Despite the massive use of electronic devices to find the information you need, it is impossible to get such pleasure from reading a paper book from online publications. Nothing replaces the smell of the sheets of a new book and the rustle of turning pages. Collections of print lovers are replenished every year, while designers do not get tired of creating new solutions for such an indispensable attribute for them as bookcases for a home library.

Home library bookcases: stylish and practical options

The book collection must be kept in a high-quality and beautiful cabinet.

Bookcases and Home Libraries: How to Place Books Successfully

Despite any modern innovations, books have always occupied and will occupy a special place in every home. Someone collects rare editions, someone avidly reads modern and classical works, some simply brag about the presence of a good library inherited from grandfathers and grandmothers.

A bookcase can perform several functions in the interior.

A bookcase can perform several functions in the interior.

However, all this wealth must be stored somewhere. First of all, you should choose a place where you can successfully install the furniture. Regardless of the design and style of products, bookcases and libraries are a classic book storage system.

Today, many design variations of such structures are offered to the attention of consumers. Perhaps the best solution is to combine the library with an office or living room. By the way, book walls look very impressive in them. Taking up a minimum of space, such designs provide the ability to create a complete library.

Since modern city apartments do not allow installing systems for storing literature along the entire length of the rooms, they are sometimes equipped in the corridor.

It is interesting! The space under the stairs can serve as an original place for storing book treasures.

The space under the stairs is a great option for placing a bookcase

The space under the stairs is a great option for placing a bookcase

The look of a home library (photos will give inspiration for interior decoration) can be characterized by both severity and fashionable design, be modern and stylish. By using print storage structures, you can create a cozy nook that encourages immersion in the world of books, with shelves reaching all the way to the ceiling. With the help of such furniture, it is easy to equip a full-fledged office for work, the entrance to which for households opens only with the permission of the owner.

Antique bookcases and a fireplace can give a home office an old-fashioned and somewhat mysterious look. In this case, the space should be used to the maximum, placing bookshelves not only along the wall, but also above the doors, and a compact coffee table can be installed near the window.

Library cabinet: optimal dimensions of the product

Regardless of the room in which you plan to install a storage for literature, be it a children's room, a bedroom or a living room, it is incredibly important to arrange the cabinets under the books in such a way that they do not look bulky and fulfill all the functions assigned to them. The first step is to determine the dimensions of the piece of furniture, choose the room in which it will be installed, and calculate the size of the bookcase.

The closet should hold all the books in the house.

The closet should contain all the books in the house.

Regardless of the type of construction, whether it is a built-in product, a wall cabinet, a rack or a showcase, the most important parameter is the depth of the shelves. This indicator directly depends on how many rows of books are planned to be placed on them. Designers advise placing prints in one row. Thanks to this, they will be perfectly visible, and it will not be difficult to find the desired book.

The typical depth of the shelves is 20 cm, and their height corresponds to the height of most standard books and varies from 20 to 25 cm. However, some collections contain specimens of unusual dimensions. In this case, the best solution would be to place several bookcases in the living room, which will differ in size.

Note! Often, when it comes to non-standard parameters of cabinets for literature, it is assumed that their width is from 30 to 35 cm, and the height indicator is within 38 cm.

It is necessary to take into account in advance that the dimensions of the cabinet must correspond to the size of the space allocated to it

It is necessary to take into account in advance that the dimensions of the cabinet must correspond to the size of the space allocated to it

For reliability, in order to prevent the shelves from bending under the weight of the books, their thickness should be at least 2.5 cm, and their length should be at least one meter. It is no secret that some specimens differ in atypical sizes. In addition, music lovers prefer to use shelves for storing collections of their favorite records, which are also characterized by a variety of sizes. In this regard, the best solution would be to independently create a structure according to a selected drawing.

Library cabinets: a variety of materials for making furniture

The classic, traditional material for the production of such furniture is wood. A bookcase made of solid wood is a guarantee that the product will be characterized by durability and environmental friendliness.

Today, most apartment owners prefer closed designs to open bookcases. In this case, the following materials are used to create the facade of the product:

For the manufacture of bookcases, wood, plastic, chipboard, glass and other materials are used.

For the manufacture of bookcases, wood, plastic, chipboard, glass and other materials are used

  1. Chipboard. The ends of the panels can be covered with a PVC foil or an aluminum edge, often equipped with classic hinges.
  2. Glass. In this case, a tinted or transparent material with a thickness of about 4 mm is used. A special film is applied to its inner side, which protects the glass from damage and prevents it from spilling in the event of an impact.
  3. Mirror.This is an excellent solution for narrow spaces, because it provides the illusion of spaciousness. The mirror can be made in bronze, gray or silver shades.
  4. Frosted glass (satin). With this option for finishing the front part, the surface is matted during the process of sandblasting or chemical etching of glass. Bookcases with frosted glass have an original and modern look.
  5. Decorated plastic. This material has earned the title of environmentally friendly, flexible and shatterproof composition, which is not afraid of blows, scratches and which can be easily cleaned of dirt.

It is interesting! When it comes to the internal filling of structures, the material for the manufacture of shelves is often chipboard. The price of the bookcase depends on the processing method. Regardless of whether a furniture profile, melamine or PVC edge was used for finishing, pipes are always made of metal.

White chipboard bookcases are now at their peak

White chipboard bookcases are now at their peak

In addition, aluminum is often used as a material for the structure frame. Moreover, it can imitate valuable metal or be decorated with natural wood by means of a film.

Bookcase-library for books: design varieties

In the living rooms of small apartments, it is necessary to find a place not only for bookshelves, but also for other pieces of furniture. In this case, you have to zone the entire space, as well as select a bookcase that is suitable in size and style.

Design developments delight and surprise with their diversity. In this case, it is necessary that each volume is preserved in its proper form, and the storage system is combined with the general interior of the room. Even such a familiar subject as a book design can change beyond recognition:

Bookcases showcases are a decoration of the premises

Bookcases showcases are a decoration of the premises

  1. Sliding wardrobes for books perfectly cope with the task of preserving products, reliably protecting them from sunlight, dust, moisture and drying out. Due to their convenient design, the presented cabinets significantly save precious room space. At the same time, in a modern design, they look incredibly stylish, organically complementing the interior of the room.
  2. A compact bookcase with drawers will be an excellent solution for bedrooms or living rooms. At the same time, in the upper sections you can conveniently arrange books and favorite magazines, and at the bottom - some other necessary things.
  3. Speaking of bookcases and libraries, it is worth noting that they are often separate rooms, which are equipped in a classic style, equipped with shelves located around the perimeter.
  4. The shelves installed one above the other represent an original rack. Having shown imagination, the structure can be easily made independently, using the drawing.
  5. Built-in wardrobes are often presented in the form of high shelves with a large number of shelves, which are characterized by sliding systems or book doors.
  6. Showcases are a success in placing antique collections of rare books, which are the pride of the owners of the house.
  7. Modular furniture consists of individual blocks that can be easily moved and selected, combining with other elements. If desired, it is easy to purchase modules, thus expanding the composition of shelves and cabinets.
Sliding wardrobes for books look stylish and easy to use

Sliding wardrobes for books look stylish and easy to use

Today it is the sliding libraries that are very popular. Due to their compactness and functionality, they become an integral part of most modern small-sized apartments.

What are the libraries: variety of configurations

Depending on the shape and design, the following types of cabinets are distinguished:

  • corner;
  • built into a niche;
  • closed;
  • open;
  • combined.

Home Library Corner Bookcases are ideal for smaller apartments.Such products will allow you to solve several problems at the same time: use a corner, as well as arrange all the literature, without taking up a lot of space.

Corner cabinets are ideal for small spaces

Corner cabinets are ideal for small spaces

Suspended structures will become a reliable storehouse for printed publications in the event that there are few of them. These products are classic book furniture. Differing in small dimensions, they are mounted on the wall and are especially well positioned above a writing or computer table. At the same time, they are absolutely not inferior to full-size structures in terms of functionality and equipment.

Bookcases built into a niche for the home are an ergonomic option for storing a small collection of volumes. Such products significantly save precious space, and also provide the opportunity to tactfully play up complex interiors.

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The name of the closed structures speaks for itself: they are equipped with doors. Open items have only shelves, so books in them are not protected from dust and sunburn. But such furniture allows you to quickly find the desired book on the shelf.

It is interesting! Open corner bookcases provide excellent access to your favorite books.

Open bookcases are more popular than closed ones

Open bookcases are more popular than closed ones

As for the combined models, their door inserts are divided into several parts by different section lines, and the dividing strip serves to connect the component elements. Due to this design of the cabinet, various combinations of materials can be used on one sash.

Book shelves: open, with drawers and other designs

The modern market presents to the attention of consumers many models of shelving, which differ in their functional features.

Perhaps the most common option is open book shelving for a home library. These are classic designs, the shelves of which can be arranged in any order. Often, such products are used for classrooms in classic English design. At the same time, cabinets with open shelves are a real decoration of the interior and can easily win the title of the main design element.

Shelves can only store books or place decorative details on them

Shelves can only store books or place decorative details on them

Note! To prevent books from burning out in the sun, it is better to equip cabinets with tinted glass. In addition, tinting will save in the event that it is quite difficult to keep the doors perfectly clean.

The wardrobe, equipped with a rack and complemented by a closed door, is an excellent solution due to its practicality. Glass doors will provide an opportunity to search for the desired literature without opening the structure. A closed bookcase keeps your volumes safe by keeping them out of dust, moisture and other harmful factors.

Shelving cabinets equipped with drawers are often popular in office buildings. The narrow structures conveniently accommodate catalogs, employee cards or work books.

Shelves for books, photos of which can be viewed on the Internet for inspiration, allow you to equip a reading place in any corner of the house. In the attic and in the attic, no one will disturb the peace and will not interfere with plunging into reading your favorite literature.

Book shelves can have non-trivial configuration

Book shelves can have non-trivial configuration

For compact rooms, the best option would be corner book shelves, the dimensions of which can significantly save precious room space.

Wooden shelves for books: ideas for application in the interior

Classic designs are equipped with a back wall and drawers, and therefore often find a place near the walls. As a rule, such products are popular in spacious rooms.

Their significant advantage is the combination of utility and design. This is exactly the case when floor book racks act as partitions for the purpose of zoning rooms. At the same time, a number of open shelves greatly facilitate the use of books. And due to the thickness of the walls and shelves of the structure, even the most heavy and oversized volumes can be placed on them without fear.

Large formats require the installation of shelving with movable shelves, the height of which can be easily adjusted. Modular elements, when combined in the process of rotation, create original forms, giving the interior an effect.

Wooden shelving will look good in any interior

Wooden shelving will look good in any interior

Note! Particularly popular are wooden corner bookcases. The modern market presents a rich assortment of both straight, strict shapes and asymmetrical products.

A practical option are also designs equipped with drawers and blank doors. They are not only suitable for organizing a library, but can also become an additional place for storing clothes.

Speaking about the design of book shelves, it should be noted that products do not have to be traditionally dark at all. For example, a white bookcase will add originality and sophistication to the interior.

Bookcases: photos of models in accordance with the style

Modern furniture manufacturers offer consumers a really wide range of bookcases for absolutely every taste and budget. In this case, the design must certainly be in harmony with the design of the room in which it is located.

A wardrobe for a classic interior should be made of natural wood

A wardrobe for a classic interior should be made of natural wood

As for the classic interiors of various classrooms, offices and libraries, bookcases for them should be made in a similar style. Traditionally, these pieces of furniture are made from natural precious woods and richly decorated with carvings.

Art Nouveau interiors do not tolerate cheap things. Only piece handmade items are welcome here. It is desirable that the structures for storing books in this style are made from natural wood of a valuable species. Art Nouveau home library cabinets are the embodiment of grace and elegance.

In order for these products to match the country style, they must be made of natural wood, as well as characterized by unpretentious shapes and simple decor. As a rule, furniture in this case cannot be painted. Country-style bookcases are light and simple.

Elegant and high quality furniture is welcome in the Art Nouveau style

Elegant and high quality furniture is welcome in the Art Nouveau style

In rooms whose interior is made in the Provence style, narrow and low structures are often installed. The main characteristic feature of the French country style is artificially aged pieces of furniture. Most often, symmetrical products of light shades that have regular shapes are used for this purpose.

For those who do not accept consumer products, designer designs are offered.

It is interesting! Today, quite original materials are used to make unique models of bookcases. For example, pallet structures can take a worthy place in the interior.

Designers never tire of experimenting with configurations and materials for book storage. The presented shelves and cabinets serve as an indicator of the individuality and excellent taste of the owner of the house.

Minimalist bookcase

Minimalist bookcase

White bookcase: furniture for people with a subtle sense of style

Light furniture endows the space with laconism, lightness, comfort and an indescribable atmosphere. It is distinguished by a solemn, magnificent, elegant and at the same time austere, elegant look.

The bookcases made of milk oak are characterized by a huge variety of designs. Fittings, shapes, additional elements are changing. However, the materials that serve as the basis for the production of such furniture have remained unchanged for over half a century. Some of the most popular materials used to make light-colored bookcases include:

  • natural wood;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard.

Due to its naturalness, as well as the absence in the composition of components that could harm human health, furniture for a home library made of natural wood has won the recognition of thousands of consumers. Despite the high cost, a wooden product, if properly cared for, is practically eternal, it will delight the eye for very long years.

White cabinets look sleek and laconic, suitable for most styles

White cabinets look sleek and laconic, suitable for most styles

If we talk about MDF, it is worth noting that this material is significantly inferior to natural wood in terms of service life. Despite this, MDF is quite widespread today. The secret of such popularity lies in the huge variety of textures, in the ability to copy the aesthetics of other materials and, of course, in an acceptable cost.

Chipboard is also a fairly popular and affordable material in terms of price, which is often used for the manufacture of budget models of furniture intended for installation in residential premises. In addition, chipboard is famous for its rather original aesthetic appearance.

When choosing a bookcase in a light shade, you should focus on the stylistic direction in which the space is being decorated. By itself, such a color scheme is versatile, since it harmonizes well with a variety of textures and shades. However, in the case of a thoughtless combination of a large number of colors in one room, you can ruin the interior, giving it a flashy character.

A few words about manufacturers: the best of the best

The modern furniture market is characterized by a variety of manufacturers who are ready to offer consumers functional, original and reliable furniture at a pleasant price. These firms include the Swedish company IKEA. This is a world famous brand that rightfully deserves the favorable attitude of buyers due to the practicality and durability of the products offered.

Furniture makers offer bookcases to suit every budget

Furniture makers offer bookcases to suit every budget

IKEA bookcases are endowed with such important advantages:

  • made of incredibly durable natural wood - ash, maple, oak or beech;
  • characterized by an aesthetic appearance and the presence of many shelves;
  • in the process of their manufacture, exclusively environmentally friendly materials are used;
  • possessing a variety of color textures, they perfectly complement the interior of the room.

In addition, functional and practical designs will delight buyers due to the fact that their installation does not take much time and effort. It will take a matter of hours to assemble, and you will not need to seek professional help at all.

Floor structures, exclusive and spacious showcases, large shelving - the range of IKEA bookcases is growing every year, replenishing with new models that take their rightful place in the interiors of modern apartments and houses.

Swedish brand IKEA makes cabinets in ash, oak, beech and maple

Swedish brand IKEA makes cabinets in ash, oak, beech and maple

Bookcases for the home library: a few guidelines for choosing

Before ordering a particular bookcase-case for books, you should think carefully about how and with what to fill it.The interior space of the structure must be used with maximum practicality, convenience and efficiency.

Such pieces of furniture can be equipped with additional shelves or drawers. Shelves are a great option when it comes to a small cabinet. In this case, these elements can be both double and single row. As for the boxes, they will save the day if there are books left that do not fit. Then they can be folded into boxes and placed on the lower shelves. To give these elements an attractive look, it is recommended to decorate them according to your own taste.

Note! It is incredibly important that the number of cabinet doors matches the number of sections inside it.

The bookcase should fit the room in size and style

The bookcase should fit the room in size and style

Modern furniture manufacturers quite often equip designs with wide doors. In this case, you should try to place up to two sections behind one door - otherwise, difficulties may arise in the process of finding the necessary book.

In addition, when choosing a cabinet, the following parameters deserve special attention:

  • suitable style;
  • an accurate understanding of what is needed;
  • location.

When purchasing cabinets for a library, it should be borne in mind that they must correspond to the general interior of the room. In addition, the intended installation site of the structure is very important. An excellent solution would be to organize a reading room in a dry attic or attic.

The cabinet can be made of any material, the main thing is that it is of high quality

The cabinet can be made of any material, the main thing is that it is of high quality

DIY bookcases: design principles

The first and most important stage in the process of self-fabrication of a structure is drawing up a drawing. In this case, special attention should be paid to some of the nuances.

First of all, applying a level, you need to check how horizontal the floor is in the room. If this is not taken into account, the shelves will be located at a certain angle to the surface. If there is a slope, it is necessary to decide which is easier: to level the surface of the room or to take into account the slope and compensate at the base of the structure.

Important! It looks like this: if the slope is 2 mm per 1 m distance, the height of the legs should eliminate this drawback. If the cabinet is 1.5 m long, one leg should be 3 mm less than the other (towards the slope).

In addition, the presence of a plinth in the room is also important. If it is present, this fact must be taken into account, since the correctness of the created drawing and the design of the product depends on it.

Before making the cabinet, you must prepare its drawing

Before making the cabinet, you must prepare its drawing

As for tools and equipment, in the process you will need to arm yourself:

  • screwdriver;
  • level;
  • milling machine;
  • drill, chisel, hammer;
  • paint brushes;
  • a cloth to remove varnish residues.

In the absence of the possibility of purchasing a milling device or lack of skills in working with it, it is recommended to resort to fastening by means of brackets. Despite the fact that the appearance of the finished product will be less attractive, the work process will be much easier.

Speaking about materials, it should be noted that the best solution would be to opt for MDF. This will require:

You need to check if you have all the necessary tools

You need to check if you have all the necessary tools

  • two sheets of MDF: for the sides 198x40x2 cm, for the top - 100x40x2 cm;
  • shelves - 7 pcs. (97x40x2 cm);
  • MDF edge 2 cm wide and 8 mm thick;
  • 2 slats of 2 m and 2 elements of 1 m;
  • joiner's glue designed for woodworking;
  • 2 corners;
  • screws;
  • stain.

In order not to cut it yourself, when purchasing chipboard and MDF, it is better to ask to prepare materials right in the store.

Important! Edges, MDF, wood stain for chipboard should be matched in a single color composition.

DIY bookcase instructions

For the attention of those who nevertheless decided to make a modern bookcase with their own hands, the following instruction is offered:

It is important to purchase high-quality fittings and fasteners for the cabinet

It is important to purchase high-quality fittings and fasteners for the cabinet

  1. Apply the stain to the chipboard sheet and let it dry.
  2. On the inner side of the side parts, you need to mill grooves 2 cm high and 5 mm deep. The first groove is made at a level of 9 cm, then 6 more grooves are made with an interval of 25 cm between the edges of the groove.
  3. Apply glue to the grooves. In this case, place the side part in a horizontal position on the floor with the grooves up, insert the shelves into it and install the second side element on top.
  4. Place the product vertically. Connect the upper and the main part with screws.
  5. To give stability to the structure, you additionally need to attach 2 corners in the inner part.
  6. At the back, use screws to attach the chipboard to the bookcase.
  7. Trim with MDF edging. This can be done either with screws or with glue. In the first case, the product will be less attractive, but more reliable. Using glue, you can provide the structure with the most aesthetic appearance.

With a little imagination, the library at home can be placed in absolutely any room. Using free walls, space under windows or an unused corner will create an original and stylish place in which your favorite books will find a secluded place. The process of decorating a unique interior will certainly bring aesthetic pleasure, and as a result, all guests of the house will be pleasantly surprised.