The gazebo is an indispensable attribute of well-groomed estates and summer cottages. Provided it is properly designed, it becomes a favorite vacation spot for the whole family and receiving guests. The bulk of the comfort is in the furniture. Taking into account the exposure to weathering, the materials and the manufacturing process of garden tables and chairs have their own characteristics. What should be the furniture for the gazebo, what models to choose and how to create it yourself, this article will tell.

Gazebo furniture: comfort and harmony combined with elegance

To make the gazebo as comfortable and cozy as possible, you need to choose the right furniture for it

A must-have set of furniture for gazebos and open verandas

Any, even the most beautiful and original gazebo in the garden becomes useless if it lacks at least primitive benches. Ideally, it should be a comfortable and attractive headset that matches the overall design and attracts with its elegance and comfort. The furniture in the gazebo has significant differences from the chairs and sofas used in the house or apartment. The main condition is its maximum comfort and compactness.

The most essential elements of furniture in gazebos and verandas are tables and chairs.

The most essential elements furniture in gazebos and verandas are tables and chairs

A table and chairs should be irreplaceable furnishings in the gazebo. Depending on the area of ​​the building and the needs of a particular family, you can install sofas, equip a hammock, and replace the benches with chairs.

Photos of tables in the gazebo clearly demonstrate that they definitely cannot be done without them - this is the main attribute, because basically in the summer it is here that the family gathers for breakfast and receives guests in the evening. Different seating items can be used for comfortable seating at the table. These can be compact folding chairs, low stools, luxurious sun loungers, cozy sofas or benches for a gazebo.

Decorative shelves, small wardrobes and bedside tables will add a homely atmosphere to the building, create additional comfort. The main thing in choosing furniture is to feel the limit and not to overdo it. You should also remember about the harmonious content and style. In decorating, one should not forget about lightening the gazebo. These can be wall sconces, spotlights or a lamp with a shade in the center.

Light rattan chairs will look good on an open veranda

Lungs will look good on an open veranda chairs rattan


Special requirements for the choice of material for furniture in the country

As mentioned above, furniture for a summer cottage must be resistant to atmospheric influences such as moisture and sunlight. This is especially important if the recreation area is of an open or semi-open type. Specialists and experienced summer residents have the following basic requirements for interior items:

  • ease of use;
  • unpretentious care;
  • compactness;
  • the strength and practicality of the materials used;
  • high degree of wear resistance;
  • providing convenience and comfort;
  • reliability and maximum functionality;
  • harmony of objects with each other and combination with the general interior;
  • availability in the price plan;
  • beauty and originality.
The main requirements for furniture for a gazebo are practicality, durability and convenience.

The main requirements for furniture for a gazebo are practicality, durability and convenience.

Useful advice! The maximum compliance with all requirements can be ensured by the manufacture of furniture for the country with your own hands. This will not only help to reduce the cost of products, but also create a unique garden set. The most daring ideas are easily realized in individual drawings.

Depending on the mobility, sets of garden furniture can be of two types: stationary and portable. Such a requirement as compactness will be provided by folding chairs and tables, and harmony will be provided by the use of the same materials in the manufacture.

The shape of the armchairs, stools and sofas for the gazebo is selected individually. There are no clear restrictions on the size. Furniture should fit in size and be freely placed, as a rule, in a small area of ​​the gazebo. The only essential requirement concerns the width of the shop. Its minimum indicator is 50 cm.If the bench is intended for sitting overweight people, then this value should exceed 60 cm.

The size and quantity of furniture must be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the gazebo

The size and quantity of furniture must be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the gazebo

The combination of price and quality is of great importance, since the cost usually depends on the material. If it is low-grade, with low wear resistance, then such furniture will last no longer than one season.

A variety of materials for garden furniture: photo examples of successful use

Furniture for gazebos and terraces is made from all kinds of building materials. Their list is quite wide and each meets, if not all, then most of the requirements listed above. Deservedly the palm branch is given to wooden models from solid wood or OSB, which have a lot of advantages.

In the ranking of materials for garden furniture, rattan ranks second. It is made from willow vines. Rattan products are characterized by increased fragility, high cost, and complex manufacturing process. The high level of aesthetics, durability, lightness, flexibility and environmental friendliness fully justify the price. Rattan is especially popular in elite country estates.

Rattan furniture looks stylish and elegant in the garden

Rattan furniture looks stylish and elegant in the garden

Artificial rattan gazebo furniture is a more budget option, as it costs several times cheaper. Flexible plastic acts as a substitute for willow. The advantages of the material include a wide assortment and a variety of colors, as well as lightness, mobility, durability, compactness and resistance to various atmospheric conditions. This material has a less aesthetic appearance, it is prone to fading in the sun and is not resistant to low temperatures. Repair of such furniture is impossible.

Metal furniture is also suitable for the gazebo, which is distinguished by its durability and reliability, combined with high weight and high cost. Less commonly, stone is used, which has almost all the necessary advantages of outdoor furniture. The main disadvantages are huge weight, static and large dimensions. It is quite problematic to make stone and metal furniture yourself.

Useful advice! Making a choice in favor rattan furniture, you need to take into account that it can be delicate and massive. The first option is inexpensive, small and light furnishings that can withstand light loads. Solid furniture is durable. These are large sofas and tables that are expensive.

The most popular material for furniture in a gazebo is wood.

The most popular material for furniture in a gazebo is wood.

Furniture for a gazebo made of wood: advantages and material requirements

Wooden furniture is virtually indispensable in a suburban area. In an independent production process, it is permissible to use solid wood, boards, logs, boards, branches, roots, snags and even wood-derived materials such as chipboard and fiberboard.

Wooden items do not pose a health hazard; they are distinguished by their strength, reliability, durability, beauty, originality and comfort. It is quite possible to make wood furniture for a gazebo with your own hands. In addition, it is quite easy to repair. The disadvantages include flammability, poor moisture resistance of certain types of wood, susceptibility to pests and instability to chemical care products.

Depending on the type of wood, wooden furniture for a gazebo can have individual properties, in particular:

Wood furniture is durable, environmentally friendly and reliable

Wood furniture is durable, environmentally friendly and reliable

  • items made of larch are distinguished by a high degree of resistance to humidity and temperature extremes;
  • acacia furniture has special aesthetic characteristics, but the service life is rather short;
  • pine furniture is characterized by the widest range of advantages, therefore it is widely used for the manufacture of interior items for the street.

When choosing a material, it should be borne in mind that wooden furniture in an open space must withstand precipitation, attacks by wood-eating insects. It is necessary that it be several times stronger and more reliable than furniture used indoors. The wood must be dry, free from mold and rot, not damaged by bark beetles, without knots.

DIY furniture for a gazebo: shape and design

The shape of garden furniture directly depends on the chosen design solution (and vice versa), therefore, these factors should be considered in combination, taking into account the area of ​​the gazebo, the preferences and financial capabilities of the owners.

Before you start making furniture with your own hands, you need to decide on the design

Before you start making furniture with your own hands, you need to decide on the design

The range of tables for the gazebo is represented by the following design:

  • stationary - a classic in a functional and design solution;
  • folding - an option characterized by mobility, as it easily folds and moves;
  • a transformer is a special design with a folding mechanism that can be easily converted into various types of furniture, for example, a set of tables and chairs.

The use of furniture of different shapes and designs helps to realize design ideas and create different styles:

  • French - implemented with forged parts and pink accessories;
  • tropical - represented by furniture made of vines or other weaves, complemented by bright plants and decor items;
Tables for the gazebo can be of various shapes, in addition, structures can be stationary and portable

Tables for the gazebo can be of various shapes, in addition, structures can be stationary and portable

  • oriental - created by stone furniture, complemented by pillows and accessories originally from China;
  • Japanese - its hallmark is minimalism, supported by a small amount of unusual furniture.

Useful advice! The table top can be in the shape of a circle, oval, square, rectangle or polygon. Carved legs will greatly decorate the product. For family gatherings, comfortable chairs with backs are suitable, and for receiving guests - a more spacious bench without a back that allows you to accommodate a large number of guests.

DIY furniture size: photos and sketches of models

The size of the furniture depends on the individual preferences of the owners and the area of ​​the gazebo. In a spacious building, small compact furniture will look poor, and massive, on the contrary, pretentious and stupid - in a small structure.

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The optimal width or diameter of the table, as well as the length of the bench for the summer residence, is considered to be 2 meters. If space is in short supply, then compact models are acceptable. If you need to accommodate 10 people at the table, then the recommended dimensions are 80x120 cm, the thickness of the table top is at least 5 cm.The size of the bench in this case has standard indicators: length - 150 cm, and height and width - 50 cm each.

Sketch of a chair in a gazebo for DIY making

Sketch of a chair in a gazebo for DIY making

In addition, you should consider several rules that must be followed in the manufacture of any furniture. The table top should be approximately 20 cm wider than the table frame. This feature is important when installing the legs. The optimal height of a table for a gazebo with your own hands is considered to be a range from 70 to 80 cm.It should also be noted that the height of the legs is directly proportional to the thickness of the table top.

When calculating the size of the table and chairs for a summer residence, you should pay attention to such a feature as symmetry. Seating furniture should be located on either side of the table plus the distance needed to sit comfortably on a bench or chair.

Homemade wood furniture: general recommendations for manufacturing

In the manufacturing process garden furniture the order of execution of all stages of production should be strictly observed. After the completion of the work (for protection purposes), the finished product must be covered with several layers of paints and varnishes. Wood for furniture must be carefully sanded so as not to drive a splinter under the skin during work and during manufacturing. Finished furniture is subjected to additional grinding in order to obtain a smooth surface. When using screws and self-tapping screws, you need to take care of the absence of their protrusions above the surface.

Before work, you must prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

Before work, you must prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

The success of the final result, speed and quality of work depend on adherence to a number of manufacturing technology rules:

  1. Availability of sketches and drawings.
  2. The X-shaped legs are more stable.
  3. The back of a chair or bench should have a slight slope, which contributes to a comfortable rest.
  4. Making furniture from scrap materials is encouraged. Not only planks and beams are suitable, but also stones, bricks, tree stumps and driftwood.
  5. It is better to start with the simplest models. For example, from a table for a gazebo with your own hands. Examples of photos and videos with a detailed description of the work progress can be found on the Internet and on our website.

Diy table in the gazebo: step by step instructions

To make a wooden table in a gazebo with your own hands, you first need to decide on the type of material, prepare it, and also purchase the necessary tools. In any case, special devices will be needed for work: a plane, jigsaws, a saw, a hacksaw, a drill, a chisel, a hammer, a grinder, as well as a set of cutters and drills of different diameters, self-tapping screws for wood measuring 7 cm by 8 mm and 7 cm by 10 mm ...

All the necessary details for furniture are cut from boards and beams

All the necessary details for furniture are cut from boards and beams

Useful advice! For self-production of the table, it is better to choose a model with the optimal dimensions: 120x70x75 cm. You can purchase wooden blanks of the required size.

The most common and traditional option for making country furniture with your own hands is from boards and beams. This will require the following materials:

  • board for the table top (unedged or grooved, with a section of 40x140 mm is suitable) - 5 pieces, 120 cm long;
  • timber 50x60 mm - 2 pieces;
  • wood for the legs (preferably round blanks, but a thin bar is also suitable);
  • thin board for the bottom jumpers - 3 pieces, 100 cm each;
  • varnish, brushes and roller.
When the table is assembled, it must be painted or varnished.

When the table is assembled, it must be painted or varnished.

Below is a step-by-step process for making a wooden table with your own hands (photos depict finished models):

  1. Preparation of blanks. They are cut from boards and beams of the required size and carefully polished.
  2. Processing of details with varnish.
  3. The collection of the table top takes place by connecting the boards with transverse bars. In the production of furniture from a bar, self-tapping screws of such a size are used to assemble parts so that they do not go out to the opposite side.
  4. Assembling the frame, consisting of legs and jumpers.
  5. The frame is attached to the table top.
Plan of a transforming table for a gazebo or veranda

Plan transforming table for a gazebo or veranda

By the same principle, other furniture is made from boards and beams, including chairs. The order of work, which includes a separate assembly of the seat and backrest, is a little more complicated. And a simple garden stool is performed in exactly the same sequence as a miniature table.

Furniture for a gazebo made of logs: features of the material and manufacturing process

Quite often, for a summer residence and a garden, they practice the manufacture of furniture from logs and saw cuts. It should be noted right away that in most cases such items are rather bulky, motionless and are not suitable for every gazebo.

The easiest and rather quick way to construct furniture from logs with your own hands is to cut the trunk from both sides. On one of them, a board for sitting is fixed, and the saw cut at the bottom gives stability to the structure. Using two massive saw cuts and placing a tabletop on them, you can make a powerful table. It turns out a fairly simple design, but it looks very attractive, interesting and even fabulous.

Logs can be used to make a table, chairs or a bench for an arbor

Logs can be used to make a table, chairs or a bench for an arbor

Another option is to make furniture from small or medium-sized logs. A piece of massive log can serve as a table leg. To impart reliable stability to the structure, the log is driven into the ground. If the logs are thin, then several of them are used at the same time, most often four. The table top should not be nailed directly to the legs, but onto a frame attached to the outside of the logs.

From a log, you can build a bench with a back. To do this, the log is cut in half lengthwise. Thus, we get two parts at once: the seat and the back. Another log is sawn across into dies that will serve as bench legs. The table is made by analogy. Two halves of the log are laid on the supports with a saw cut up. Thus, the surface serves as a table top.

Useful advice! Creating a structure from logs is the simplest method used in making a table and a bench for a gazebo with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to have logs, a minimum of tools and a desire to transform the site.

Original and beautiful furniture ideas for a garden gazebo

In addition to the listed options, improvised materials can be used in the manufacture of furniture for gazebos. In this area of ​​independent furniture production, bold ideas and original solutions are welcome. In particular, original tables and chairs can be made from the trunks and branches of trees, various hemp and snags. Nature itself contributes to the flight of imagination, since most natural materials have a bizarre shape. The unique design will delight the eyes of the hosts and amaze guests.

Beautiful gazebo furniture can be made from all kinds of materials in different styles

Beautiful gazebo furniture can be made from all kinds of materials in different styles

For example, a table can be made on the basis of a small diameter old hemp. The table top in this case will serve as a saw cut from a thicker log. Cross-sawn logs, with or without bark, opened with varnish, are already independent stationary stools.A stump is taken as the basis of a table in such a headset, on which a tabletop is attached from a wooden board or saw cut from the boards.

Remains of brick can be used for the construction of stationary furniture. For this, brick columns are built, which will serve as the legs of a bench or table. When constructing such a structure, it is important to take care of the preliminary creation of a small foundation. Otherwise, it will be unstable and quickly collapse. Again, you can take a wood shield as a tabletop. Any product made from scrap materials must be covered with a protective layer of varnish or paint, which will significantly extend the service life of furniture that is exposed to weathering.

Thus, there are many ways to make cozy, beautiful and comfortable furniture for a gazebo with your own hands. Photo examples, original ideas and detailed instructions on how to create them can be found on the Internet. The main thing is that their subsequent use creates comfort and coziness, bringing maximum pleasure to the owners of the estate and their guests.