From this article you can find out what features the Sololift pumping unit for sewage has: the technical and operational characteristics of the devices, the features of their configuration and use in a domestic water supply system. The text contains basic information about the manufacturer Grundfos and its products, including a brief overview of all models and average prices for equipment.

Sololift for sewerage and features of its application

Sololift is a forced sewerage system

Sololift for sewerage: basic information about pumps

The functioning of the sewerage system is based on the principle of moving water by gravity due to the slope of the pipeline. Normal operation of communications is possible only if there are no blockages.

The Sololift pump is designed to drain wastewater that cannot be removed by gravity

The Sololift pump is designed to drain wastewater that cannot be discharged by gravity

Private sector homes use collectors to solve this problem. Having a reservoir in the basement allows the connecting pipe to the plumbing fixture to be installed at the correct angle. In apartments, the collector is mounted vertically. In this case, the degree of its slope depends on the height at which the consumption point is located and the location of the entrance.

If the point of entry of the pipe into the central manifold is located above the exit from the plumbing fixture (toilet bowl) or at the same level with it, the sewer system will not be able to fully work. This also applies to pressure communications, since their scheme involves the installation of a pump at the entrance to this tank.

There are several options for solving this problem:

  1. Set the consumption point higher.
  2. Understate the collector entrance level.
  3. Buy Sololift for sewerage.

The first two methods are accompanied by significant difficulties, because it is far from always possible to perform these procedures without compromising the comfort of use. Therefore, the purchase of pumping equipment for sewerage is the only optimal way out.

Sololift - compact sewage system

Sololift - compact sewage system

Note! The greater the slope of the pipe, the higher the speed of movement of the liquid, on which the likelihood of blockages depends.

Advantages and disadvantages of Grundfos Sololift sewage pumps

Sololift is a pumping equipment designed for sewerage.The main function of these plants is the forced pumping of waste water through pipes. They are used in those rooms where it is impossible to organize the necessary slope of the line, which ensures the drainage of the waste liquid from the points of consumption by gravity.

Consumption points include:

  • shells;
  • bath and shower;
  • toilet and bidet;
  • sinks and other plumbing.

Due to its compact size, this type of equipment can be installed in rooms with a small area, so it would be advisable to buy a Sololift for a bathroom, toilet or kitchen. The special design with an inclined bottom prevents the formation of sludge in the form of sewage and faeces. The included equipment increases the rate of fluid supply, due to which a vortex draft arises in the system, eliminating sediment from the base of the tank.

The presence of a charcoal filter prevents the spread of unpleasant odors

The presence of a charcoal filter prevents the spread of unpleasant odors

The manufacturer accurately calculated the proportions of the device. With a tank volume of 3-5 liters, the pump is capable of developing a high flow rate of the waste liquid - 40 l / min. The plumbing fixtures themselves do not have such a powerful drain. Improved performance eliminates the need for a large tank, making it easier to install equipment in awkward locations.

The unit is very quiet because the pump is submerged all the time. Noise when flushing the toilet is usually caused by the movement of liquid and air in the pipes. In the case of a pump, this does not happen, because the equipment does not capture air flows. The device is fully automated. The installation scheme assumes only connection to the receiving point, pipe and socket with a voltage of 220V. You can cope with this procedure yourself, without resorting to the services of a professional plumber.

The most important advantage of Sololift pumps is their reliability and the possibility of redevelopment. Thanks to this, there are no difficulties with height differences during the installation of the equipment. In addition, the possibilities for placing plumbing in the room are expanding. The body of the construction is very durable. It can withstand high temperatures and pressures without deformation. The presence of a charcoal filter prevents the spread of unpleasant odors.

There are not so many disadvantages of the equipment. First, the pumps need a constant power supply. Secondly, the cost of Danish installations is quite high.

Rugged design body can withstand high temperatures and pressures

Rugged design body can withstand high temperatures and pressures

Important! All connections between the elements of the system must be tight. Only under this condition will the sewerage system work properly.

Technical features and functionality of sewage pumps Sololift

The Danish company Grundfos is a manufacturer of a series of powerful and reliable sewage systems. An extensive line of pumps allows consumers to take an individual approach to organizing a system for removing liquid from a bathroom or toilet. Despite the similar external characteristics, each model has its own power level and a set of certain functions.

The device looks like a sealed housing made of high-strength plastic. A pump is attached to it, designed to pump out liquid. The equipment starts up automatically as soon as the water in the tank reaches a certain level. The manufacturer produces two series of pumps: Sololift + and Sololift 2.

Models common to both series:

  • WC-1;
  • WC-3;
  • CWC-3.

They differ in the number of features and functions, as well as in technical characteristics. There are other modifications of installations.

Technical parameters and characteristics of pumps Sololift

The main advantages of Grundfos Sololift pumping stations are ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

The main advantages of Grundfos Sololift pumping stations are ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

Some pump variants are equipped with an impeller with sharp cutting edges. This part is used for crushing large waste that clogs sewage pipes.The size of the station inlet is 10 cm. This area is convenient for connecting a pipe with a cross section of 110 mm. The minimum lifting height of the water jet is 5 m.

Structures consist of the following components:

  • storage tank;
  • submersible pump;
  • return valve;
  • receiving filtration system;
  • impeller-shaped cutting mechanism;
  • charcoal filter.

Operating temperature for most models: 0 to 45 ° C. An exception is the modification of the Sololift C-3 unit, which is able to withstand temperatures up to 90 ° C.

The scope of Grundfos products covers the following objects:

  • baths;
  • toilets (wall-hung and floor-standing);
  • shower cabins;
  • baths.
Connection diagram of the pumping unit Salolift

Connection diagram of the pumping unit Salolift

Sololift for the kitchen ensures the functioning of washing and dishwashers... The average head level for most models is 9.9 m. The efficiency is 4.5 m³ / h.

The accompanying equipment of pumping units provides additional benefits:

  • built-in overheating protection;
  • cord 120 cm long, allowing you to move the installation area;
  • additional degree of cleaning due to the carbon filter.

Useful advice! When choosing a pump for your home, it is very important to pay attention to its characteristics. Buying the optimal model will eliminate the overpayment for unnecessary functions.

The operating voltage of the equipment is 220-240 W. Thermal hydrodynamic relay monitors the degree of filling. Check valves with plastic adapters are driven by pressure pipes as they fill. This principle of operation eliminates the possibility of liquid overflow and the ingress of unpleasant odors into the living space. The equipment is equipped with reliable and powerful motors. The material for the crankcase and shaft is stainless steel, so they are protected from corrosion.

The Sololift 2 WC-1 pump is best installed at a distance of 15 cm from the toilet

It is better to install the pump Sololift 2 WC-1 at a distance of 15 cm from the toilet

Design features of Sololift models WC-1

The compact dimensions of the Sololift WC-1 do not require a large amount of free space for installation. They fit easily into areas with limited space. The pump of the Sololift + series is equipped with a chopper and a powerful motor. Due to these parts, the smooth operation of the unit is ensured.

The shredder helps remove blockages in pipes that can be caused by:

  • a lot of toilet paper;
  • hygiene items that have entered the pipeline;
  • accumulations of fecal masses.

If, for some reason, a failure occurs in the system, the equipment notifies the presence of a failure with a sound signal. Thus, the problem will not go unnoticed. Internal parts are located within reach, so the process of maintenance and repair of the Sololift plus pump is not difficult. It is not necessary to dismantle all the connecting chains. Therefore, the repair does not take long.

The unit weighs 7.3 kg (both models). The capacity of the storage tank is 9 liters. To install Sololift on the floor, screws or dowels are used. Holes are specially provided for them in the design. As a fastening element between the sewage system and the equipment, nozzles and adapters of the required size are used. The adapter in the discharge line can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Here is located return valve.

Sololift2 WC-1 - sewage pumping unit with built-in mechanism for crushing large particles

Sololift2 WC-1 - sewage pumping unit with built-in mechanism for crushing large particles

Experts recommend installing the pump directly behind the toilet. This is done in such a way that no more than 15 cm remains between the plumbing fixture and the pumping unit. After making sure that the pump is correctly connected and securely fixed, you can start operating it.

The installation of the modification Sololift 2 WC-1 has similar characteristics, however, some indicators in it are improved.These include the size of the body, which has become more compact, as well as the increased power of the motor and the functionality of the cutting elements.

Technical indicators of models Sololift WC-3

This modification of the device has the same advantages as the previous model. There is only one significant difference between them. In this case, the structure is equipped with 3 additional branch pipes. The improved model is designed not only for the toilet, but also for the bidet, shower stall and sinks.

Important! If a shower is connected to the system, the pipeline is laid with a slope of 1%. Installation instructions for Sololift 2 WC-3 allow the installation of a toilet bowl and 3 more other points of water consumption. However, not a single modification allows you to connect several toilets to the system, since for the correct operation of the sewage system, an inlet larger than 10 cm is required.

The Sololift WC-3 pump can be used for a bidet, shower stall or sink

The Sololift WC-3 pump can be used for a bidet, shower stall or sink

The total weight of the structure is 7.3 kg (both models). The volume of the storage tank is 9 liters. At the same time, the model is specially designed for connection to toilets with a cistern that can hold from 4 to 9 liters. liquids.

In the modification of Sololift 2 WC-3 there is a hydraulic vortex system, designed to effectively combat blockages in the sewage system. The strength characteristics of the material from which the cutting element is made has increased in comparison with the similar model Sololift +. The unit is completely insured against leaks.

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Overview of capabilities and characteristics of pumps Sololift CWC-3

The size of this modification has been significantly reduced. The design contains a detail for crushing blockages. This type of pump is designed to be mounted to a washbasin, toilet or bidet. The best place for installing the equipment is a niche in the wall, since the compact size of the unit allows it to be located in a limited area. At the same time, it is very important not to block the cover, so as not to complicate the process of maintenance and repair of Sololift.

Due to the rounded shape of the bottom, the possibility of sediment accumulation is excluded. When a system or equipment problem occurs, the pump will sound an audible alert. The design provides protection to prevent overheating of the engine, and there is also a self-restart function. The weight of both models leaves 7.1 kg each. The capacity of the storage tank is the same as in similar models in the same series.

Connection of the sewage pump Salolift

Connection of the sewage pump Salolift

The same modification in the Sololift 2 series is characterized by a wall type of placement. Like all models in this line, the CWC-3 pump is not capable of pumping hot liquid. The maximum temperature limit is 50 ° C. The complete set includes 3 additional pipes, their sizes: 32, 40 and 50 mm.

Overview of other pump modifications in the series Sololift 2 and Sololift+

In the line of Sololift + pumps, there are two more models, the capabilities of which are fundamentally different from those described earlier. Modification D-3 is not designed for pumping waste fluid, which contains large elements. The complete set does not include a cutting impeller, therefore it is not allowed to connect the pump to the toilet.

The casing has a sealed design with a round bottom shape characteristic of most models. Installation does not require the use of special tools. All you need is a screwdriver and fasteners (screws). The pump can be easily removed if necessary. The weight of the structure is 4.3 kg. The tank can hold no more than 2 liters.

Model C-3 from the same series is radically different from other devices. This unit can handle high temperature wastewater. The maximum limit is 90 ° C and only for 30 minutes. Pump weight - 6.6 kg.There is no cutting mechanism in its configuration. The equipment is designed to be connected to sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

The Sololift + D-3 pump does not have a cutting impeller

The Sololift + D-3 pump does not have a cutting impeller

Important! It is not allowed to connect more than three water points at the same time.

The model has a float switch. This magnetic element can be installed at different levels. When maintenance is performed, the float is removed. The pump is equipped with an alarm system. Its reservoir is rated at 5.7 liters.

The updated Sololift 2 line also has a C-3 model. This unit with a rounded bottom is capable of self-cleaning, therefore dirt accumulation is excluded. The device can pump hot water (up to 90 ° C), and for an unlimited period of time. Since all pumps of the new model range have powerful motors, the manufacturer has provided for the presence of 2 mountings in the designs. This ensures that the equipment does not tip over during operation. Pump weight - 6.6 kg.

The advantages of the model:

  • float switch;
  • two-level descent system;
  • the possibility of a separate drain.
A niche in the wall is the optimal place for installing the Sololift CWC-3 pump

A niche in the wall is the optimal place for installing the Sololift CWC-3 pump

The D-2 pumping unit is designed for pumping gray wastewater, which does not contain large particles. This type of equipment is lightweight - only 4.3 kg. The maximum temperature mark of wastewater is 50 ° С.

Sololift pumps for sewerage: equipment prices and installation recommendations

Pumping units for sewerage Grundfos cannot be classified as budgetary units. At the same time, the cost depends not only on the modification and functionality of the device, but also on the pricing policy of the store where the equipment is purchased. The outdated Sololift + series has already been discontinued. This point also affects the cost of the pumps.

The cost of pumping equipment Grundfos:

Model Dimensions, mm price, rub.
Average prices Sololift plus
D-3 165x380x217 15000
WC-1 175x452x346 15000
C-3 158x493x341 20000
WC-3 175x441x452 22000
CWC-3 164x495x538 22000
Average prices for Sololift 2
D-2 165x148x376 16800
WC-1 176x263x452 19900
C-3 159x256x444 21900
WC-3 176x263x453 24500
CWC-3 165x280x422 25300


Interesting fact! Some models are capable of transporting liquid along the water mains at a distance of up to 100 m.

Recommendations for the installation and operation of equipment:

  • the minimum distance between the pump and the plumbing fixture or wall is 1 cm;
  • the drain of the shower stall is connected from the bottom and needs an additional filter installation in order to protect the unit from hair ingress;
  • before starting, the inlet valve is checked so that there is no backflow of liquid;
  • it is desirable to use a vibration-insulating material that will reduce the noise level;
  • pipe joints must be treated with sealants and the reliability of the connections must be checked;
  • in order to protect yourself before performing repairs or maintenance, it is imperative to remove the fuse and unplug the pump from the outlet, while making sure that there is no possibility of accidental activation;
  • pumps are compatible with any kind of pipes, including plastic.
Grundfos Sololift makes it possible not to be tied to the location of the existing pipeline

Grundfos Sololift makes it possible not to be tied to the location of the existing pipeline

Sololift pumping units are ideal for organizing a forced sewage system with unlimited possibilities that do not impose restrictions on planning. Owners of small apartments will appreciate this advantage. The equipment does not require a lot of space, is installed with minimal use of tools (all necessary adapters are already included in the kit) and efficiently performs its work, which affects its cost.