interior.

Slim design - high but narrow bedside table with hinged doors that open 45 degrees. This model will fit into the hallway of any size. It can be installed anywhere, as the minimum width of the product is only 20-30 cm. The slim cabinet is ideal for storing shoes that are worn in a certain season. But shoes or boots that are not yet in use should be saved on the shoe shelves in the closet: there they will retain their appearance until next season.

Wall mounted shoe racks take up minimal space

Wall mounted shoe racks take up minimal space

Although such a shelf for shoes in the hallway is narrow, it is at the same time spacious enough and does an excellent job of storing a significant amount of shoes.

The shoe rack in the hallway is a very functional design. If the product is not high, then it is advisable to turn the upper shelf into a bench on which you can sit down for a comfortable shoe. This will allow you to save an additional few meters of space in the room, as it will eliminate the need to place poufs and chairs in the interior.

If you create a rack high enough, then the upper part can be used as a place to store some little things.

The rack can be made low, so the top shelf is usually used as a bench

The rack can be made low, so the top shelf is usually used as a bench

Helpful advice! You should not install open shelves for shoes of any type if there are pets in the apartment, because they can easily chew or scratch shoes.

Shelves for shoes with shelves: design options for structures

Often, designs for shoes in the hallway are purchased as part of headsets. Thus, they match the rest of the furniture without standing out from the interior design. You can buy the model you like separately, but in this case it will be more difficult to choose the best option.

On the Internet, it is easy to find a huge number of photos of shoe racks in the hallway. They will allow you to choose the right model, as well as suggest a great idea for storing shoes.

For shoe shelves in a classic style, wood is often used in combination with forged metal.

For shoe shelves in a classic style, wood is often used in combination with forged metal.

Let's consider in more detail which design is best suited for a particular style of interior.

A shelf for shoes in a classic interior

Classic style products support the historical tradition of furniture design. During its production, traditional materials, carved patterns, fancy ornaments and decorative forms are used.

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The classic direction is an option for people who like a calm pace of life. This style is characterized by the use of natural wood furniture. The price for it is quite high. Classic wooden shoe racks are created for spacious rooms. If the hallway is small, then it will be difficult to find a neat, compact model in this style. In interiors designed in the classic genre, closed-type structures are usually installed, but an open model can also be used.

Wooden structures, complemented by forged elements, as well as benches with shelves for shoes in the hallway, with soft upholstery, look beautiful and original. Fabric elements must be made from natural materials. Satin, leather, thick cotton, taffeta are perfect for this. Classic style banquets with shoe racks will create a cozy and calm atmosphere in the room.

Calm and natural colors are typical for classic designs. On textile components, it is allowed to use an ornament in the form of stripes, an inconspicuous cell or plant motifs.

Modern high-tech hallway shoe racks

High-tech is a style characteristic of huge cities that matches the active pace of modern life. It is characterized by simple and laconic forms, as well as practical design. The main materials that are used to create shelves for storing shoes are metal, glass and high-quality plastic.

A high-tech shoe rack is suitable for small hallways. The design itself should be as minimalistic as possible, without a large number of pretentious and intricate decorative elements. The ideal solution for modern hallways is the shoe racks built into the wardrobe or the tall but narrow design with glossy fronts. Mainly neutral colors should prevail, namely: white, beige, gray, black, as well as with a metallic effect.

For a high-tech interior, compact shoe racks with minimal decor are suitable

For a high-tech interior, compact shoe racks with minimal decor are suitable

Photos of shoe shelves will help you choose the best option. It is important to remember that openness of shapes and simplicity of lines are the main elements of high-tech style.

Helpful advice! A great option for a hallway decorated in high-tech style is a set, which includes wall panels-hangers with a mirror, hanging cabinets and shoe racks. Furniture looks gorgeous, the main elements of which are painted with pastel enamel, characterized by a combination of details with a wooden texture.

Provence style hallway: choosing a shoe rack

Provence style is the most popular direction of the rustic interior. Shoe Cabinets in this style, these are designs that assume light shades of woody texture or aged wood.

Provence style shoe racks are often made with woven drawers upholstered in fabric

Provence style shoe racks are often made with woven drawers upholstered in fabric

Provencal-style shoe accessories in the hallway and hallway should be made exclusively of wood. Artificial materials are not suitable in this case. Colors of natural tones are also relevant for this style.

The shelf can be combined with a seat with backrest or coat hangers at the top. The material, painted in muted shades with the effect of burning out in the sun, looks very beautiful and stylish: green, turquoise, brown, lavender, terracotta or white. Very often in the design of Provence-style rooms, open shelves in the form of wicker boxes are used for storing shoes.

Typical for this style is the use of worn furniture in the interior. If you make such a shelf for shoes with your own hands, then you can use a special craquelure varnish to create artificial cracks. After it dries, small small cracks form on the surface covered with this substance, which looks very beautiful. The light effect of antiquity gives Provence-style furniture an original and unusual flavor.

Features of shelves for shoes in the hallway, decorated in country style or shabby chic

Country is a simple country style (just like Provence). The main feature of this direction is the use of natural materials in a natural wood range, but the use of bright colored furniture is also allowed. Shoe storage products can be rough, have a rough surface and not too straight lines.

For country-style rooms, open, roughly knitted coasters or large massive chests of drawers with opaque doors that open wide open are suitable. The fittings should be metallic, unpretentious and without shine. Such furniture should create coziness and a warm, homely atmosphere in the hallway.

Shoe shelves in country style are characterized by the use of unpainted wood

Shoe shelves in country style are characterized by the use of unpainted wood

Often shabby chic style called embellished Provence, because the colors and the use of natural materials combine these styles. But shabby chic is more picturesque. It is characterized by the use of a large number of textile details, the use of lace in decoration, as well as floral ornaments and worn surfaces.

The shabby chic shoe storage structure is very easy to make with your own hands. The main thing is to paint the product in pastel colors. You can also use craquelure varnish. Cracks and scuffs will give the shelf a special charm and appeal.

A wooden shoe rack with a soft seat trimmed with a cotton fabric with a floral pattern or with small polka dots will look beautiful. Also, the wooden surfaces of such a device can be decorated with floral patterns (using decoupage technique).

What should be a minimalist shoe rack

This style is very popular due to its simplicity of design and lack of decor. Minimalism is the most practical option for decorating hallways and corridors. The main principle of minimalism - the rational use of the space of the room - means that unnecessary things should be absent in the interior.

The minimalist style shoe cabinet in combination with a huge mirror looks very beautiful and stylish. To save space, the shoe rack is combined with other pieces of furniture, most often with a wardrobe.

Minimalist shoe racks look as simple as possible

Minimalist shoe racks look as simple as possible

The plastic shoe rack is lightweight, flexible and sturdy, perfect for minimalist designs. You can complement the design of a narrow hallway using a mirror. However, for a minimalist style, it is better to choose a simple mirror that does not have voluminous and pompous frames, otherwise a small room will seem even smaller.

Durable plastic, thick tempered glass, metal and in rare cases wood are the main materials for making shelves. Structures should be as simple and spacious as possible. The color of the products is usually beige, brown, gray, white, sometimes black. Such furniture can be placed in the hallway, corridor and even in the bathroom.

DIY shoe rack: what to make a product from

It is not necessary to buy a shoe rack in the hallway, since a simple structure can be made with your own hands. Even inexperienced craftsmen will take a little time to make the simplest model. If you have enough skills and imagination, then you can design complex, original and intricate products for storing shoes.

The choice of material directly depends on the skills of the master and material capabilities. You can make a shoe shelf out of metal, glass, plastic, wood, or even fabric. Each of the materials has its own quality characteristics.

Wood is inherent in the nobility of textures and plasticity of forms, but it reacts very badly to the effects of moisture. Wooden furniture is suitable for all interior styles. Products made from this material look expensive and beautiful. Be sure to buy models with a water-repellent coating. This design will last much longer.

Shoe shelves made of wood look expensive and beautiful

Shoe shelves made of wood look expensive and beautiful

A metal shoe rack is a reliable and durable product, but it will take certain skills to assemble it yourself. Metal structures look stylish, original and beautiful.The material is not afraid of mechanical damage, is practical to clean, and does not absorb unpleasant odors. The model can be the most common, made on the basis of chrome pipes, which is great for high-tech style. A forged shoe rack will perfectly fit into classic hallways. Lace elements add sophistication and lightness to the product.

Plastic is a versatile and highly hygienic material, but absolutely not breathable. Therefore, plastic shelves for shoes of a closed storage type are not manufactured.

Plywood is very easy to process, and therefore from this material you can easily create a stand for shoes for the hallway with your own hands. A practical wall-mounted shelf would also look good. This arrangement will save space in the room.

Helpful advice! It will be much easier for beginners to create furniture to design shoe shelves with their own hands from cardboard, plywood, chipboard or textiles. This consumable is not too expensive and is easy to process, and the designs are of quite acceptable quality. Having shown imagination, you can make a very stylish and unusual model.

How to make a shoe rack with your own hands: unusual ideas from ordinary materials

Consider some interesting and simple options for shoe designs. The simplest is a rack made of cardboard boxes. This device is cheap and easy to manufacture, and most importantly, it will take very little time to work. However, the product also has disadvantages: it is unreliable and absolutely unsuitable if there are pets.

To create a shoe storage device, you need two types of boxes:

  • large boxes designed to form the main shelves;
  • narrow boxes from which pull-out shoe shelves are created.
Shoe shelves can be made from plastic bottles

Shoe shelves can be made from plastic bottles

All cells are connected with tape or glue. The structure can be decorated with wallpaper, self-adhesive tape or decorative cord. Cardboard can be dyed or covered with synthetic fabric. Since the structure is very light, it must be fixed to the wall.

Helpful advice! Light and small items should be placed on the upper shelves of shoe racks made of cardboard boxes, and larger and heavier shoes should be placed on the lower ones. In the case of cardboard structures, it is imperative to adhere to fire safety rules.

The product from pipes looks original. In this case, the model is assembled not from metal, but from PVC pipes with a diameter of 20-25 cm. You can cut them into several parts with an ordinary hacksaw. The optimum size of the part is 30 cm. The cuts are polished until smooth. It is recommended to decorate the structure with paint or self-adhesive film. The particles are connected into one product with glue. You can use a cord or tape instead.

Shoe shelves made of PVC pipes are interesting and original

Shoe shelves made of PVC pipes are interesting and original

The assembly of the structure and its decor are carried out in any form. You can arrange the cells in any order - in the form of honeycombs, forming a sun or a flower, or constructing any other figure. This product can be both floor-standing and wall-mounted.

Plastic bottles should not be thrown away, as they are also often used to create a shoe rack with your own hands. It is not difficult to make a device from bottles of any volume. For tall racks, five-liter containers are most suitable. To do this, you need to cut off the neck and fasten the parts together. The finished product is either decorated in a certain way, or left transparent. For summer shoes, a similar structure can be built from two-liter plastic bottles.

Metal shoe rack: features of self-creation of a model

Metal products are beautiful, durable, reliable and presentable. Modern technologies allow you to create exquisite and graceful designs.These models are unpretentious in care, therefore they are very popular.

To save space, you can make shoe shelves from metal pipes attached to the wall.

To save space, you can make shoe shelves from metal pipes attached to the wall.

You don't need to master the art of forging to make a simple metal shoe rack. You can use an old ladder as a working material. You just need to cut out a piece with steps from it, which must be fixed to the wall. If you wish, you can decorate the composition or immediately put your shoes on the steps.

Combined variants of footwear stands made of multi-colored metal profiles and tempered glass look original and interesting. For this, the metal parts are connected into a frame, which is fixed to the wall. Pieces of glass cut according to a given shape are placed on metal holders.

The main problem of apartment premises is the lack of space. One of the methods of saving space and optimal storage of women's shoes with thin heels is to use a metal pipe. To do this, a long handrail must be attached at a distance of 5 cm from the wall. In this case, the shoes will be held by the heel. If you design such a shelf beautifully, then the design will look very original.

Helpful advice! Only a specialist can make a high-quality forged shoe rack. For manufacturing, steel of the highest standard is used. The decorative effect of the structure is given by powder pollination or applied patina. Metal mesh shoe racks provide fresh air.

DIY shoe rack made of wood: manufacturing features

Wooden shoe racks are very easy to make. To do this, you need to select the necessary tools and materials. If there is not enough experience in such work, then you can start by making conventional models. To create a simple, standard size design, you will need:

  • 6 wooden beams;
  • self-tapping screws 3x25 mm in size;
  • self-tapping screws for wood;
  • varnish;
  • brush.

The product is manufactured in three stages.

The sidewalls are created first. The most comfortable to use will be the depth of the cells, which is about 33 cm. Therefore, you need to cut 6 bars of exactly this length. Next, four bars must be placed at the same distance from each other and cuts must be made. In order to easily fit several pairs of shoes on one row, the shelf must be at least 62 cm wide.Four parts are required for each row. They are inserted into recesses and fixed with self-tapping screws. When the required number of tiers is ready, the entire structure must be sanded.

Then the racks are made. Planks 80 cm long are prepared. Then cuts are created (at a distance of 25 cm). Their depth should correspond to the thickness of the timber. In total, four racks are needed, into the cuts of which already made shelves should be inserted. The bottom shelf is set at a height of 25 cm from the floor, and the upper part should not reach the top edge of the uprights by about 10 cm.

Drawing of a simple wooden shoe rack with dimensions

Drawing of a simple wooden shoe rack with dimensions

At the final stage, the top of the structure is performed. It is made from the remains of a tree. To do this, you need to cut out workpieces 33 cm long. The upper part of the bars should be ideally sanded with sandpaper or a sander. When the device is completely ready, all structural elements are securely fixed with self-tapping screws.

The finished product is decorated, for example, varnished. It is very convenient to take 4 self-tapping screws for the shelves to fix the parts and 2 pieces per block for installing the top of the structure.
Helpful advice! For greater decorativeness, a wooden shelf for shoes can be stained, burned with a blowtorch or covered with colored varnish.

How to make a shelf for shoes in the hallway from a plywood sheet

Wooden shoe racks can be of any shape.Corner structures and benches are original and easy to use. In addition to natural wood, you can use plywood or chipboard. When working with these materials, it is imperative to process the ends of the blanks. Melamine tape is used especially for this. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The tape is fixed with an iron.

Devices for storing shoes in the hallway made of plywood are light, original and practical, they take up a minimum of space in the room. To create a product, you will need tools:

Making a plywood shoe rack is easy and simple

Making a plywood shoe rack is easy and simple

  • jigsaw;
  • puncher;
  • a hammer;
  • glue;
  • pins.

The plywood sheet must be cut into several rectangles of arbitrary size, for example, 30x20 cm. It is from them that the U-shaped elements will be formed, from which the entire structure will be mounted. The details are connected like puzzles - in the form of a labyrinth. The number of shoe compartments can be any. It all depends on the volume of shoes that need to be carefully stored on the shelf. The shape of the product can be different. In this case, you can apply imagination - and the structure will become a wonderful decoration of the wall and room, especially if you add a few decorative elements.

Helpful advice! A corner stand with rounded shelves is very practical and easy to manufacture. Such a product looks stylish not only with shoes in the hallway, but also with books and magazines in the living room or in the garage with tools, and can also be used in the kitchen for storing small things.

Original shelves for shoes in the hallway with your own hands

In the case of a compact hallway, you can install small shoe holders or opt for a set of hanging bins. Such structures will not take up space on the floor, and if necessary, they can be easily placed higher or lower. You can also save space in the room by installing wall stands.

Racks for shoes made of metal pipes with fabric constrictions look interesting

Racks for shoes made of metal pipes with fabric constrictions look interesting

It is beneficial to use a shelf consisting of several tiers, for example, a modular design of stands and cabinets on the wall. Thanks to this structure, not only shoes, but also various accessories can be stored on the shelf.

The round multi-tiered device looks unusual and original. This design is very spacious and comfortable. The model can be assembled from any raw material, including tempered glass. First of all, you need to make the central axis. To do this, a rack is cut out of a bar or pipe, then the shelves themselves.

The decoration of the product depends on the selected material. For example, plywood shelves are pasted over with wallpaper, foil or simply painted, stained glass is most suitable for glass. This design will become a real decoration of the hallway, especially in a room decorated in a modern style. With a great desire and the presence of certain skills, the shelves of the round shoe stand can be made in such a way that they rotate. This will make the use of the model as comfortable as possible.

Shelves for shoes from boxes look original and are suitable for a loft-style hallway

Shelves for shoes from boxes look original and are suitable for a loft-style hallway

Excellent shoe racks are obtained from ordinary wooden vegetable boxes. All you need to do is sand the wood and paint the shoe boxes different colors. Next, the cells are fixed to the wall, and this can be done in any order.

If there are no small children and pets in the house, then there is no need to attach to the wall or connect the cells with bolts or self-tapping screws. It is enough just to decide exactly how to put these boxes. The advantage of such a device is that the shape of the shoe rack can be changed at least every day.

A very simple option for building a shoe rack with your own hands is a pallet construction. To do this, it is necessary to grind the pallet and treat it with a water-repellent substance (or paint it).Then the product is fixed at an angle to the wall - and a simple shoe stand is ready. This model is ideal for loft style.

It is interesting! A drawer-style shoe rack is a good option for pet owners. By choosing the correct height for the blocks, you can be sure that the animals will not reach their shoes. Plastic boxes will also do this mission well, but they have a shorter lifespan.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway are a necessary part of the interior of the room. A compact stand or bedside table helps to optimally organize the space of the room and remove shoes from prying eyes. It is recommended to buy these structures along with the rest of the furniture for the hallway and corridor, or you can make your own original device for storing shoes with your own hands.