White is a classic of the genre in the design of the kitchen interior - stylish, fashionable and attractive. Despite the many positive characteristics, disputes nevertheless arise about the practicality and excessive sterility of such kitchens, especially if white does not just dominate in the design, but actually fills the space. This article will tell you what a pure white kitchen with a white countertop should be in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

White kitchen with white countertop: ideas for successful design

White kitchen with white countertop looks stylish and attractive

Advantages of a white kitchen with a white countertop: photos of design options

White cuisine has been around for decades. Fans of this color can talk about its many benefits. At the same time, there are opponents who consider such a design impractical and boring, arguing that the environment in such a room resembles a sterile operating room. There are also arguments claiming that a kitchen in white tones requires special care, because the slightest contamination is noticeable on a light one. To find the right solution, you need to understand in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of white.

A snow-white kitchen in any style looks elegant and solemn

A snow-white kitchen in any style looks elegant and solemn

The predominance of white in the interior contributes to the formation of a sense of additional space. That is why designers recommend equipping a white kitchen in the interior of a small kitchen. Bright and colorful furniture in a miniature kitchen, on the contrary, will visually reduce the space. Kitchen furniture and finishes, including a white countertop, will perfectly fit into the interior of a small apartment or house.

Other undeniable advantages of white:

It is easy to combine interior details and finishes in other shades with white

It is easy to combine interior details and finishes in other shades with white

  1. The white kitchen brings cleanliness, solemnity and elegance to the premises, creating a fundamental and tranquil environment.
  2. White shades are great at reflecting light, so this color is suitable for kitchens located on shaded lower floors or on the north side of the house.
  3. White is considered the purest color, having the minimum number of shades, so it is easy to match furniture and decor items to it.
  4. The set, dining group, white facades go well with other tones, creating an excellent duet.
  5. You can choose white furniture for almost any interior style. In this regard, it is universal.
Due to its versatility, white suits all styles

Due to its versatility, white suits all styles

All kinds of shades of white kitchen with white countertop in the interior

To add visual variety to your kitchen and prevent over-sterility, you need to use a variety of color options. For example, you can pick up various items and accessories in different shades of the same color and combine them in the overall interior.

Useful advice! The colors of curtains, apron, countertops, walls, ceiling and flooring in a white kitchen should overlap with each other. There should not be more than three shades of even one color, but at the same time, a pure white monochromatic interior is also unacceptable.

It is the shading nuances that will not allow turning the kitchen into a hospital ward, on the contrary, they will make its interior softer, more relaxed, cozy, calm, even peaceful. These shades include:

White color has the widest variety of shades and tones

White color has the widest variety of shades and tones

  • ivory color, which not only perfectly sets off the snow-white furniture, but can also become its companion in the design of individual parts and facades;
  • baked milk is a great option for decorative elements in the form of lamps, curtains and wall decorations; it can be found in wallpaper;
  • pearl and its all sorts of shades (from yellowish to pink) will look great on the walls and be combined with white kitchen furniture;
  • beige is the ideal companion color, with its help you can safely decorate the floor, apron or countertop;
  • matte cotton, unbleached fabric and parchment are suitable for textiles, lamps and other decorative items;
  • ashy, like light gray, can be safely used in a duet with a white headset and other interior details;
  • creamy will help to dilute excessive snow-white, is used to decorate walls, curtains and other items.
Kitchen set and worktop can be made in different shades

Kitchen set and worktop can be made in different shades

The combination of tones and the choice of color for the countertop for a white kitchen

Thus, furniture in a bright kitchen does not have to be snow-white. It can be beige, cream or cream color. On the contrary, combining shades in such a kitchen is welcome. Lattices, corrugated inserts, metal decorative elements, glass parts and stained-glass windows on the upper facades will also help to get rid of excessive whiteness. Specially aged white furniture looks original.

This also applies to the color of the countertop, although the use of a material with a white surface for the desktop is a classic option that gives the room a prestige and solidity. Photos in the interior of a white kitchen with a white countertop demonstrate that such products look fresh and quite original, the room seems more spacious, and the pieces of furniture seem to merge with the walls. If such a unity is not to your liking, then you can order colored fronts for the cabinets at the bottom of the headset, leaving the upper part in white.

A snow-white set and a worktop in a slightly darker shade are a good solution for the kitchen interior

A snow-white set and a worktop in a slightly darker shade are a good solution for the kitchen interior

The combination of snow-white facades and the same countertop is a rather bold decision, but such an interior looks very expressive. To emphasize the style, you need to create contrast in the room.Therefore, a more common kitchen option is a white set with a black countertop or a white kitchen with a white countertop and a black backsplash. In this case, the dark components do not have to be bluish-black - they can be dark brown. Headsets with wooden countertops look especially beautiful.

Useful advice! The austerity and sterility of white will help dilute the elements in the interior of beige, red, blue or yellow tones. The facades do not have to be in the same color - there are enough decor items. The design of a gray-white kitchen in combination with a white countertop looks especially expressive and attractive.

White kitchen with white worktop and white backsplash: combinations for every taste

One of the main accents in the design of the kitchen is the space between the worktop and the upper cabinets - the so-called apron. The overall character of the interior largely depends on its design, especially if it is made in white. It is noteworthy that white is combined with any shade, so you can safely choose any color of the apron for a white kitchen. Photos, of which there are many on the Internet, will help you choose the best option. It is important to consider the type and quality of the material, as well as the overall style of the interior.

White set, apron and countertop look the most advantageous in modern kitchens

White set, apron and countertop look the most advantageous in modern kitchens

Traditional ceramic white tiles for the kitchen are the most versatile and win-win option. The material is quite wear-resistant and does not lose its relevance for several decades. This apron allows you to safely change furniture. However, this design has one drawback: it looks rather boring, therefore, due to the wide variety of modern variations, it is rarely used.

Nowadays, tiles that imitate white brick are quite popular. In the interior of the kitchen, copying brickwork fits perfectly into any style. An interesting and practically win-win solution in any style is a white mosaic apron.

White apron can be made of tiles, glass or plastic panels

White apron can be made of tiles, glass or plastic panels

Another version of the working wall is plastic or glass panels, the so-called skinned. However, it should be noted that a plain apron and a headset will merge, and the interior itself will take on a boring look. Pure white glass panels on a kitchen backsplash are acceptable in combination with multi-colored lighting or with a bright set. When decorating the interior in modern styles, it is better to give preference to a white kitchen with a white countertop and a wood-look apron.

Stylish design of a white kitchen with a white countertop and a white apron: photo of interiors

White is notable for its versatility, so it is quite easy to choose any solution for it, both in terms of color and texture. When choosing a material, it is important to consider the financial capabilities and style of the interior. For example, in the classic and retro style, the best option is tiles. Most often, they purchase a plain white, beige ceramic tile or imitate a stone.

Increasingly, in the modern interior of kitchens, the apron is finished with skinned panels

Increasingly, in the modern interior of kitchens, the apron is finished with skinned panels

When creating a country-style interior against the background of aged cabinets, several other shades should be used. Most often these are white tiles with a variety of patterns. An apron and a light wood table top are also appropriate here. Mosaics are best suited for rustic Provence or Mediterranean designs.

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White kitchen: photos of classic and modern design options

Advantages and disadvantages of a snow-white interior. Kitchen design in classic and modern styles. Councils for design and decoration.

In a classic white kitchen, the richness of white is offset by the pretentiousness and figurativeness of furniture and decor details, including on the working wall.It can be embossed tiles with gold trim or bas-reliefs along the contour. In historical styles, it is appropriate to use natural or artificial stone of gray or beige tone, corresponding to the color of marble.

Useful advice! For eco, modern, provence and Japanese minimalism styles, it is best to choose white wood for finishing the working wall.

The latest fashion trend in the kitchen in modern styles is skinny. A plain wall in a bright color or a surface with landscapes or with a photo of fruits and vegetables is an excellent option for an apron for a glossy white kitchen, even if the countertop is made in white. Such a design is appropriate for minimalism and modernism, and drawings imitating wood or brick will look great in an urban loft. In trendy styles, gray metal looks good on the work wall in the form of a patterned embossed coating.

White kitchens with wooden countertops: photos of beautiful interiors

White fronts in combination with a work surface made of wood or imitating wood are an excellent tandem in the interior of kitchens created in Provence, country, loft and Scandinavian styles. It should be noted right away that a kitchen with a wooden countertop will be out of place in the traditional classics, where a work surface made of natural or artificial stone will look more successful. Carefully, such an accessory must be chosen for rooms in the style of minimalism and high-tech.

White fronts and wooden countertops are a good solution for the kitchen interior

White fronts and wooden countertops are a good solution for the kitchen interior

Unlike kitchens with pure white countertops, a wood grain finish will significantly revitalize the cold, crisp white environment. You can bring the appropriate mood to the interior, depending on the season, with the help of various accents. A white set with a wooden countertop will perfectly fit into a small apartment or studio apartment, where a white kitchen top will visually increase the space.

Regardless of the material chosen, you need to be very careful with the color of the wood. The rich honey and cognac tones of oak or beech will add warmth and comfort to the white interior. A light color of ash or bleached oak wood against the background of white cabinets will look less expressive, and a surface that is too dark can create excessive contrast. It can be supported by other accents in the same tone. This can be flooring or furniture in the dining area. For a room that is too dark, it is better to choose wood with a warm golden color.

Useful advice! You can visually expand the space in a small kitchen as follows: the upper facades are made of glass or stained glass, and the lower ones are made of white material. Such furniture has a light appearance and does not clutter up the room.

White kitchen with wooden countertop: choice of material

There are various options for the execution of wooden countertops, where the material of manufacture plays a key role. Let's consider the most popular ones.

Natural or glued solid wood. This is the best material for countertops, especially if hardwoods are used in the manufacture, such as oak, beech, larch. Solid pine and spruce is less practical, since chips and other damage remain on it, which is not very suitable for use in the kitchen. The main disadvantages of such countertops are the high price and heavy weight.

The table top can be made of chipboard, as well as glued or natural solid wood

The table top can be made of chipboard, as well as glued or natural solid wood

Veneered chipboards are more popular material as they are considered affordable in terms of price. For manufacturing, chipboard with a special moisture-resistant impregnation is used, which is covered with a thin layer of cut from natural oak, beech or birch wood with a thickness of about 3 mm. Damage to the coating can lead to rapid deterioration of the product, which can no longer be restored.

Postforming is the most budgetary option, in the manufacture of which chipboard is also used, covered with laminated plastic using special technology. This HPL coating perfectly imitates the texture and color of wood, and at the same time costs much less. The main disadvantage is that such a countertop does not tolerate moisture, so it must be thoroughly wiped and protected from getting wet.

White kitchen with wood: monochrome splendor in the interior

Fans of laconic and sophisticated interiors should pay attention to a wooden kitchen with a white countertop. Photos of such rooms show clean lines and monochrome. Natural materials and a minimum of colors will help to translate what you want into reality. Using the most common objects contributes to the creation of a unique and original interior.

Tasteful light wood kitchens will create a sense of freshness and harmony. The most popular option for this type of design is a combination of a white headset with a tabletop, an apron and a wooden floor. This white and wooden kitchen is quite spacious and stylish. In the kitchen of a country house, wood beams are appropriate, in harmony with the floor, which corresponds to the calm and peaceful mountain style of the chalet.

The tandem of white and wood will create a spectacular and laconic interior

The tandem of white and wood will create a spectacular and laconic interior

Silver kitchen appliances are a great addition to a white kitchen with wooden elements. Thus, materials that have even a subtle sheen will help increase light levels in a small, dark kitchen with low ceilings.

Useful advice! When choosing a kitchen, you need to focus on its functionality, convenience, as well as the level of calm that it can create in the room. After all, it is in the kitchen that the owners spend a significant part of their time.

Restrained elegance of white and gray kitchen: photos of interiors

You can get a cozy, restrained and at the same time elegant, interesting interior by decorating the kitchen design in white and gray tones. The combination of these colors gives a sense of cleanliness and tranquility. The most common design option for such interiors is a combination of a white top with a gray bottom of a headset or alternating elements in a specific order.

The coldness of the kitchen in white-gray color can be softened with the help of additional accessories in the form of ceramic flowerpots, glassware and metal surfaces on the sink, stove and appliances. When choosing a floor covering in such a kitchen, it is better to give preference to a material that has the color of light wood species. It can be tile, linoleum or laminate with an appropriate pattern. The light wood dining group will also be a great addition.

Most of people's fears about the presence of gray in the interior are not justified by anything, since it is he who is an excellent background for other shades and textures. It is able to perfectly emphasize objects made of light plastic and dark natural wood. This color, like black and white, is universal, but at the same time it has a much larger number of tones - from the color of wet asphalt to a delicate pearl shade.

By decorating the kitchen in white and gray tones, you can get a discreet, but at the same time elegant interior

By decorating the kitchen in white and gray tones, you can get a discreet, but at the same time elegant interior

It can be safely used as a background in the design of a gray and white kitchen. The photos clearly demonstrate how great a white set looks against a background of gray floors, walls and ceilings.

Gray and white kitchen: ways to combine colors

The most popular combination of the two colors is a white top and a gray bottom. This combination has a number of indisputable advantages, since the bottom of the kitchen is more susceptible to dirt, which is not so striking against a gray background. In addition, white will help make the top visually spacious.As a result, the kitchen does not look as bulky as if the top is dark.

In addition to the traditional dark bottom and light top, other types of combinations are acceptable in the interior of a gray-white kitchen. In particular, the opposite combination of colors is not excluded, where gray is used to decorate the upper facades, and the lower cabinets are white. Recently, the so-called color mix has been especially popular, assuming the arrangement of tones in a free order.

Photos of gray-white kitchens in the interior demonstrate how successful an accent combination can be, where one of the colors is used more actively, and the second is present in some elements. An accent island is another modern way to combine tones in a white and gray kitchen. The photos indicate examples of the design of both a white island against the background of a gray kitchen, and vice versa.

Useful advice! You should be careful when using dark gray in your kitchen, as a large amount of it can be depressing, especially in a dimly lit room.

The versatility of a white kitchen: interior design in different modern styles

White color, due to its versatility, will perfectly fit into a variety of styles, both classic and modern. It can be used not only in isolated rooms, but also in open-plan rooms. This is evidenced by numerous photos of white kitchens with white countertops in the interior. At the same time, each style has its own specific nuances. It is especially relevant in modern style:

White is suitable for such modern trends as minimalism, hi-tech, eco and modern

White is suitable for such modern trends as minimalism, hi-tech, eco and modern

  1. High-tech white kitchen - glossy facades decorated with metal elements. Such brevity can perfectly complement the classic furniture in a studio apartment, dividing the room into functional zones.
  2. Admirers of Art Nouveau should take into account the need for the presence of bright elements and asymmetrical interior items in the form of floral patterns, stained glass patterns and contrasting lamps against the background of light headsets. In addition, this style is characterized by smooth lines.
  3. Neoclassicism implies the use of solid furniture, devoid of pretentiousness and expensive details, which gives a solemn and fundamental look to the room.
  4. Minimalism is a combination of laconic accessories with white kitchen facades. Photos indicate the possibility of using different materials in their manufacture. This is a great option for houses with a standard layout.
  5. Eco style implies a combination of white with fragments of light green or beige tones. The dining room furniture is made of wood and houseplants.

Historical styles in white kitchens: classic, baroque, rococo, romanticism, country

For most classical and historical styles, white is considered an integral part of the interior. Each direction has its own special features:

White is the perfect solution for classic kitchen decoration

White is the perfect solution for classic kitchen decoration

  1. For classics, furniture of strict forms with embossed inserts is characteristic. Mandatory elements are moldings and exquisite carvings. Often this is a white kitchen with patina, hanging cabinets are equipped with milk glass doors.
  2. Baroque is distinguished by its splendor and fashionableness, therefore it is suitable for spacious premises. Most of the white interior items are covered with gilding or silver, and are also equipped with a large number of decorative elements.
  3. Rococo is a lighter style in terms of decoration, where stylized graceful shells are often used as decoration.
  4. Romanticism is characterized by a pearl hue. Floral designs are applied to handles and other decorative elements.
  5. Country music is considered a purely rural style. White color in such an interior serves as an excellent background used for wall decoration, lamps and curtains for a white kitchen.
  6. Provence is the style where white furniture must be present. Craquelure decoration and glass doors with wood bindings add elegance and flavor to the kitchen.

Useful advice! White kitchen design is difficult to translate into Indian or Chinese interiors, and it is also out of place in modern pop art and kitsch styles.

White kitchen with white worktop: stylish fittings and accessories

Fittings are an important element in the design of the kitchen. In small rooms, it can play a key role or act as a contrasting element. For example, a white kitchen with black handles is minimalist. In a classic interior, curly handles are appropriate, and in high-tech style - nickel-plated fittings. On country-style or Provence-style furniture, options with gilding look great, and in romanticism - with small floral motifs.

The use of the same type of fittings in different rooms makes the interior harmonious: in the corridor, kitchen and living room. Such decor elements should not be conspicuous, but they can perfectly combine different rooms of the apartment.

The most versatile option for a white kitchen will be steel fittings.

The most versatile option for a white kitchen will be steel fittings.

Additional details and contents of the cabinets play an important role in the convenience and harmony of the kitchen interior. Shelves, hangers, hooks, baskets and holders will help you organize your work in the kitchen as efficiently as possible, avoid clutter and make the kitchen cozy, stylish and practical.

White will never go out of fashion, so it is justifiably used in the design of various rooms. A white kitchen with a white countertop is a bold decision, but if you choose the right accessories and appliances, stylishly decorate the apron, walls and floors, then the room will be comfortable in practical terms and have an attractive appearance.