Despite the fact that before, floor lamps were mainly used only in classic interiors, now they can be found in any style. Moreover, modern models are not only a light source. So, a floor lamp with a table, in addition to providing sufficient lighting in a specific part of the room, also unobtrusively zones the space. This, at first glance, simple design quickly gained popularity.

Floor lamp with a table: a functional and convenient way to decorate a room

Floor lamps with a table are an excellent solution for zoning a room

Features and main types of floor lamps: photos of attractive models

The interior of any room will look more interesting when it not only contains the main overhead light, presented in the form of a chandelier, but also places additional lighting elements that fill specific areas with light. These can be spotlights, sconces, hidden lighting, floor or table lamps. With the help of such spot lighting, you can not only fill the room with light and comfort, but also correctly zone the room, allocating space for reading, work or doing your favorite hobbies.

Today, floor lamps with several tiers are popular.

Today popular floor lamps with several tiers

Interesting information! Floor lamps have gained popularity in the 60s of the last century. Then textile lampshades with abundant fringe, mounted on a long leg with a heavy metal base, could be found in any Soviet apartment. Although modern floor lamps have similar features in design, the design has undergone major changes.

Manufacturers have developed a large number of luminaire models, in the manufacture of which a variety of materials are used, and the devices themselves differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality. Floor lamps with a shelf have become more and more popular, allowing you to use the lamp not only as a source of light, but also as a place for storing necessary items: newspapers, magazines, handicrafts and much more.

By installing such a device near a sofa or an armchair, you can make the working corner completely complete, and a floor lamp with a table near the bed will replace both the wall sconce and the bedside table. Photos of floor lamps illustrate various model options. Conventionally, lamps can be divided into the following types:

Floor lamps with tables can be with one shade or with several

Floor lamps with tables can be with one shade or with several

  • with light directed upward;
  • with several shades located on different sides of the body;
  • with lamps that look down.

Classification of floor lamps depending on the appearance

In general, based on the design features, the following types of floor lamps can be distinguished.

Classic. A floor lamp, traditional in appearance, which is equipped with a volumetric fabric shade. Often such devices have a rice paper shade. Thanks to the transparency of the lampshade, the floor lamp creates a soft and uniform light around itself. The height of the appliances on average varies from 1 to 2.5 m, depending on the needs and size of the room. Most often you can find such floor lamps in bedrooms or living rooms, made in one of the classic styles: Provence, country, modern.

Decorative. They represent a rather tall structure made of various materials: wood, stone, glass, plastic, metal. Sometimes these lamps are installed without a shade and give a bright light that fills the whole room. In some cases, they are used as a replacement for basic ceiling lighting. Such options are mainly found in minimalist interiors.

First of all, floor lamps are classified by style and material of manufacture.

First of all, floor lamps are classified by style and material of manufacture.

Hybrid. The main advantage of such floor lamps is the presence of several multidirectional lamps. In this case, it is possible to direct one lamp to the table area, and the second to the center of the room, which will provide sufficient lighting in it. It is thanks to their functionality that such lamps, depending on the style of execution, are suitable for complementing any room.

The main advantages of floor lamps with tables

Modern apartments do not always boast of a large area, which is why the devices are currently multifunctional, which allows you to free up at least a little free space. It is worth considering the main advantages of floor lamps with a table.

Convenience and mobility. During the installation of a wall sconce or chandelier, surfaces are inevitably damaged, therefore, before moving such devices, you will need to decide how to close the holes in the wall or ceiling. To install a floor lamp, you only need an outlet, and often the device is equipped with a long cable.

Floor lamps with tables - the best solution for small rooms

Floor lamps with tables - the best solution for small rooms

Fast light adjustment. Some modern table or floor lamps are equipped with a control panel or touch-sensitive lighting control, which significantly increases the comfort of using the devices. The price of this type of floor lamp will be higher than the cost of standard options, but the comfort is worth it.

No need to organize a place for installation. A floor lamp with a table does not require the purchase of additional equipment (for example, for a table lamp, you need to purchase a nightstand or a table). The shelf itself serves as a place for placing necessary items, which often have nowhere to put: a telephone, a newspaper, a glass of water.

In addition to the advantages, some disadvantages should be considered when buying a device. Moreover, some of them are due precisely to the properties of the products. For example, the sconce is securely attached to the wall using anchors, and the floor lamp is unsecured on the floor, which increases the possibility of the appliance overturning due to carelessness. A long cable that connects to the network is often simply laid along the floor surface, which creates an additional hazard, because it can trip or become entangled in it.

A floor lamp with a table is universal, it can be placed in any room

A floor lamp with a table is universal, it can be placed in any room

Floor lamps with a table are also distinguished by their significant dimensions, which excludes the possibility of their use in a narrow or small room.If you purchase an insufficiently high-quality model, the device may not withstand the weight of objects stacked on the table, because a floor lamp, unlike a bedside table, does not have a massive base.

Floor lamp with a table: popular materials for making

In the photo of floor lamps, you can most often see a tall device, which consists of a lampshade, a long leg and a base. Traditionally, the material for making a lamp is metal (for the leg and frame), as well as the fabric used to create the lamp shade. If we are talking about a shade for a floor lamp in an oriental style, then it is made of thin rice paper and decorated with hieroglyphs or trees in the bonsai style. Thanks to modern technologies and the production of new materials, now you can find safe wooden, plastic or even glass cases, which are given the necessary shape, be it a ball, ellipse, hemisphere or cylinder.

Helpful advice! If you are purchasing a luminaire made from combustible materials, you should make sure that they have been treated with special impregnations that reduce the possibility of ignition.

For the manufacture of floor lamps, metal, glass, fabric, wood and other materials are used.

For the manufacture of floor lamps, metal, glass, fabric, wood and other materials are used.

Products with crystal pendants transmit the light unusually beautifully and fancifully. In general, a crystal floor lamp is considered a piece of real luxury, which will allow you to decorate such classic interiors as Rococo, Baroque, Empire or neoclassical.

In addition, beautiful glass floor lamps look airy and do not overload the interior of even a small room. In this case, it is important to purchase devices made of durable tempered glass, which, even if the integrity is broken, does not disintegrate into small and sharp parts. Other advantages of glass are scratch resistance and the ability to combine with any other materials. For example, a floor lamp can be made by combining a variety of materials such as metal, wood or plastic.

Floor lamps made of wood, metal and design models from izolon

Wooden appliances have been considered the most popular in the lighting market for a long time. It can be a tripod floor lamp or a flexible tripod floor lamp. If earlier most often the wooden base was varnished, now models in which the natural texture of the wood stands out with the help of wax or special wood stains are more appreciated. A wooden lamp should look in its place, so it should not be used to decorate sophisticated interiors. They look best in chalet, loft, country or Provence style rooms. It is recommended that the color of the floor lamp matches the shade of the surrounding furniture.

Metal floor lamps are reliable, stable and durable

Metal floor lamps are reliable, stable and durable

Another, no less popular material is metal, especially forged structures. Often these lamps are very expensive, but the advantage is that they are made in a single copy.

As for the design models, recently, floor lamps from the isolone of floristic themes have been popular. Izolon is a polyethylene foam originally used as a material for insulation. Due to its pliability, it has become in demand among needlewomen and designers, who create large growth flowers from it, which form the basis of the floor structure.

Helpful advice! When choosing floor lamps, you should not give preference to too massive and pretentious options. It is important to remember that once the appliance is installed, it should be easy and safe to move around the room. It is necessary that the lamp itself harmoniously completes the interior, and not be its central, accent detail.

Especially often you can find on sale home-made rose floor lamps from isolon, which are particularly realistic.It is important to note that such a table will only play a decorative role. You can put only a small book or newspaper on it, because the base is often not designed to hold a lot of weight.

A wooden tripod floor lamp will become a spectacular decoration of the room

A wooden tripod floor lamp will become a spectacular decoration of the room

Popular lampshades: photos of beautiful lamps

The belonging of a floor lamp with a table to a certain style will be determined not only by the materials from which the shelf or body is made, but to a greater extent by the appearance of the plafond, which is the first to catch the eye. Today, there are a large number of materials from which the shades are made:

  1. Metal. A chrome-plated shade of any shape without unnecessary details will complete modern interiors.
  2. Crystal. Lampshade with crystal elements looks not only beautiful, but also rich. Especially suitable for home owners who want to emphasize their high status with an interior.
  3. Glass. It is considered a versatile material; frosted or transparent glass is used for the manufacture of lampshades. The glass base is decorated with a variety of patterns or is left unicolored. Floor lamps, the shade of which is made of stained glass, look especially beautiful on the photo.
  4. Paper. When choosing such a lampshade, it is necessary to correctly determine the type of light bulb and choose the least heating option, and it is better if it is an LED lamp.
  5. The cloth. It is considered a classic material for a shade, which is most often complemented by fringe, lace, sequins or shiny stones.
  6. Knitted. Previously, only homemade lampshades were knitted, but now you can find factory versions of lamps with knitted shades in retail outlets.
  7. Plastic. The most popular material for creating floor lamps made in ultramodern styles such as hi-tech, fusion, minimalism.
  8. Rattan. Wicker shades look great on a base in the form of a tree branch or on a fishing rod with a table.
Floor lamps with plastic lampshade will easily fit into a variety of styles

Floor lamps with plastic lampshade will easily fit into a variety of styles

In addition to the material, you should pay attention to the shape and type of the shade, which can decorate even the most ordinary-looking leg. The following options are popular:

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  1. Floor lamp flower. One or more flowers in the form of a rose, tulip or calla lily can add flavor to even a nondescript frame of a floor lamp with a table.
  2. Tiffany style. Most often, the lamp shade is a mosaic of multi-colored glass, forming an unusual pattern, creating a cozy lighting and a homely atmosphere.
  3. Searchlight. Usually such floor lamps are installed on a tripod, in the middle of which there is a glass or metal table.
  4. Lamp. The plafond looks like an ordinary street lamp. Most often forged
  5. Ball. It is made mainly of glass, usually used for a floor lamp with a metal body.
  6. Candle. Such chandelier floor lamps will look good as an addition to the main ceiling lamp. They have the shape of a classic candelabra with a metal base, in which all candlesticks are connected by smooth lines. Modern energy efficient LED bulbs are best suited for the luminaire.
Cloth-covered shade is the classic option

Cloth-covered shade is the classic option

In addition to the standard options, you can find bizarre shades that become an integral part of interiors in the art deco, eclectic or art nouveau style.

Features of the placement of floor lamps with tables

By installing a floor lamp with a table, bedside table or a shelf for newspapers, it will be possible to obtain not only an original, but also a functional decor element that can be easily fit into the interior of not only a living room or study, but also a kitchen, hallway or bedroom. The device does not take up much space, and a well-chosen model will be combined with other elements of upholstered furniture. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for installing floor lamps.

In a spacious room. If a large room plays the role of a living room, then here with the help of several lamps you can select a reading area. To do this, you should purchase a comfortable chair, on both sides of which floor lamps are installed.

In the dining room. This room needs good lighting above the table. Here you can try to place a floor lamp on a long curved leg, the ceiling of which is located at a sufficient height from the surface and does not interfere with dining.

A floor lamp with a table next to a sofa or armchair is the most popular accommodation option

A floor lamp with a table next to a sofa or armchair is the most popular accommodation option

In the office. Here, the most important thing is to install a floor lamp with a bedside table on which you can store papers, necessary documents and other trifles required for work. The main thing is that a light bulb is installed in the lamp, which gives enough light. The device should not play a decorative function - it must competently complement the workspace.

In the bedroom. In this case, a laconic model with a table is suitable, on which it will be convenient to place the phone for charging at night.

In the nursery. In a child's room, it is better to install a model of minimal dimensions with an unusual shade decorated with flowers, animals or your favorite cartoon characters. It is good if there is an option to regulate the intensity of illumination, since this makes it possible to use the lamp as a night light.

In any case, a floor lamp with a table should be installed where a separate chair is located. Even a small shelf will allow you to put a cup of tea here, become a place to store glasses or pens. It is good if the table top is located at shoulder level of a seated person.

A floor lamp with a table can easily replace a bedside table and lamp

A floor lamp with a table can easily replace a bedside table and lamp

The most modern is a floor lamp with a table that has an adjustable base. It is especially recommended to use such devices above the workplace or in the children's room. The optimal height of the device is considered to be 1.5-2.5 m.

The main manufacturers of floor lamps: prices and popular models

Many well-known companies now offer a large selection of various lamps. For example, Ikea floor lamps of a popular Swedish company do not have a built-in table, but there is an opportunity to purchase a side version made in the same style as the device. Thus, you get a universal design, which, if necessary, can be divided into components and each part can be used separately. The Ikea catalog of floor lamps contains a large number of different models - from classic to ultra-laconic options.

The only one-piece model of the company is the IKEA PS 2014 illuminated table, in which there are special rubber bands on the surface that hold newspapers or magazines in place. The device is made of high-quality plastic, its height is 113 cm, width and length - 38x68 cm. The price of such a floor lamp on the market varies from 5.5 to 6.5 thousand rubles.

The Polish manufacturer TK Lighting is very popular, which offers a wide range of floor lamp options. Here we can highlight the Lozano model, which involves the use of an incandescent lamp or LED. This device is a floor lamp on a tripod, in the middle of which there is a round wooden table. Floor lamp height - 1480 mm. It is possible to choose a different color of fittings - chrome or wenge.

The German company TK Lighting offers a large selection of floor lamps with tables

The German company TK Lighting offers a large selection of floor lamps with tables

The shade of the luminaire is made by combining PVC and textile materials, and the base is made using wood and metal. The lampshade has a circumference of 40 cm and is presented in two colors - white and gray. The price of a floor lamp is 10.3 thousand rubles. It is important to note that the light bulb is not included with the device and must be purchased separately.

The Russian company "Maxi Light" is also among the sales leaders, offering a wide range of models:

  1. The “Forging” line is represented by several types of floor lamps with glass tables, framed with forged metal of various shades.
  2. Ecostyle collection. Mainly offers wicker rattan floor lamps that will look perfect in eco or country interiors.

Products of the Italian brand LGO are considered budgetary. The model of a floor lamp with a table LSP-0333 is a rectangular structure 160 cm high and 26 cm deep, made of wood. In addition to the built-in table, there is also a small drawer for small items. This device will look good in the hallway, because its power will ideally be enough to illuminate three squares, and it is convenient to store keys in the drawer. Price - 6.5-6.7 thousand rubles.

From domestic manufacturers of floor lamps with tables, you should pay attention to the Lussole brand

From domestic manufacturers of floor lamps with tables, you should pay attention to the Lussole brand

Another model from Lussole (LGO) has a more classic design. It has a cylindrical shade with a diameter of 50 cm, the standard type of base is E27. It features a metal base and a textile shade. The price on the market is from 10.2 to 11.5 thousand rubles.

A good example of a floor lamp with a glass coffee table is the Virtuos model of the popular domestic manufacturer Actual Design. The basis of the product is a bent tree, resembling a lily of the valley leaf in appearance, on which three bud lamps are fixed. The center-mounted glass top does not detract from the design of the appliance and adds functionality to it.

A floor lamp with a table creates a special atmosphere in the room, makes it cozy and family-like. Such lamps not only decorate the interior, but also fill it with functionality. There will always be a place in the bedroom to put glasses and a phone, in the living room you can read a book or do handicrafts. It is convenient to store the TV remote control on the table, which is often lost. For all their usefulness, floor lamps with a table will not take up much space.